In the end, at least 70 soldiers in Zhaowa were driven into a zigzag alley, and these soldiers also knew that they were doomed to surrender? The thugs who killed the red-eyed Chinese gangsters won’t accept their surrender. The only hope is to hold on desperately until reinforcements arrive. Maybe there is still a chance! These guys piled up sundries to form roadblocks, lay down behind them, and the fire was extremely dense. Chen Wei, they attacked twice in a row, and they were all beaten back. There was no way to surround them first, and then there was no way to find a way to attack them. There were definitely dozens of automatic rifles, seven classes of light machine guns, and how many people went there was not enough to die, and circuitous infiltration didn’t work. All the grandchildren were huddled together, and there were one or two automatic rifles pointing to one in the corner. What should I do?

Three stealthy guys who were hurting their brains leaned in to take the lead and asked, "There are so many monkeys in there, why don’t you kill them?"
A mob boss who was temporarily in charge of the command bureau said angrily, "Those Sun’s firepower is too strong for us to attack!"
The thinnest of the three people patted his chest. "No problem!" Three people ran away, saying that they were going to find some weighing guys. It didn’t take long for them to come back in a fire truck. Everyone opened their mouths for a long time. Damn it, do they want the high-pressure faucet of the fire truck to spray water columns to flush out the monkeys hiding in it? This imagination is too rich!
Sure enough, the skinny guy shouted, "monkeys should wash their asses and wait for us to kill them!" " The high-pressure faucet spewed out a thick and long hose so accurately that it could no longer fall into the lane, and suddenly a chicken flew and a dog jumped! Sitting with a rifle, the soldier suddenly felt a chill and looked up.
Look, I just saw a hose pouring out and my body was so hot. Don’t be so relieved by such a shower, but why is this smell so strange and disturbing? With such doubts, an officer raised his wet hand and sniffed it. His face suddenly changed and he was shaking and screaming, "Oh, my God, it’s gasoline! Don’t shoot again, even if there is a little spark, it will turn into a sea of fire. They want to burn us alive! "
Brush all the soldiers’ faces and become pale and smart. Remove the index finger from the rifle trigger.
But some people are not smart enough, such as the three stooges who drive fire engines, and the wild man jumped from the car and carried a flame thrower. Who knows where he got such a pervert! He gloated and called "burn my little universe!" A fire dragon shoots from the barrel of a flame thrower and rolls into an alley that has been drenched with gasoline. A little spark will turn into a sea of fire. What will happen if the flame thrower sprays him? Look at the fire that went up more than two meters high, and you will know that none of the soldiers in the claw depression in the hiding lane ran away, and the fire turned into a fire. The pain made them feel worse than death. The fire was poured into their mouths as soon as they opened their mouths, and they were burnt, so that they couldn’t scream. Then their eyes burst open because of the excessive temperature. These poor people ran desperately in the fire, waving their arms in vain like branches of fire, hoping to drive uncle Vulcan away, and finally they fell down in the fire with fear and despair and were burned to ashes.
Someone in the place looked at the three guys who made extraordinary moves in a silly way, but they worshipped or worshipped.
Chapter 14 Rainy night (5)
The rumbling explosion into the presidential palace shocked everyone. Suha looked quite calm when he looked around, but he spilled a little more coffee in his hand
China fired three ballistic missiles at Zhaowa. They bullied, ignored international axioms and brutally intervened in Zhaowa. They declared war on Zhaowa!
God, God, Allah, wrong, wrong! Allah, Suharto, has absolutely no intention of being an enemy of China. He planned this anti-Chinese incident with one hand, but he had to try his best to transfer the contradiction between the two countries! Although this way of transferring contradictions is bloody and barbaric, many people will die, but in the wave of anti-Chinese exclusion, all Chinese have joined the claw-wa nationality. They are claw-wa people. What do you care about China? He has his own discretion to make rules of the game for those thugs who burn and kill in the street, which are 100 times stricter than those in the 9.2 massacre in China. If you don’t kill people, try not to kill people. If you don’t do some abnormal things, just don’t vent. There is no need to make a river of blood so that the big eastern country can find an excuse to interfere. Supposedly, those thugs didn’t go too far. Although Jakarta’s corpses were everywhere, it looks terrible, but compared with that time 20 years ago, it can be considered as something. Why did the volcano erupt this time?
