But I don’t know why the military refused to modify the downgrade anyway.

Wu Qingbo said, "Then my suggestion is to land the flight bag after flying to the target, which is conducive to the formation of troops."
Chapter 1131 Ready
Wu Qingbo started flying at this time for a reason, and there was also a problem because of orbital descent.
The orbital descent mode is not only landing craft and descent landing craft, but also can be subdivided into field descent, parachute descent and flying descent.
The lowest suspicion is that the landing craft finds an airport or lands on a flat ground; The second time is parachuting, that is, the landing craft flies to the target to parachute; Once again, flying from the landing craft with a flying bag; The highest level must be lowered.
Judging from the situation of Ye Han’s confession, it is most likely to parachute this time, but the problem of parachute landing is that the direction is not good, and it takes time to control the troops, which not only affects the efficiency of the war, but also causes great casualties.
The flying speed is fast and the positioning is accurate, but a luxury private car with a flying package will not hesitate to work for Ganymede’s battle that determines the fate of the race.
WuQingBo don’t know whether to give this time set to limit must ask clearly.
Yip hon also tends to fly down and nodded. "Do you have any questions about me fighting for it?"
"I have a question," Bian Ge said.
Yip hon nodded "go ahead"
Bian Ge asked, "How much support can the navy give us?"
"The battle group of the Luzhou aircraft carrier is due south, and it is expected to arrive off the coast of Maridat in two days." Ye Han drew a picture on the water outside Maridat Port, "You can call the fleet if you want it."
"I have no problem."
"Who has any questions?" Yip hon looked around, but no one spoke. "Well, I’ll say that when the two sentences didn’t give us a limit, the more we do, the more we have to race against time to prepare for waiting for you in our port!"
"Yes!" Everybody stand up at the same time.
Yip hon turned around to go and suddenly turned around "by the way, all the people who have been in the fusion cabin were temporarily transferred to the guard company to cooperate with others."
At the end of the meeting, Ye Hanma rushed to the equipment room, put on his armor and brought his equipment. While rushing to the car, Beiyue Zhoulian directly found Huoqiang’s office.
After briefly describing the situation, Huo Qiang immediately instructed "I didn’t finish it after I asked, no matter how you finished it."
"Thank you, Chief!" Thank you quickly, but the horse showed a difficult expression again
HuoJiang nai sighed "what else do you want to do?"
Yip hon hey hey quick "I knew I couldn’t hide from you"
"Don’t talk to me. Don’t say I’m dead."
"Don’t, don’t, chief, this is the way it is. We want to fly in Beiyuezhou. No, I want you to join Qiongzhou."
HuoJiang zheng, but the horse is white yip hon meaning "come on, you wait for the message"
Yip hon exultation "thank you, chief!"
The old man is old and the ghost is old and slippery. Yip hon doesn’t have to say it at all, so Huojiang will understand his meaning.
To put it simply, there are two kinds of flying bags for power armor. One is suitable for all real environments of Ganymede and the moon. The Type I looks like a slightly larger backpack.
Some of these flying packages are filled with warehouses in the camp, and there are still many goods in Beiyuezhou.

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