Yun Xianer, this poisonous woman’s words, Guo Yi naturally won’t believe a word, and her words will fall into her calculation again.

Guo Yi’s heart suddenly got a little messy again. This half-month calm is like a fairy’s life. Suddenly, it was broken because of the arrival of Yun Xianer.
Su Ya’s big eyes slowly became bright, staring around. Obviously, she was still wondering about meditation and training, and then suddenly she came here.
Finally, her eyes were fixed on Guo Yishen, and she was suddenly surprised, and her tongue was about to turn and slip away.
"Sue ya still want to slip? Where’s your sister? " Guo Yi directly stopped Su Ya in front of her. Directly, she bumped into his chest and forehead and almost bumped into a bag.
Sue ya hey hey smile kept smoothing her blue hair. She naturally knew that she could never take Guo Yi to her sister now, but she couldn’t think of any countermeasures.
Suddenly, my little head had a brainwave, my waist was crossed, and my big belly was very arrogant. "Guo … big … slutty … thief, you have my sister in your heart. Have you ever thought that we haven’t yet born a doll?"
"It’s not your doll, it’s YunXianEr" Guo Yi said.
"Now he (she) is me in my belly." Su Yamei pretended to cry as soon as she turned her eyes. She wiped her tears and cried, "My bad karma baby was unloved before she was born. It’s just a stepfather!"
"You’re not my aunt, not my daughter-in-law. Come on, take me to your sister, or I’ll strip you naked and spank you later." Guo Yi laughed.
"Dead rogue bastard to help him pregnant also said that I was his aunt? Is it so irresponsible? I’m in my twenties now, and I still think I’m a little girl, and I still want to spank me and say it out. It’s so embarrassing. "
Sue ya kept cursing in her heart. If she wasn’t pregnant, she really wanted to push Guo Yi backwards. She had to let him admit that she was his wife.
Chapter 774 New "Road List" first
Guo Yi grabbed Su Ya’s little ears and let her root have no way to escape.
"Guo rogue, how about I be your daughter-in-law if you let me go?" Sue ya pulled her long hair and winked at Guo Yi, which was so coquettish and sultry.
It’s like seducing Guo Yi on purpose, but doing nothing like it.
Guo Yi took a breath of air conditioning and quickly put his hand to laugh. "It’s not that easy to be my daughter-in-law. If you can let your sister and you lie in a big bed with me at the same time, I can still consider it."
"My sister doesn’t kill me, so I’ll blame the rogue’s head. It’s full of bad bugs. I’m going to tell my sister." Su Ya said that she just turned and left, but just walked out of two steps and stopped and turned around and smiled. "Don’t follow me to tell you a secret. The dragon fish, the young master and others arrested the Gus family, and Gus Yide arranged tight encirclement, just waiting for Gus Lanjing to be trapped."
After hearing this, Guo Yi’s face changed slightly. "Why didn’t you say so earlier?"
"You didn’t ask me again." Su Ya pretended to be a koo-like hey hey smile, and then she flew up again and turned into a blue shadow and flew away in the forest.
She knew that with this sentence, Guo Yi would not follow her, and she could safely leave.
Su Ya’s body is a combination of six women. Of course, she has six emotions and reason, but now Su Ya is in the seventh floor, and her five personalities, if any, have already been revealed.
After leaving Guo Yi, she is heading for the way back. Although she is quite pregnant, her speed is not slow.
Soon I came to a hill not far away, where I saw a white-haired girl in colorful clothes. Her hair was straight down, her knees were white as milk, and the apricot eyes on the top of the hill seemed to be thinking something.
With one hand behind her and the other hand holding a finger of orchid spirit, she was as quiet as a butterfly lost overnight.
Su Ya didn’t expect to meet her sister here. She gently spat out her tongue and carefully went to Su E’s side. "Sister, why are you here?"
Sue’s white face doesn’t show a trace of emotion, just like a wise man who is full of knowledge. "I heard what you just said. Ya Ya Guo Yi is not worthy of your life. He said that you are his aunt, not his daughter-in-law. You are pregnant with Yun Xianer and not your child. Don’t do anything out of line behind my back."
Sue ya suddenly lost her temper and said, "Sister, this is not what I meant. Yun Xianer, Li Xiaoyan and the Qin Qing demon all have a share. I said that because of their thinking."
"Is this really the case?" Su’ e avenue
Su Ya hasn’t spoken yet, then a man came in Zhongshan at night and laughed. "Naturally, it’s not like this. Yunxianer can’t wait to kill me. Xiaoyan can’t wait to bite me to death. Su Ya, don’t listen to your sister’s nonsense. I like you. Then I’ll let you be a big wife, and your sister will barely take a concubine!"
Guo Yi strode from the mountain, and every step was ten feet away, and soon she reached the top of the mountain and patted Sue with a smile.
Su Ya sweet mouth Zhang Ke a walnut index finger pointing to Guo Yi half a day can’t react. "You … how did you follow this guy? Why didn’t you go to Guslanjing? "
Guo Yi stretched out his hand and pinched her finger and smiled. "That’s because you don’t know your sister very well. Since YunXianEr came to me, it’s impossible for your sister not to follow me, right? Su Damei? "
Sue snorted and turned to leave.
It’s hard to find her. How can you let her go so easily? Guo Yi is very fast. When he sees a phantom flash, he has already squeezed her hand and forcibly grabbed her. "It’s hard to meet, so you have to leave so soon?"
Su Egen didn’t look him in the eye and said, "I’m afraid it’s not that important in your heart. If you don’t want me, you can kiss me. Am I right?"
Guo Yi was silent, and then she held out her hands warmly and buried her hair next to her ear. "Nature is not just that. You forgot what I promised you ten years ago."
"I forgot all about it." Sue had a smile in her eyes.
"But I haven’t forgotten that will you marry me when the ten-year period arrives?" Guo Yidao
"If you don’t marry, you are also a little wife. Who is rare!" Su’ e avenue
"What if it is the first wife?" Guo Yidao
"That depends on how big it is?" Su’ e avenue
"Nature is the biggest" Guo Yi said.
Sue’s face just smiled and turned around and said softly, "Really?"
"There is no lie at all, but if you want to get married and start a family, you don’t need to lift the sedan chair, but you need the elders to be witnesses. My mother is the best witness," Guo Yi said plausibly
Su Ya’s plate is also like a chicken eating rice. "Right, right, no one can get married without a witness."
Sue gave her a look and then looked at Guo Yi’s fox tail. Finally, her face smiled and disappeared. She snorted, "So you are still thinking about your mother."
"Her old man’s house is old, and you and Yunxianer really shouldn’t treat her like that," Guo Yi said with awe.
"She is old? She’s not old, and she’s much worse than Yun Xianer and I combined. To tell you the truth, we tied her up when we came here, but we were tricked by her and let her escape. "Su E said here that she and Yun Xianer were both extremely mental figures, but they were still recruited by Guo Yiniang.
They lost in the first round of the confrontation between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law
Guo Yi looked at Su E with a look that was not like lying at all, but he still wondered, "How is it possible that you and Yun Xianer are as exquisite as water; How can I believe that a man with mountains and rivers in his heart is so insidious and cunning that both of you have been cheated by my mother? "
Sue said, "Your mother is even more insidious and cunning."
"How on earth did she lie to you?" Guo Yixin took a few minutes.
"If I don’t tell you about women, it’s natural for us women to solve it. Sooner or later, I’m going to pull this game back." Sue took a look at Guo Yi and gently touched her face and bit her lip. "She slapped me when she left."

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