These three missiles are a prelude, and the real storm is coming. You know, the carrier battle group of China Pioneer will reach the Straits of Malacca in 30 or 40 hours at most if the Indian Ocean moves at a high speed. If China wants to go all out in the world, no country can stop their powerful army from mobilizing in 24 hours at most. Although China can’t come up with a second aircraft carrier battle group, the escort force composed of cruisers, destroyers and frigate submarines is enough to protect the transport fleet. Looking at the whole of Asia, this force is comparable to that of the Japanese navy. However, the Japanese people’s economy is in a mess, and the financial market is generally overwhelmed by volcanoes and tsunamis. It is better to pray that God can show his strength to fight against China and blow a typhoon.
What will happen once the Chinese Expeditionary Force arrives in Zhaowa? Even three-year-old children can figure out the problem. What if they try to stop the disaster and try to escape?
Everyone once again turned their eyes to President Suharto, who planned the trouble caused by the Chinese exclusion incident. Of course, he had to find a way to solve it. Everyone still had to find a way to get rid of it, or he would have to die with the president when the Chinese army reached the Straits of Malacca!
Suharto, naturally, these guys are trying to share the benefits brought by Chinese exclusion. They are more and more actively expecting them to come out and share the responsibility. Don’t even think about it-it’s still a long way off to pay a New Year call on the fifteenth day of the first month! Once the people’s liberation army arrives in Jakarta in anger, he may have to escape.
When a foreign country dies, it will attack the enemy with Chinese forces. Don’t be ridiculous. Anyone can say that the question is how to wipe out the enemy army. It’s okay to bully a Chinese with their 200 thousand or 300 thousand, but even gangsters and drug dealers can’t stand the army? With a few armed fishing boats and two leaky submarines left, the navy? Just because there are not many fighters in the 1960 s? The slogan of defending the country and defending the country can stimulate the enthusiasm of the Chinese people to defend their homeland against the enemy, but this enthusiasm is very limited. There is little more than one sentence. When the Chinese army kills Malacca, the chief culprit has no choice but to flee to a foreign country to set up an exiled government. Countries that have enemies with China have many contradictions. Plus, over the years, they have accumulated nearly 10 billion US dollars. There will always be several countries that are willing to come forward to protect their lives, but they are not too worried. The problem is how can they be comfortable when they are the president and dominate the fate of a country? No, no, there is still a glimmer of hope, and he will never go into exile!
The expression was inscrutable, but the heart was frightened. President Suharto barely pulled himself together and crustily skin of head reached two orders.
"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes every opportunity to win over all the countries that can be wooed, so that they can come forward and condemn China’s aggression, so that they can gather together to besiege China. No amount of money can be spent!"
"Another division will be transferred to the city to eliminate the Chinese rebellion by the quickest means, and armed police from all over the country will also be mobilized to protect the Chinese. Never let those brainless guys kill them at will and let China find more excuses!"
The second order left everyone wondering, "Protect?" It’s no wonder that the expressions are getting better and better. No matter during the colonial rule or after independence, the people in the claw valley have never treated the Chinese as if they wanted to kill them, insulting, destroying and plundering them at will, but they have never tried to protect them. This is the first time. Even the goldfish in the fish tank in the conference hall suddenly opened its mouth and threw out a string of authentic and authentic English, which could not surprise them so much.
President Suharto said impatiently, "You know what to do!"
Everyone’s so-called protection is just an excuse. To put it bluntly, it is to drive the Chinese into the Chinese camp to take hostages and bargain with the Chinese-this is a "protective measure" with the characteristics of claw depression! The disparity in strength can also do this, and they can’t care if it will double the anger of China and lead to more serious consequences
When disaster strikes, monkeys with lazy paws rarely erupt with unprecedented enthusiasm. In a very short time, all major regions of the country set off a frenzy of arresting Chinese. Some local military and police officers were pulled out of bed by the leaders, and some damn it began to stop mobs from continuing to slaughter Chinese, while others rushed into some Chinese communities and broke into houses to arrest Chinese, making chickens fly and dogs jump.
These military and police officers are not good people to arrest people, and at the same time, when they see things paid, they will definitely grab them. When they see beautiful women, they will definitely touch them. Everything is so comfortable. Of course, these military and police officers in Weifu are not as far-sighted as the president. They don’t know that they have a catastrophe.
Three df-3 claw depressions triggered a major earthquake, and the shock waves spread to the world, triggering a political tsunami.
