Moreover, when Su Changsheng and others arrived in the Southern Song Dynasty, they did not establish an effective intelligence network. At present, what they can do is mainly to maintain the security of secret trade routes.

It was Yao Hong who asked about the situation in the north from time to time and gave them some important or unimportant news from time to time.
According to Su Changsheng’s judgment, with the increasing influence of Su Yonglin, Yao Hong may have some strange ideas and offered them an olive branch on his own initiative.
Su Yonglin doesn’t care much about this.
It seems to him that Yao Hong will give him some help from the economic aspect at most if he lets a private salt dealer. Can he get any important information from the political aspect?
In Yao Hongfang’s view, Su Yonglin may be an alternative retreat for him.
Su Yonglin’s career as a domestic salt smuggler is clear enough. It is human nature to want to leave a way out for himself and his family. It is advisable to accept his kindness and further examine his qualifications.
It is still very helpful for Su Yonglin’s future strategy to have a stable and long-term social network in the Southern Song Dynasty.
So Su Yonglin instructed Su Changsheng to defeat the 20,000 cavalry of 8 Jin Army and occupy Hebei, and told Yao Hongfang to see what Yao Hong felt.
Then he went on with his own business.
Chapter 249 Su Yonglin’s personal problems are very problematic
Su Yonglin, while integrating the forces of all parties in Hebei, expanded his army and prepared for the war, and at the same time made various judgments on the current situation and prepared for various challenges in the first stage.
At this time, he put all his energy into expanding the army to prepare for the decisive battle with Yan Hongliang, and drove the Jinting forces out of the Han Dynasty to turn the situation around in one fell swoop.
At first, he didn’t expect that the uprising would reach the expected goal so quickly. After the strategic forces of rebellion in Jinting Nanping were eliminated by him, the situation in Hebei turned around.
Shandong and Hebei, two important strategic support points of Jinting, were taken, and Jinting Zhongyuan was suddenly cut off and bleeding.
After this wave of bloodshed, Jin Ting’s mobilization of strategic forces has also been greatly reduced, and Su Yonglin’s acquisition of strategic forces has been greatly increased, and the probability of success in future strategic decisive battles will be higher.
This goal Su Yonglin galloped all the way.
However, he didn’t expect that the personal life of others would become a big problem because of the great possibility of status and potential growth in the future.
That’s true, nai
When he was in the Southern Song Dynasty, his grandfather once engaged him in a marriage.
The woman is a good family, only thirteen years old at that time. It is said that she is gentle, virtuous and knowledgeable. The two sides agreed on marriage until the woman turns fifteen.
It is said that it is gentle and virtuous, and it looks good, but Su Yonglin has never seen her. She has no impression and feeling about this woman. I don’t know what it means to be gentle and virtuous.
However, Su Yonglin didn’t have any resistance to arranged marriage at that time, and felt that it was quite easy to have someone to help arrange it, saving her mind from tossing and turning.
Anyway, he doesn’t like women very much. He feels that affection is his way forward, and love will affect his sword drawing speed and the revolutionary process.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to help solve the marital problems in one step, to relax and save the family from nagging?
So he gladly accepted and waited for marriage.
But before the marriage was held, the woman got sick and died
It is said that she followed her parents back to her hometown to worship her ancestors. When she came back, she got sick and died, and then the woman’s mother died of grief, and the happy event became a funeral before it was ushered in.
At that time, Su Yonglin was quite sorry.
But then Su Yonglin also felt sorry for others.
It wasn’t long before my grandfather passed away, and Su Jia’s "suspicion of being the master of less countries" also experienced drastic changes.
Sun Yuanqi provoked his grandfather’s two right-hand men to carve up the share of private salt in the Su family, and changed it from the Su family to himself and let the Su family abandon it.
Su Yonglin, who lost his family business in their plan, is of course made up of them. They can do whatever they want. Su’s human, financial and material resources and years of contacts will become them.
However, Su Yonglin decided decisively to lift the table after learning about the incident through channels.
He quickly killed the two bastards with his cronies, and destroyed the two families in a hurry, and forced Sun Yuanqi to admit the established facts and deter the malicious people from continuing to smuggle salt.
Bloody career
At the same time, he also took the revolutionary road of no turning back and put his own affairs on hold.
It was not a problem at that time.
At that time, Su Yonglin was only sixteen years old. Because of his grandfather’s death, he had to come of age, but he had some status. Family men usually got married at the age of twenty, so it was no problem for him not to get married.
Moreover, there is no elder in his family, and it is more convenient for him to be happy and alone. The revolutionary road root does not want to be involved with children.
And then it’s cash
In the new year, Su Yonglin has grown one year and is already twenty-one.
Because of the busy politics and the army, he didn’t give himself a big birthday party, and it was even a birthday to get close to several ministries and have a simple meal together.
Then Guo Jingshun, the oldest member of the birthday party team, had this problem.
He said that Su Yonglin is in his twenties and still alone, with no family and no children. This is not good. Should we consider getting married?
Su Yonglin was shoveling rice to prepare for the meal and continued to be busy. The smell speech suddenly stopped chewing his mouth quickly.
"get married?"
"Well, you’re 21 years old when you get married in A Lang, so it’s time to consider a lifelong event, and this time it really scared me. You said that Sue’s family is an only child. What should we do if anything happens to you?"
Lao Guo looked at Su Yonglin with a bitter face. "It’s unlucky to say this, but don’t blame me for speaking straight, A Lang. I’m really afraid that we’re going to rebel. No one dares to say that they can live to the end, don’t you think?"
It is true that a group of close friends kept nodding their heads to agree with this.
Su Yonglin chewed the food in his mouth, swallowed it, put the bowl chopsticks, and seriously thought about it.
Actually, they are right.
Who can say that he will live to the end in an uncertain time?
Speaking of this era, even if they don’t rebel, even if they are born in a big family and have a good life, it is hard to say that they can go smoothly and benefit a generation without illness or disaster.
In the era when medical and health conditions were very underdeveloped, people really lived one day at a time.
At this time, children generally have no names before a certain age.
Have a nickname, no name, and no words.
The reason is very simple and cruel.
That is, the family is not sure whether the child will live to adulthood or seven old X.
Before he grows up to a certain age, his family is really not sure that he can live to be a child, and he will not be included in the genealogy without giving his nickname.
When he grows up to a certain age, it proves that he can live. Only then can he give his name, give his inscription and be included in the genealogy. As a member of the family, he enjoys the normal benefits of family adults.
In the era when diseases and plagues are rampant and medicines can be cured, people are really in a state of flux.
Whether you are a civilian or an emperor, is the virus familiar to you?
It is also because of this that the ancients said that many blessings led to desperate fertility.
They can’t guarantee that the children will live, and they will have to work hard to continue the incense. It is always a probability that one will live to continue the incense.
Su Yonglin, the only child, is really a high-risk group in the eyes of everyone.
And now everyone’s life and future well-being depend on him, but he hangs around all day, leaving no family and no descendants. This …
It’s irresponsible to look at it any way.

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