There is another advantage. It seems that the generation of true qi has a new degree of conciseness, and the true qi bases are all condensed. The higher the quality of true qi, the easier it is to generate new true qi.

It seems that the two meridians have reached the limit of being able to accept the true qi, and it is necessary for the true qi to be further compressed. Fortunately, these true qi will be automatically compressed after more than nine weeks of body-building practice, otherwise Zhao Li’s practice speed will have to be advanced.
At one time, it was almost the same as Zhao Li-neng’s coincidence that he achieved the effect of continuous exercise for ten weeks, that is, two or nine weeks. The qi became more and more concise, and the joint meridians became stronger and stronger. Pressure growth was both sides.
Gradually, Zhao Li came to a conclusion that when the true qi becomes more concise and needs to be compressed, it becomes longer and longer. Twenty-nine weeks is not enough, so it should be three or nine weeks.
Sure enough, after half a year, before the last exam at the end of the semester, Zhao Li successfully reached 39 weeks, and the higher the compression efficiency.
During the holiday, after a period of dressing, Zhao Li can already conclude that his performance in practicing basic fitness has surpassed that of all those online tests. None of them have achieved this kind of concise effect, but I don’t know what it will be like to join the army then.
The academic performance is as good as ever, but there is still a certain gap in getting into Tsinghua University. I have to admit that there are still many extremely talented people in learning. Although Zhao Li is a genius, it is obvious that he is not a learning genius.
In a blink of an eye, when I was about to graduate from high school, I was lucky enough to take part in a college entrance examination, but I was rejected by Tsinghua University by a gap of 20 points.
After bidding farewell to his parents, Zhao Li joined the army as planned.
Chapter stunning medical officer ()
Sweat along the sideburns and then slowly flowed from the face to the bar, gradually accumulating into a big drop, and then the surface tension could no longer be maintained from the bar. There was a little more water stain on the army chest, but the army on the chest was already soaked, and this drop of sweat also added some moisture, and there was no trace of him.
A pair of big feet on military boots appeared in front of Zhao Li, who was five big and three thick, and looked even stronger than the school instructor orangutan man. The instructor stared at the boy who didn’t look very strong with his two eyes open.
Speaking of the size, Zhao Li is still a little short of those who have practiced the first-class juli technique. One year is enough for those boys who are developing like him to grow more muscles. Zhao Li is particularly weak in the crowd.
"Soldiers out!" Instructor loud voice Zhao Li ear rings.
"Yes, sir!" Zhao Li also shouted out at the maximum volume and then took a big step forward and straightened up in front of the team. Sometimes Zhao Li really couldn’t understand why the army had to talk so loudly, and everyone’s hearing was very strong, even if they were whispering so close, they could definitely hear it.
"Running in front of the medical room-go!" A puzzling command da Zhaoli also dare not hesitate to lift his legs and run.
But just after the queue password training, everyone was in a military posture when suddenly there was such an order. Not only did Zhao Li not understand it, but he didn’t even understand it when he looked at Zhao Li’s runners.
"Report!" Zhao Li at the door of the clinic is still reporting big.
"Come in!" There was a crisp sound inside, soft but clear.
Although there are several beds in the clinic, the training of recruits is still in the queue, and there are no patients. This physical exertion is not a problem for high school graduates who have laid the foundation and practiced the first-class martial arts for less than one year, not to mention those who are older.
Now, a medical officer is watching something on his desk screen. When he hears Zhao Li coming in, he turns his head.
The long golden hair is smooth and loose, the shoulders are green, and the red cross beret sets off the face. The female medical officer looks very young, but she has a mature taste. The body is very fit, which makes her concave and convex figure more and more invisible, but just this has made Zhao Li almost see presbyopia.
It is also strange to see the medical officer in Zhao Li’s figure. It seems that Zhao Li is in good health and has no injuries. How did he come here? But Zhao Li saw her eyes, but she was very satisfied with the female military doctor. She smiled at Zhao Li and seemed to have a delicate and charming rose in front of her eyes.
"Why did the soldier come here?" The female military doctor’s voice seems to be softer and softer, which makes Zhao Li unable to help but be attracted. Her lips are red and her movements are like the sweetest strawberries in the world.
Zhao Ligen didn’t hear what the female military doctor said was silly. wait for a while saw Zhao Li’s reaction in situ. The female military doctor was dumbfounded and immediately burst out laughing. She smiled more brightly and stayed at school. Where did Zhao Li have the opportunity to see such a moving stunner and still live in front of her? I couldn’t help but don’t want to move.
"Christine, don’t play with the new guy!" The foreign instructor’s thick voice heard this sound, and Zhao Li seemed to suddenly hear an alarm, and quickly kept a standard soldier moving straight.
The instructor walked in angrily and looked at Zhao Li. He couldn’t help kicking over and swearing. "It’s a shame on me!"
Zhao Li didn’t dare to dodge. He was kicked out by the instructor and almost fell to the ground. However, the instructor’s arrogance still made Zhao Li say nothing. Although the queue training was carried out, the instructor was fierce. Everyone had learned the most difficult guys who claimed to be mixed up in society for at least ten years. After being punished by the instructor on the first day, no one dared to start trouble with the instructor easily.
"What for?" The female military doctor was very unhappy with the instructor’s hands-on in front of her. "Arnold pot calling the kettle black seems that your performance is not necessarily the first time you come here …" The words were interrupted by Arnold’s instructor at the top of his voice. "Christine, look at this little thing. What’s the problem? Poor physique, but three hours of military posture actually made you sweat so much!"
