I’m not happy when I’m beaten in a mess and my cards haven’t appeared in my heart. I want to win this game with all my strength, but it’s like a heavy punch if the other side doesn’t take it at all.

See Xiao Bocheng asking Wang Xuan was calm and shook his head. "You won’t win this game."
What do you mean I win? !
Xiao Bocheng suddenly felt that it was difficult to breathe easily.
At this time, Liu Fu held an old stereo full of bamboo sticks in his hand in the previous step. "Who will draw the lottery for the third game?"
Wang Xuan smiled and made a gesture of please.
Xiao Bocheng drew a bamboo stick from the bamboo tube before a cold hum and respectfully handed it to Liu Fu.
After Liu Fu took it, he took a faint glance. "The two soldiers went into the quiet room to wait for other people, so they should not get close."
Wang Xuan Xiao Bocheng surrendered at the same time and then jumped into the ring. Their respective directions had already been arranged in the quiet room.
The heroes of Taiwan also came to the spirit at the same time.
The four methods of military strategists, which are inherited from various methods, are also profound and profound, and the most extensive flow is this "Ten Maps of Military Strategists"
Ten maps of a military strategist is a detailed map of ten battles with their own characteristics written by Li Yuan, a soldier sage, in order to deduce the game.
Make sure that the information is detailed, so most of the battles in troubled times of the Great Chu and Great Wei include various factors such as weather, topography, yin and yang, and military formations, which can lead to poor changes.
Not only military monks often study, but also many brothers like to play chess. Since the reform of the government army, Ten Maps of Military Strategists has once again set off a craze.
"It turns out that the Mopanshan war will take a lot of time."
"But this picture is also the most test of patience …"
"Marshal Xiao Bocheng with Xiao Jianqiu estimated that there was no less guidance. Wang Xuan has lost a game. This even hangs …"
Listening to the people around you talking about Li Chunniang, I can’t help but look at Chen Qiong and the Liu brothers next to me. "How many people follow the brother’s deduction?"
Liu hemp embarrassed smile didn’t hear.
Liu Xuan shook his head slightly. "I’m not good at this. I didn’t even make it through a game."
Chen Qiong mused, "B-brother’s art of war is good at the combination of odd and right, and his natural defeat depends on how successful Xiao Bocheng can get Marshal Xiao Jianqiu …"
Theme several people also look different.
Hongyuan real person and Sumeru Zongzhihai Zen master and others still have expressions and eyes slightly narrowed, as if they were indifferent to the war situation.
And bing Wang came to the spirit.
Although Wang Xuan has shown enough potential, but from the experience of commanding the war, we can see a lot of things.
Liu Fu, the referee of Shanhaiyuan, looked calm and drew a scroll from the sleeve of Confucian robe.
"It’s Mountain View!"
The crowd suddenly exclaimed in a low voice
Another point of view this time is that Liu Fu wants "Mountain View Volume" to interpret "Ten Maps of Military Strategists" to cooperate with two people to fight.
Shanhaiyuan has Zhenshanbao’s "Mountain View Volume" and "Looking at the Chart", which are rare for ordinary people to see. After they become husbands, they can refine their pulse weights according to the device diagram.
Being a successful husband requires not only amazing knowledge, but also first-class knowledge, which is to refine the mind and get away from the intersection.
There are few enemies who can make the book "Mountain View" move, so many people want to see the secret treasure in this smell.
Liu Fu’s eyes were calm and he pinched a tactic to throw the scroll in his hand gently.
Going …
A long dragon unfolds in the scroll
Everyone stare big eyes to watch.
When I saw that the scroll was originally white, ink and wash gradually blurred the ups and downs of mountains and rivers.
All of a sudden, the landscape painting appeared, and the light and shadow changed in front of them. There were mountains and winds whistling through the forest, swords and shadows roaring and dragons singing …
The whole hall was full of mountains and rivers, and every grass and tree was lifelike, while they seemed to sit and watch.
"Just … illusion?"
Many people were immediately disappointed.
A Liuhe Yin-Yang division was startled. "The illusion is also an illusion, but I feel the ground flowing … and the wind …"
After what he said, everyone suddenly realized that the sun seemed to have a temperature that day, and there was also a fragrance of soil, flowers and plants.
Li Chunniang and others also looked at Chen Qiong with a curious face.
Chen Qiong was full of envy and whispered, "The Mountain View Volume can be interpreted as the dharma body in my heart. I heard that an ancestor interpreted the world and killed the income of the old demon. I don’t know if I have a chance in this life …"
They listened to the fog, but it was not good to inquire about other secrets, so they turned their attention back to the mountains and rivers image.
This suddenly found different shape.
Seeing that there are many white fog around the barracks in this mountain, there is a law to block it. There are soldiers burying pots and cooking in the jungle and soldiers riding tigers and leopards. Before the war, the atmosphere is coming.
Li Chunniang suddenly thought of something. "These are controlled by Liu Fu alone …"
Chen Qiong nodded slightly at the stage and looked calm. Liu Fu’s eyes flashed a trace of awe
Wang Xuan came to the quiet room and the layout was very simple. There was a crane-shaped bronze statue of sandalwood, Miao Miao. In addition, there was a table and a chair with a large table with a landscape map. It was the battle of the Seven Mills Mountain in the Ten Maps of Military Strategists.
That’s it … How should we compare?
Wang Xuan was surprised when he saw that the scarlet signature seal of the landscape map suddenly rose with white mist, and then the whole landscape map was slowly suspended as if it were alive.
Wang Xuan’s eyes were surprised that he had seen the illusion arranged in Tsing Yi Pavilion last January night, and Chen Xianyu’s interpretation of his voice was as dreamy as crossing the Millennium.

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