This revenge has to be avenged anyway

Elegance, though indifferent, has its own principles and bottom line.
In Ya’s opinion, I can bully myself any way I want, but I feel distressed when someone touches a finger!
It’s such a sex girl!
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☆, Chapter 146 News (Leopard Sauce and Choi+)
In the second spring, I was going to brush the pair with my guild friends, but after seeing a group of intermediate gold-creating drugs and looking at the picture information, I still made that kind of Sparta in the second spring!
Now you have to finish this even if you don’t brush it!
It is said that a group of gold-creating drugs is sold by Fu Su to Shanhaijing Guild or a group of 1 gold coin. It is still because people are vip guests that they give low prices.
Under normal circumstances, Fu Su intermediate gold-creating drugs are sold to others in groups of 15 gold coins!
Of course, this other person also includes their guild!
At this time, I saw the eyes of the intermediate Jin Chuangyao in the second spring, and then I told my friends around me that I was busy raising my hand and quickly returned to Ya news.
[Friend] What is the second spring ok for you?
In the second spring, I felt that the most difficult thing was to help Shanyou Fu Su kill people and avenge them. After all, the other person is a life player and a heavenly heart career.
Although the grade of this product has been declining, he hasn’t made a bet on it.
It is normal to think so at this time.
The stick lying on the other side is also messy in the wind at this time!
He was ready to get up just now, but he saw the mountain. Fu Su sent him a private chat and told him to lie quietly waiting for her to come and save himself!
It is said that this female player is particularly low in presence and is said to be indifferent to sex. Will she really come to save herself?
Then what is her purpose?
Stick some don’t understand what’s going on here, but finally still lying on the ground without moving.
What about 25% experience? If it’s true, isn’t it a joke?
"Samsara" is a relatively humanized game for players. If the character dies, some private messages can still be seen, unlike some other games, many actions are restricted after the death of the character.
I haven’t been poked with a stick, so I’m lying quietly on the ground waiting for the beautiful girl to appear (…)
Ya picked her eyebrows and eyes when she saw the news of the second spring, and sent a message with a little pleasure.
[Friend] If you don’t return to the second spring invisibly, help me see who can take the best screenshot at all the entrances to the second spring.
After sending this message, Ya thought about it and then sent another one.
[Friend] Come to the Shanhaijing Guild yy if it is convenient for you in the second spring. Just send a screenshot to the public screen then.
Ya is now the Shanhaijing Association yy Huang Matai Chang Qin said how can this Wang’s wife stay in the channel with a red horse?
Although Ya won’t appear in their yy most of the time, it won’t really hurt Ya if it is too long.
After saying this with the second spring, Ya quickly logged into yy, and then came to her. With Taichangqin, she often made the room busy dragging people when she saw an id at yy reception.
Shanhaijing Yuelao Life Club is now an alliance. Many officials are actually blue horses in Shanhaijing Guild yy.
Of course, if the president of the Yuelao Life Club Association talks too long, Qin will give a Huang Ma, right?
After all, there is a certain amount of effort to reflect status and mutual sincerity.
And it’s just for a Huang Ma, and there’s nothing to turn over.
[Mountain has Fu Su] I can’t talk. Just give me a screenshot after you go there. When you’re done, go back to Chang ‘an warehouse and I’ll give you the medicine.
See the next spring into yy, Ya typed this line on the public screen.
I waited for the news of the second spring quietly after hearing that the second spring had been gracious in yy.
The second spring is a ghost who can disappear into the no return and will not be found by those enemies who guard the door.
In the game, the level of friends is not high, and there is no mutual restraint skill. The occupation of ghosts is still a headache in the game for the time being.
In the second spring, Ya asked each scene to enter and never return, and at the same time sent a screenshot of the entrance to Ya. Finally, he returned to Chang ‘an warehouse to receive Ya Xie’s gift before returning to brush his deputy.
I want to say one more thing in the second spring. If there is such an errand, let him come.
However, considering that Ya will soon become Mrs. Chang Qin, it’s not good if she says something herself. In the end, she put up with it the next spring, but she didn’t say anything.

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