Mom is going to spend the Spring Festival here in summer this year, but they will have to go back to grandpa’s place for a routine party around the fourth and fifth day of the year, and then mom and Lin Chenhui will stay at grandpa’s house for a while before returning to Guangdong.

"Jin Lin! Go out with me to buy Spring Festival couplets. "
Mother suddenly shouted at Lin Jin from the balcony.
"I broadcast live," Lin Jin looked back discontentedly. "Is it my job to broadcast live?"
"Let your brother come, you go with me to buy Spring Festival couplets, or it will be expensive in a few days." Mom took a look at her mobile phone and frowned and said, "It’s 27 years old, and there’s still nothing hanging around at home. There’s no Chinese New Year atmosphere at all."
"I’m not used to the Chinese New Year," Lin Jin pie pie. "When I lived at home every day in the former high school, I just bought a few more dishes and fried them."
Lin Jin doesn’t understand what the Chinese New Year system should do. She knows that her mother always buys a bunch of messy new year goods to pay homage to her ancestors before the Chinese New Year, and the refrigerator will be full every year.
"So you can follow me all the way after the Chinese New Year this year. If I don’t, you have to come by yourself." Mom muttered, "You can’t lose your father. You don’t have to worship your ancestors during the Chinese New Year, so forget the Spring Festival couplets."
"All right, all right." Lin Jin sighed and turned to look at Lynne, who was playing video games. "You help me broadcast live. I’ll go out with my mother."
Recently, the base of Lin Jin’s game machine was occupied by Lynne. This guy played several game tapes that Lin Jin bought and even licked them. As a result, Lin Jin continued to pay for his favorite games.
However, Lin Jinlai has a little tendency to control his younger brother, and he has no resistance to his younger brother. Now he can make money himself, and he can afford a game cassette for three or four hundred.
In summer, the store is very busy now. It hasn’t been a month since the store opened. Many things are not at ease in summer and need to be personally involved.
I left home with my mother, and my mother came to the biggest vegetable market nearby.
Many Chinese New Year customs here in Xiamen are very different from those in my hometown, so some new year’s goods can’t be bought in Xiamen at all, and my mother doesn’t care too much. She tells Lin Jin what to buy and how to choose the kind of food while buying them.
Mom is not very familiar with Xiamen, but it may be the intuition of middle-aged people? She can always find what she wants to buy in Xiamen for about three hours. She finally bought all those new year’s goods and called a car to ask for these things to be delivered home.
Because it’s already the New Year, there’s only one SF Express base in Xiamen that is still open, otherwise my mother plans to buy some new year goods online that Xiamen can’t buy.
I bought a bunch of things with my mother. When Lin Jin came home tired, she found that summer had come back, and she was sitting on the sofa making tea for herself.
I don’t know what’s going on in summer. He is two years older than Lin Jin, but he has lived an old life at home.
For example, you should add Lycium barbarum when drinking hot water, or sit on the sofa while playing mobile phone and making tea when you have leisure time.
Like a veteran cadre.
"Since when do you like drinking tea?" Lin Jin sat with her legs crossed in the summer and yawned. "It will take ten minutes for my mother to come back with the new year’s goods."
"Buy new year’s goods?" Summer froze for a while and then nodded. "It’s almost the New Year, too."
"Will you go back to your hometown the year before last?" Lin Jin put her feet on the sofa and leaned back against her shoulders in summer, muttering something like talking to herself, "I hated Chinese New Year before, because every time I celebrate Chinese New Year, my mother has been away from home for almost ten years, and my father has never been in charge. During Chinese New Year, I usually just fry two more dishes, but other people’s homes are full of excitement."
Lin Jin sighed and looked up at the ceiling. "I used to cry in my room every New Year. I cried this time about once a year."
"Last year was better. Last year, my mother came back with Lynne. This year is also good. There are four people in the family who are busy."
In the summer, I gently rubbed Lin Jin’s head and tried to comfort her, but she was pushed away by Lin Jin.
"Are you sick? It hurts! "
Isn’t it always like this when you look at Lin Jin blankly in summer and comfort people in the drama?
Lin Jinbai gave him a look and got up just sad instantly swept away "don’t say these unhappy things! Anyway, after you. "
"Well" in the summer, I looked at Lin Jin skipping to the live room and shook my head.
Although he has lived with Lin Jin for quite a long time, Lin Jin has always looked like a woman in front of him. For so long, Lin Jin has rarely revealed his inner feelings.
It seems that there are only two or three times to add this time.
This guy Lin Jin is really not worrying at all. He is engaged, but he always hides everything in his heart.
Chapter 573 569 The Chinese New Year is coming.
Chinese New Year is coming soon.
It should be the first time that Lin Jin’s parents have had such a comfortable winter vacation since their divorce.
Last year, although my mother and Lin Chen came back, due to the change of parents’ appearance, although the taste of last year was much heavier than before, it was still not very interesting, but it made people feel very upset.
In this year, when my father rebuilt his family, he occasionally said a few words to Lin Jin, but he usually didn’t see her for three or five days, so my mother was no longer bothered by my father. Every day, she was smiling and kind, helping Lin Jin cook and decorate her home every day.
She hung all kinds of red Chinese knots and strange things all over the house, and a couplet was posted outside the door, and a red lantern was hung in front of the door every night, saying that she wanted Lin Jin to have a happy Spring Festival.
So Lynne complained every day that he was picked up in a trash can. He and his mother had never been so busy during the Chinese New Year in Guangdong.
Every day at home is full of excitement. My mother has started all kinds of things to do during the New Year since she bought the new year’s goods that day.
Although this room has just moved in, it’s quite clean, but my mother has started a big cleaning at home and bought all kinds of delicious food every day. Every day, the food is extremely rich, except for a dish and a bowl of soup, the rest of the base is meat.
In summer, everyone complains that they are getting fat with the naked eye, but Lin Jin’s weight doesn’t seem to have changed, at least it doesn’t look like it.
This guy Lynne used to have a gym when he was in Guangdong, and then he joined a fitness club, which led to his strong figure. However, it didn’t take long for him to come to Xiamen and his muscles seemed to soften a lot.
Not only does he not exercise, but he plays games on the couch or sofa every day. More importantly, he has eaten too much recently.
"Mom is so eccentric." Lynne muttered as he bowed his head and played games in his mother’s bed.
Lin Jin was sitting in a chair with one hand holding her chin to watch the live broadcast in summer. She heard Lynne complain and walked back and said, "Who told you not to be a girl?"
Lynne took a white look at Lin Jin and continued to complain that "my family has never been so well treated, okay?" What my mother wants to do during the Chinese New Year is to let me go. How can she be busy? "
"So you are not my thigh this year?"

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