"Isn’t this the case before?" Sue should turn to ask a way

"Most of the time, my father is not at the night shrine. My father is the most mysterious and great for the whole thirty-three days. Even we women don’t know where he is."
The princess paused to look up at the hall and said, "Let’s go in."
Sue should nod and follow Princess Ning Yue to Hao Xiao Jingu.
The difference of Yuxiu Palace is that the whole Haoxiao Shrine is extremely deserted, and it seems that one person has been silent for a long time.
However, Su Ying clearly felt that there must be a place in the depths of the shrine, which is similar to the Xiaoyuan boundary of Yuxiu Palace, where the real law enforcement Buddha can be seen.
"You go in. Father summoned you, so I won’t go."
Came to the front of the temple setting month big princess suddenly stopped shape Su Ying nodded and didn’t think much about striding directly.
Hao Xiao Shen Gong Hall is more like an imperial discussion hall. Although it is not as magnificent and gorgeous as the Temple of Heaven, it is much more solemn and solemn.
"You’re finally here."
Sue should have just decided that a sudden fluctuation suddenly condensed out a figure.
When Su Ying suddenly heard this sound, she was immediately surprised, as if a vast world suddenly opened his door, giving people a sense of spiritual shock!
He consciously looked up and saw the central part slowly open a gold front door, and a stalwart figure slowly stepped out of the golden light of that Tao Tian.
This is a root language that can shape and face.
Great and solemn, solemn and full of jurisprudence.
What Sue should feel before him is not a god, but a heaven.
He is naturally there, and a strong pressure from all things in the world radiates out immediately.
That kind of breath above the king of god burns like a fire, guarding the heaven and suppressing it for 33 days!
That is to say, the law enforcement Buddha is the oldest God King in the history of heaven!
Everything in heaven and earth is eclipsed before this ancient man, and even Su Ying, the king of body and spirit, can’t help worshipping the minister himself.
"The child has seen his father."
He still knelt down, even if he was honored by the king of God, Su Ying had to kneel down.
"Get up and come with me."
Say that finish Su Dao directly just visible to go back.
Su Ying stepped into the golden gate without thinking much.
Only when he entered the middle school did he find that it was like the edge of the Milky Way, and Su Dao stood with his back to him.
In front of him, there is no end to the twinkling stars in the Milky Way, and everything is running endlessly.
"You’re great. Earlier than I expected."
Su Daoyin is still so indifferent. It seems that even if heaven collapses, it can’t make him frown.
Sue should know that what he said was that he had made the king of God himself, and there was nothing to hide, because he knew that it was useless to hide it before Su Dao.
It is better to admit it generously.
"I know what you want to ask. I will answer all your questions today, but before that, I have to ask you a question."
Su Dao still hasn’t turned around. Su Ying is so quiet. Although Su Ying has seen his face, he will forget it every time and never remember it. It seems that he will never leave a memory after seeing it once in his mind.
"Father’s adult, please speak," Su Ying said.
Su Dao nodded for a moment and then suddenly asked, "Do you know that you will come to this world? Will come to the original continent? "
As soon as he said this, Su Ying’s heart suddenly shook, which was his deepest and oldest secret.
Even the whole secret is so old that even Su Ying herself will forget it.
But now Su Dao suddenly remembers this?
Su Ying shook her head and said, "I don’t know. I know I woke up and came to this world and came to the primitive continent."
"I asked you to come."
Su Dao gently opened his mouth and looked at the Milky Way in front of him. "You are my first son. I was born with a gift. I know that you will be promoted to the position of Heaven Emperor in the future."
"It’s a pity that when you were born, your Tao was doomed. The three heavenly saints foresaw that you would destroy it, and your arrival would destroy the heavens and the earth."
Sue should face one leng surprised way "how is that possible? Besides, I want to destroy the heavens and the earth? "
"Yes, my father didn’t believe it at first, but I had to believe what the saints said, and three saints predicted the future with them."
Su Dao nodded and sighed, "So I have to send you into reincarnation. You will lead an ordinary life. I didn’t expect God to let you come into this world again."
"That is to say, as soon as I was born, my father knew that I would not connect me to heaven when I arrived?" Sue should look up and ask
Su Dao shook his head and his deep eyes were full of memories. "If I take you back, your destiny will be changed. However, even I can change your destiny. I have said that God’s will and your destiny will be yours."
"My father didn’t see me since I was born and gave me an eternal Monty Sect token for me to find all the way?" Su Ying asked.
Until now, his heart finally had a little enlightenment. He didn’t say anything about the bloody affair along the way, but he also encountered several difficulties and obstacles.
But all this saved the day, and there were many adventures until he entered heaven.
"Monty Sect is a small starting point, but I want to try what the future is like when a person grows up."
Su Dao shook his head and obviously had no interest in this topic. After a pause, he continued, "Your arrival made me believe that fate is reincarnation after all. Do you know reincarnation?"
"Father said it was The six great divisions in the wheel of karma?"
Su Ying wanted to think and added, "Isn’t The six great divisions in the wheel of karma already shattered? Even the Emperor of Heaven cannot be reincarnated. "
"Who said no? Haven’t you already met the reincarnated Emperor?" Su Dao suddenly smiled and looked at Su Ying gently.
Sue should be one leng in my heart and immediately think of the Buddha in the second crossing ladder.
"The way of reincarnation is to deduce the way. The mystery of reincarnation is to be reborn again and again. There is no regret in life, but there is regret when you reach the extreme of reincarnation."
Su Dao quietly opened his mouth and suddenly laughed. "It’s a pity that the fate of reincarnation is not his, and I’m not a saint. He died, but when I met you, he was reincarnated. The six great divisions in the wheel of karma has slowly recovered because you are broken."
"Those who died came back to life, those shattered worlds came back to life, and you must have met them."
Su Ying’s great shock in her heart simply set off waves.
He met the king in white and several dead deities in the secret land of Qing Di, the original mainland, and said at that time that he was waiting for his return.

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