People knew that something was going to happen when the first thug took to the streets. The president of Citigroup swore at the "honorary titles" such as idiots, pigs and donkeys generously and hit President Suharto’s head China. At this time, the momentum was overwhelming and the world was walking sideways. Few people dared to confront them head-on. ? Everyone on earth knows that China can’t swallow this evil spirit, and it is bound to retaliate against them. They all stare big eyes and carefully watch China’s reaction, but China has not let them down. It directly issued a war warning, followed by three DF-3s smashed by Dongfeng sweeping the floor. One quarter of the fighters of the claw depression army were reimbursed, thousands of ground crew and dozens of pilots! Although we are psychologically prepared to take revenge against China, the world still can’t help but gasp. Your mother didn’t pay attention to maintaining her image as a great country at that moment. Even if she suffered a big loss, she laughed and said, What is the loss? Everything looks like the Soviet Union, like a double-headed eagle. No, even the Soviet Union and the double-headed eagle are not so arrogant! No matter how tough the Soviet Union and the double-headed eagle are, they have to give a warning, and then take the opportunity to make a bunch of conditions. If the other side refuses to meet their own conditions, they will send bombers to bomb his mother, China. One hand is ballistic missiles, and all their international image and influence have been thrown aside as toilet paper, dear. That’s a medium-range ballistic missile, which can carry a million-ton nuclear warhead. There is no need for one more to fly out, which will set off an uproar in the world. One hand is China’s desire to blow its paws to the bottom of the sea for 10,000 meters!This is not to mention that these three missiles are followed by more than 60 fighter planes, and they will soon arrive in Paw Wa to launch retaliatory bombing. It is really rare for Paw Wa monkeys to be so crazy and ruthless to retaliate. Many national representatives have a chill in their eyes, and they all see the same panic expression in each other’s faces. This violent bear is not easy to provoke!
Southeast Asian countries are going crazy. Oh, my God! This time, things are so big that no one expected that China’s reaction would be so fierce. At first, the east wind swept the floor. How big was a place in Southeast Asia that could withstand the indiscriminate bombing of several DF-3s? If Hua Guo is red-eyed and loads a nuclear warhead that is about to expire, who will they cry to? Several hooligans have nuclear weapons in their hands, and they can make a nuclear chain plan. After being attacked by nuclear weapons, they will fight back quickly and smash the nuclear weapons at the same time.
Drag the world into the abyss of destruction to every country that you can reach. Maybe these small countries have nothing to fight back. Die! What if China is a little more ruthless and gives them a mistake? If China is greedy and wants to swallow the Straits of Malacca in one gulp, their military strength can never compete, and there are few countries in the world who are willing. What if they step forward and offend China? There is no way out. The Malaysian president was dug out of bed by the aesthetic viewpoint in the middle of the night and rushed into the national television station without a tie to make a diplomatic speech. A large number of reporters were also pulled out by the Malaysian agent overnight and rushed to the scene to conduct an interview on the incident of Jawa’s exclusion from China. Before the Malaysian president, he severely criticized the atrocities committed by the government of Jawa against China, recognizing that these animal atrocities can be classified as genocide is anti-humanity and anti-earth, which is simply a shame in Southeast Asia. They should be severely punished-they have forgotten that Malaysia has done this kind of thing, even if they remember it, they can’t take care of it. It’s important, of course, to tell lies with their eyes open. Look at their indignant posture. It seems that the Chinese are their own fathers. If the monkeys don’t stop, even if China doesn’t start, they will send troops to seek justice for the Chinese.
The president of Malaysia is also a furious monkey with pawpaw. If you want to die, you can find a tree with a rope and hang it. Why bother that terrorist country? Is your sister trying to kill everyone? Typically, it’s impossible not to scold you if you have nothing to do, and it’s even more unreasonable not to smoke you! The old man talked a lot and scolded the government of Jawa to pieces. Over the years, the Ministry of Anger vented his feelings, and some people in a good mood were also generous. Finally, this man said in a generous tone that the Malaysian government is willing to open the border to allow Chinese in Jawa to take refuge in Malaysia and they will protect their accommodation until the matter is satisfactorily resolved-the meaning is that we can protect your overseas Chinese, and your PLA will not work so hard to cross the sea. Let those soldiers stay in the country and have a good rest. They are relieved. We are also relieved. Hello, I am.
The president’s speech won a warm applause. Of course, in general, there will always be two times when the leader speaks, one at the beginning and the other at the end of the speech.
The Brunei government immediately jumped out and declared that it was willing to pay for renting a civil airliner to send persecuted overseas Chinese back to China, and it was very generous for this small and rich country. Obviously, this country with a bigger fart also knows that once the Chinese army landed in Malacca, there would be at least one.
Half-sea water will turn red, which will be a fatal blow to a country that relies heavily on tourism and energy exports. Let’s break the bank and eliminate disasters.
