Is that really her name?

I’m confused. I don’t remember the word Yu Qingwen at all, but it seems that it’s really her name to look at a strange woman’s strange mood …
"I’m so glad that you haven’t forgotten me. I know that although you hate me, you still love me, right?"
It’s her name. It’s really her name. I have a long mouth. For a moment, I don’t know what to say. It turns out that the name is really a strange woman’s name. What? I will know her name. Is she really someone I used to know?
Nodded, and I looked blank.
Suddenly, this girl, who may be called Qingwen, let out a piercing scream. She pricked the fragile eardrum like a sharp knife. I covered my ears in pain and held my head madly. I couldn’t wait to plane my head to see what was strange.
"No, you have recovered. When you recover, you will never call my name again, nor will you be so calm. You will hate me and kill me mercilessly. You will definitely." Qingwen is crazy, crazy, and her words seem to be full of destruction.
"Who the hell are you?"
I have this sentence as if it were the only one who could speak.
Qingwen didn’t answer me with a crazy face. Her mouth kept closing and she seemed to want to say something, but unfortunately I couldn’t hear anything.
"You are not him!"
At this time, the voice of God suddenly sounded in my mind. It was him again. Who is he?
I almost broke down, and the whole person was close to madness, growling like a beast and saying, "Tell me who he is?" Shenyun was silent for this moment. How could he be silent enough? He should answer me and tell me his identity.
"Bastard, tell me who he really is!"
Chapter 117 God Cloud Leave a word
"Who is he!"
Shenyun was silent for a long time, cherishing words like gold. He finally said, "I don’t know. I seem to have forgotten a lot of memories. I can feel that these memories are very important to me, but I can’t remember them. I’m sorry."
Just saying sorry, asshole, since you don’t know what you have to say, why don’t you shut up?
"Who is she?"
I believe that Shenyun will definitely understand who is expecting to get an answer, even if it is a vague answer, but the hope is disappointing.
"I seem to know her, I don’t seem to know her, I seem to hate him very much, but I can’t remember who she really is."
God cloud confused although can’t see his look, but can clearly distinguish from the tone.
Suddenly, my sight shrank and my body trembled slightly. I don’t know when Qingwen turned out that there was a short distance of one meter in front of me, which was insignificant enough for me to avoid a fatal attack. Although I knew she wouldn’t be bad for me, I was still on guard.
"if only you had been like this all the time, so I wouldn’t do anything that I would regret all the time. If you can forgive me, I will give up. I will be my original self and be good to you. Will you forgive me? Will you forgive you for your wrong wife?"
At this moment, I was deeply touched and had a long mouth. I wanted to say that I have forgiven you, but my words have completely changed. At this time, I seem to be a different person and a complete stranger.
"Hum, I will never forgive you."
It’s not me. It’s definitely not me!
I tried to explain, but it was too late.
Qingwen frantically held her head and screamed as if it were accompanied by piercing all the power. My mind was shocked by terrorist waves, and I lost consciousness completely. My body fell flat as if it had lost its breath of life. If someone passed by, it would definitely be mistaken for a corpse that had been dead for a long time.
I don’t know how long it took, but I finally woke up and looked around, and my mind gradually recovered. At the same time, I also recalled what happened before I passed out. Qingwen heard my sweet words and screamed with horror, and I passed out.
Now Qingwen is gone. She should be divorced …
What’s she doing here? Is she asking me some weird questions?
It’s definitely not Qingwen’s appearance. It’s definitely not that simple. She should be something …
"Who is she?"
The confused voice of Shenyun appeared in my mind. At this moment, we both have the same question and are confused about who she really is.
"Shenyun, why is she here?"
"I don’t know, I can’t remember anything." Shenyun is still confused.
His confusion seems to have infected me
"Is this Paradise Lost?"
"Yes, absolutely!"
This time, Shenyun’s tone is very positive.
What is hidden in paradise lost? Who is she? Who is it? Who is he?
The only thing I know is that there may be a cloud of gods, but at this time, the cloud of gods can’t remember anything about him …
Wait, how can Shenyun know so many secrets about Paradise Lost? He seems to know Qingwen, but he tells me who she is. What should I believe him? Isn’t Shenyun likely to know the truth but hide it? Shenyun’s recent trip is enough to make me doubt it.
He said that he is a spirit. In this case, there is one thing that the spirit must know, and he should know. Otherwise …
"Do you know the origin of the magic divination mirror?"
"I …"
Shenyun hesitated and said, "I don’t know."
He’s not a spirit!
From this sentence, you can tell that the trance cloud is definitely not a real spirit. Only when there is a real spirit can you know the true origin of the magic divination mirror, but you don’t know it. It can be said that he is not a spirit at all. Everything is cheating.
Combined with everything, it suddenly dawned on me that I finally figured it out. Shenyun not only knew about the lost paradise, but also knew Qingwen. Everything that happened in the lost paradise was secretly planned by him. This is the most reasonable explanation.
The doubt was confirmed, and I suddenly figured it out a lot. I couldn’t figure out anything before. All the truth was clearly in front of me. Perhaps the real spirit had been eliminated by the cloud of God or was trapped. The spirit never appeared when the cloud of God appeared. This is definitely the reason.
I’m sneering in my heart. This old guy is really deep in hiding. No wonder he doesn’t want to talk to me at ordinary times. I’m afraid there will be the most critical moment. I’m afraid now I still have some benefit for him. He doesn’t want me to die, otherwise he won’t appear at the most critical moment.
After all this, I secretly decided that the hidden magic cloud in the mirror is definitely a great hidden danger. If it is not pulled out early, no one will know what will happen in the future, but there is no better way to remove this hidden danger in my heart for the time being.
"Xiao Bai, although I don’t know what the cloud of God will appear, I know that he must have some conspiracy, and we must get rid of this scourge, otherwise what consequences will appear later is hard to predict."
The spirit appeared unexpectedly, but the sound sounded weak, just like a terminally ill patient. It seemed to be exactly the same as my guess. The magic cloud had absolutely attacked the spirit, and there was also a cloud that could do harm to the spirit in the mirror.
"Qi Ling, what’s wrong with you? Are you so weak?" Anger in my heart, but this is not the right time to express it, so the carver spirit is very weak, facing the sinister cloud, it is probably not an opponent
We must delay enough to wait for the spirit to return to its best state. Only in this way can we increase the odds by half. Of course, it is impossible to ensure that in case of root loss. After all, the spirit can be suppressed for so long. Will it be weak?
"Don’t communicate with me and be noticed by him." Qi Ling said intermittently. Sure enough, he had just finished his words. Shenyun had a little suspicion and said, "Who are you communicating with? Don’t lie to me. I can feel it."
Great changes in my heart are definitely not a good thing to be noticed by Shenyun at this time. Now it is absolutely impossible to show any color. Now Shenyun is suspicious. I thought of this and said, "What communication? I am thinking about paradise lost. What happened?"
"Nothing …" Shenyun said lightly as if he had forgotten the suspicion just now. Although Shenyun put it in his heart and suspected that it was what I wanted in my heart, I don’t know that I always feel that Shenyun is too abnormal at the moment. He seems to be hiding something.

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