Maybe I understood grandpa’s saying that he picked up his little stinky treasure and teased his face with his fingers, and he bit it.

"Hey, stinky, who did you learn from and learn to bite?" It still hurts to bite those teeth.
Seeing the child moving, both nurses covered their mouths and smiled gently.
"Xiao Chu, come and walk with us."
The two masters over there have finished boxing and are taking the towel from the guards to wipe their heads and sweat.
"Small chu teahouse done over there? 」
"It’s done, Uncle Wu. I’m going to air it. Also, I asked someone to contact a Tianjin city. It said that Mr. Wang might not come until next month."
"You don’t have a few singing opera Sir? 「
"It’s not easy to be famous. People have a compilation. How can they come to the teahouse to sing?"
"Do you want me to client to find you two? 」
"Don’t say goodbye, Uncle Wu. I’ll find someone to say that Mr. Wang is purely one of our own. It would be a bit too much if we joined a troupe again." Li Chu quickly shook his head and refused.
He thought about it before, but later he thought it would be better to forget it. He just set up this teahouse, and he has a place to sit and chat with his friends and these lords. If he does singing opera again, it will seem a little chaotic.
Uncle Wu nodded. "I’ll drop in when you wait for the door that day."
"What kind of door, Uncle Wu? I won’t be open to the public. No matter whether Mr. Wu is coming or not, if you want to go and sit down, just say it."
"You are so extravagant."
"There are many small ideas." Wang Shu walked over and took the words.
"He told me about a business model after you went back last night."
"oh? When Wu Shu heard this, he looked at Wang Shu with obvious interest and said, "Lao Wang, tell me about this little thing."
Chapter one hundred and forty-six Line
What business model does Li Chu know? He doesn’t know shit. After talking to Uncle Wang last night, he just copied the former richest man’s shopping mall model in the future.
Master Wu pondered it for a while and nodded and said, "This also requires a lot of investment."
Uncle, if you think too much about this, you don’t need to invest much.
"How is it possible to demolish, regardless of buying land alone, it needs a lot of money, right? It also needs a lot of money to buy a back cover, right? 」
Li Chu’s words surprised the two masters. Uncle Wu also retorted.
"yes, according to the truth, it is true, but there are many people who don’t do it like this. They play with their dry fingers dipped in salt.
It really needs money to buy land, but I can get the land first, then I can go to the bank to get a loan, and then I can pay back the land and dig a big hole to sell the building, that is, the pre-sale is modeled after the sales model on Hong Kong Island. "
! ! !
After listening to these words, the two masters were dumbfounded, and no one who was able to reach their position was stupid enough to understand how this was done after a little thinking.
"Small chu if you don’t let them owe money? 」
"Uncle, do you know that there is investment promotion and capital introduction every year? It is impossible and unrealistic to want every enterprise and individual who comes to invest to be as well funded as those pharmaceutical companies. "
Li Chu tilted at Wang Shu explained a very seriously.
"As you say, investment promotion and capital introduction is going the wrong way? 」
"No, no, no, it is necessary to improve the living standards of ordinary people, but not every place can be generalized. Our country is vast and the same geographical location is also very important for attracting investment smoothly.
Don’t you two find that the eastern coastal cities have developed much faster than the central and western regions in the past two years? This is the importance of geographical location, which is convenient here.
They have to rack their brains in order to successfully complete it in the central and western parts of the country, which is why people in these places are the most easily deceived.
In fact, if the place is deceived, let’s take a 10 thousand step back and say that it’s handed over once and won’t be taken again, but what if it’s a common people? This is the biggest destabilizing factor. "
There is no need to say how to be deceived. The mode mentioned above is the most easily deceived in the current environment.
"How do people behave? "Asked Wu Shu tight with a frown.
"Uncle, I heard that the problem of commercial housing sales has been studied now, right? 」
"That’s right. It’s just a slow transition to realize the housing funded by all units."
"If we can buy and sell commercial houses at will after we release them, will many people who can’t get their families’ houses buy commercial houses? 」
"Definitely" Li Chu asked himself before the two masters said anything.
"As I said just now about selling uncompleted flats, this developer has paid back the land money, and there is no room for pre-sale. The people have worked hard for most of their lives to save money and give it to the developer. This house has been built and successfully completed. What if he gets the pre-sale and receives the money and runs away? 」
"We can have a project supervisor and fund supervision."
Li Chu didn’t say anything about smiling at Wu Shu’s teeth, which was full of meaning.
Wu Shu obviously understood the meaning behind this smile, shook his head and sighed.
If this job is done by people, there must be loopholes. You can’t gamble on human nature.
Rules and regulations can indeed bind a person to certain lines, but you can’t think that everyone will abide by them with rules and regulations.
The two masters were silent at the same time, carrying their hands and walking forward without saying a word. Li Chu was a little two steps behind, teasing her little stinky treasure.
He is happy to listen to smelly treasure calling his grandfather. Although it is inaccurate to return it, his heart will tremble unconsciously every time he hears it. This is the touching feeling brought by blood inheritance.
After walking in the Woods for a while, the two masters turned around and walked back. The way back was still without saying anything.
Back to the college, Aunt Wang saw at a glance that something was wrong with the old man’s mood and then looked at the nephew followed by his eyes full of questions.
Li Chu smiled and shook his head and motioned for Aunt Wang not to worry about anything.
Wang Yueyue, who cried out that he didn’t want breakfast and wanted to sleep, was slapped twice by Aunt Wang’s ass, and then he followed him. He didn’t dare to say a superfluous word. It looked so clever.
"Hey? Li Chu, you came to wear this shirt yesterday? How come I don’t know when you have a really good shirt? 」
Sit at the dinner table Ding Qiunan looked at his man and asked some questions.

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