Some people sing the bad COP, and naturally some people sing the bad COP. When some countries clap their chests to show their willingness to help the Chinese, many politicians jump in front of typewriters with two claws and ten fingers beating fast. The headline is the threat theory of China! The representative of Japan, the United Nations Headquarters, was the first to jump out and express sympathy for the Chinese experience, but at the same time pointed out that it was because China’s response to the Zhaowa government was too fierce and irrational. Then NATO member countries criticized China’s interference in the Zhaowa government’s efforts to stop the atrocities of Chinese exclusion. The Soviet representative even claimed that China Bank trampled on the spirit of peace and despised the United Nations. The Soviet Union could never tolerate the emergence of the Chinese army in the Straits of Malacca! In a word, it’s not how successful the government’s diplomacy has been. This situation is due to the fact that the Straits of Malacca is no small matter, which is the largest ship throughput in the world. With the war in the Straits, I don’t know how many countries’ economies will be seriously affected. Most of these countries are worried that their own interests will be damaged. NATO and Warsaw Pact are worried that China will take this opportunity to control the Straits of Malacca and further expand its strategic advantage, which will be extremely unfavorable to them. Some countries simply spray anti-China instead of anti-China. Anyway, if China wants to do something, I will oppose it! The United Nations has become very lively, and Shao Jianhui sneered and said nothing, which made many representatives of countries feel disappointed and couldn’t find their opponents if they wanted to quarrel.
A long time ago, the secret secretary came out to vote on the issue of sanctions against Paw Wa. He urgently formulated sanctions measures, which did not mean that he was not strict. He struggled with Citigroup’s sanctions against Cuba one by one. When he heard that Paw Wa represented a pale face, he would lose his skin if he really fell into practice. Unless they gave up their policy of hatred and discrimination against Chinese, there would be no way out. So sanctions could always make China feel relieved, right? Even the double-headed eagle ambassador repeatedly shook his head and shouted that it was too harsh, but Shao Jianhui got up and said, "There is no need to vote. Our government has made up its mind to settle old scores with claw depression. We are determined not to waver! Here, I dedicate my paws to represent a sentence: Don’t jump around, even if the world is all over you, you can’t escape this war, so save your activities and buy coffins! "
Claw depression means that this time, not only the little face turned white, but also the lips trembled and called "you … you are naked aggression! You will be sanctioned by the world! "
Shao Jianhui said every word, "We have been used to being sanctioned by the world for decades."
Will it be sanctioned for decades? "
Chapter 15 Rainy night (6)
A roast monkey was cooked well and fragrant, and the smell of burnt human flesh was so bad that many gangster younger brothers turned pale and threw weapons and squatted down to vomit their eyes straight. However, Chen Wei was very calm and took part in the war between two mountains. He has infiltrated Annan’s territory for many times, sabotaged and captured prisoners, and his nerves have long been tougher than steel wire. A dozen monkeys have been burned to death, which is a fart flamethrower. He has seen and done a lot of things, but those three guys who are driving fire engines and spraying people everywhere to kill people and set fire to them have caught his attention. Those three guys reimbursed 70 people without blinking, talking and laughing. This coldness is even worse than this. The cruel role is definitely not an ordinary Chinese, let alone a gangster younger brother. Who are they?
"Give me a kiss!"
Just as a tank turned the corner of the street, the fire truck came into full swing. This tank has a history of more than 20 years, to say the least. The fire control radar can automatically load anything. To put it bluntly, it can run and fire. The turret machine gun can fire, and the reaction is pitifully slow. Before it aimed at the fire truck, an oil dragon sprayed it and drenched it. Then a trailing incendiary bomb went straight up for two or three meters. More than that tank turned into a fireball. The monkeys in the cockpit were either burned to death or scalded to death, and they all had to die anyway. With the tank attack, the infantry in the claw depression disappeared from everyone’s field of vision at the moment when the flames rose. Everyone tried their best to open their eyes, and they could also see that there were more than a dozen fireballs running around and rolling around in the sea of fire. A tank’s ammunition and oil were blown up by the high temperature, and the whole turret was blown up by the expansion explosion wave, seven meters high, and several fireballs flew densely. The world was quiet, and those gangsters who claimed to be ruthless were stupid. Can our fire truck also come to fight tanks? That’s awesome! The fire truck is awesome!
It’s a pity that the oil in this mighty and domineering fire truck has run out. The three guys have sprayed a street from door to door and jumped around the world to find more interesting toys. As a result, they were accidentally attacked. A pack of cigarettes smashed and Chen Wei smiled and asked, "Which unit is the comrade-in-arms?"
The three stooges looked at the guy who was as thin as a monkey and said, "I’m from Guangxi, the big guy with thicker arms than my neck is from Shandong, and this is our boss, Hebei. We are the reconnaissance battalion of the middle assault division."

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