It was not until the wind soul of others in the bamboo forest that a wry smile spilled a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth.

In order to arouse fear in these people’s hearts, he has actually wasted his vitality too much. If King Achihua and mandala had the courage to continue fighting with him just now, it would be hard to say who is afraid.
With a long sigh, he strolled slowly to a pool of blood with a delicate left ear in it.
This ear is officer Wan’er’s sad scene when he thinks that the fox demon girl’s cheeks are blood, but she still refuses to resist. He feels a pain in his heart and hates and hates that his sister looks like a princess with seven points.
And knowing that Guan Wan’er was in a pit of fire, but trying to save her, that kind of nai also made him have an impulse to go crazy.
He fell to his knees and punched the ground hard.
There is a crack in the earth.
There was a gust of wind behind him. Although the soul didn’t answer, it knew that it was Xu Feiqiong.
When Xu Feiqiong learned of the will of the Jade Emperor, Ma realized that she was trying to lead herself away from the wind soul, so she quickly turned around and saw that the wind soul was safe, which was a relief.
Chapter 29 Stealing wine in Taiji Palace
The wind soul told Xu Feiqiong about Yu Waner.
His sister tree felt a heavy heart
Xu Feiqiong wants to comfort him, but he doesn’t know how to comfort him. Some things are not comforting by persuasion.
"Am I very poor?" The wind soul looked at Xu Feiqiong. "I know I can’t let Wan’er go with people like that, but I can’t save her. I can’t do anything when I die. And you …"
He looked at Xu Feiqiong’s swinging left sleeve. "If I have something, your hand …"
Xu Feiqiong glared at him. "My hand was accidentally cut off by Yaohewei. What happened to you?"
"But …"
Xu Feiqiong light sigh a walk in the previous step to his forehead on his chest "don’t put all the wrong back you a person back? If you are really fine, how can Sister Miao and I like you together? "
The wind soul held her in his arms. "But I didn’t protect the wonderful idea …"
This is not the first time that he has felt so deeply that this sense of power has haunted him for more than 300 years after Wang Miaoxiang’s death.
His original character has always been a bit adrift, although he has not reached the quiet level of Taoism, but the fact that a chess player from primary school is not anxious or impatient, and takes the situation as normal, but doubts have always affected his mind.
Until Wang Miao wanted to die, his heart was deeply shocked, and he almost gave up on himself. Although he knew that Nie Yinniang was Wang Miao’s reincarnation and accepted her as an apprentice, his heart wound was somewhat compensated, but his body was always scarred.
Not all wounds can heal slowly with time.
Until today, I watched the official Wan’er being taken away by Zhao Wu, and the wound in my heart was finally torn to that kind of "winning or losing is unusual" chess player’s mood was finally shattered.
After all, life is not about starting over after losing chess.
Chess can be used as a way to get rid of it when necessary, but there are always some things in life that are abandoned by law
Xu Feiqiong was held tightly in his arms, but he didn’t move even though his chest ached.
She can detect the sadness in the heart of the wind soul at the moment because of protecting others, but there is some comfort in her heart, as if she were to be held in his arms like this, so she would never worry or be afraid again.
Only those who are willing to die to protect others will be heartbroken by their own abilities.
Only those who have the true feelings in their hearts can give up without pain.

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