Obviously, instructor Arnold had a story when he first met this beautiful female military doctor, but Zhao Like was not stupid enough to find out what happened. Listening to them, he was straight and didn’t dare to move. Instructor Arnold was very good, but he knew it very well.
However, Zhao Li is also very resistant to sweating. Although the basic body-building exercises are constantly changing his physical fitness, it is definitely better than those guys who have been practicing Juli for one year. Besides, it is just sweating. It is not a bit too much to make a mountain out of a molehill, isn’t it?
"Soldier, how far have you cultivated Juli?" Christine turned her head and looked at Zhao Li as if she had found a novel toy. As soon as these beautiful eyes looked at Zhao Li, it seemed that the place where she was seen could not help heating up.
"Sir, I haven’t practiced Julius!" At this time, although it is not yet the time to award the military achievement method, it is already the time to announce your plan.
Instructor Arnold and Dr. Christine are both baffled. At Zhao Li’s age, he still wants to join the army. It’s a big joke that the guy hasn’t studied Julius.
"What?" Doctor Christine got up and walked beside Zhao Li.
When she got up, Zhao Li saw her military short skirt and short skirt with slender straight legs. delicate and graceful came towards herself. I don’t know why Zhao Lishen was sweating more and more, and his body seemed to be suffering in an oven. He couldn’t help secretly sticking out his tongue and licking his dry lips.
Chapter stunning medical officer ()
Zhao Li has never seen such a phenomenon, nor has she never seen a beautiful woman, but she is the first person to behave like this. Her eyes will unconsciously wander around with her posture and even can’t control it.
"All right, Christine, stop playing tricks on the new guy and see what’s going on with him!" Instructor Arnold estimated that he felt a little embarrassed to save his soldiers when he saw them flushed by medical officer Christine.
Christine just smiled. I don’t know what to do. Zhao Li seems to feel that she has escaped from that hot oven. There is no such feeling of being hot all over again. Now look at her and there is no such thing as reversing the feelings of all beings. The problem must be that she is a female military doctor.
However, after Zhao Li decided this time, even if he was hard and tired in training, he tried not to let himself come to the clinic to be teased by a stunner, which made Zhao Li, a little boy, hurt his self-esteem.
It’s a pity that this wish doesn’t seem so easy to realize. After hearing Zhao Li explain the reason why he didn’t practice the first-class achievement method, not only the female military doctor but also the Arnold instructor were lost in thought.
Whether this method is right or not, there is no way for anyone to draw a conclusion. The young instructors and female military doctors are veterans who have been in the army for many years. Naturally, they know whether those young people have told the truth after they have worked hard to practice the first-class martial arts, that is, when they have not practiced the military martial arts in the early stage, their physical strength or other aspects have a slight advantage, and this advantage will soon be equalized when they practice the real military martial arts.
I’ve never seen anyone with Zhao Li’s idea, so that he will spend one more year practicing basic fitness. The female military doctor and Arnold instructor looked at each other and saw the point in each other’s eyes. After all, they can endure the temptation of advanced martial arts and practice basic fitness all the time. Not everyone has such perseverance.
"Good soldier, since there is no injury, continue to go back to training." The female military doctor directly announced the order. Strangely, instructor Arnold did not object to Zhao Li’s promise to salute first and then turn around and run out of the "dangerous" place of the medical room.
It’s that female military doctor named Christine whose charming face and graceful figure always seem to come to Zhao Li’s mind. Zhao Li never knew that she was so defenseless when facing beautiful women. It’s really a shame to say it.
"What do you think?" Arnold instructor Zhao Li disappeared and turned to the female military doctor, who had entered the terminal and didn’t know what to write.
"The young man is very good and rarely can resist the temptation." While talking, he has already transferred Zhao Li’s information and evaluation results.
"How long is this guy with excellent physical fitness?" After scanning a line of physical examination results, the female military doctor was a little surprised. "The local physical examination is really not strict enough, and even the first-class achievement method has not been practiced, and excellent results have been obtained."
"In fact, this little boy didn’t pull training except sweating." Instructor Arnold disagreed with the beautiful female military doctor’s statement. "It didn’t bother him to come in less."
"You mean this guy has such a physical quality just by basic body-building exercises?" Beautiful eyes quickly turned to Arnold instructor’s face like a wink.
Arnold instructor seems afraid to accept that she has taken two steps back in her eyes, but she still nodded firmly and admitted the words of the female military doctor. The female military doctor stared at Arnold instructor for a while and didn’t see anything from his face. This turned back and continued to look at Zhao Li’s information.
"Yes, he should be the youngest person in the direction of training officers." After glancing at a few lines, I saw the evaluation results. "Who is the prison administrator who is so accurate? It’s so appropriate to be so determined not to be tempted to do this. "When getting down to business, Christine’s female medical officer didn’t have that kind of temptation at all, and she frowned and was very devoted.
"I think this suggestion should be reported." Instructor Arnold didn’t have the heart to train these newly recruited soldiers from chicks into quasi-soldiers, so naturally there will be instructors in charge of a more detailed division of labor.
"All right!" Christine stared at Zhao Li’s data carefully for a long time before turning her head. "You are responsible for letting him contribute and I am responsible for recording."

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