I didn’t put him at ease at all, but now I think about it, I was just as ridiculous as a clown!

It turned out that the guy who threatened to grow up for him has now soared and left everyone far away.
Whether he is himself or Yunfeng or Baiji himself, these so-called geniuses will be eclipsed in front of him because he is the real genius!
"Lin … Lin Gong?" The major Wu wear the chest looked at the slouches Lin Canghai anxiously call way
Lin Canghai came to his senses at this moment, and his eyes were covered with a layer of gray glass, which made him lose his luster.
When he saw Tianyang coming back, he heard the other side indifferently saying, "Let your outsiders cease fire and surrender."
Lin Canghai eyes moved with both revealing a wry smile nai nodded.
Being able to defeat layers of self-protection with only one move shows that this guy who is younger than himself is already at the top of rank 6, probably rank 7.
Faced with such a strong army, it is only a matter of time before he wants to destroy his own team if he does not surrender.
Lin Canghai got up, took a deep breath and whispered, "Let us lose and we surrender."
Battle field outside the city
Han Shu soon found that there was a ceasefire across the street, and two new soldiers joined the battlefield rank 6, as if they had received some amazing news, and then stepped back with consternation.
It wasn’t long before the white flag was raised over there to declare surrender.
Han Shu was so confused that he didn’t know what happened in Rapids City until he saw Tianyang and Lin Canghai appear together and Lin Canghai’s eyes hurt him visually.
"Tianyang, the junior one, has already beaten Rapids?"
At this moment, it is difficult for Han Shushi to connect him with the rookie who just joined Nightcrawler.
Soon after the news of the surrender of Riptide City, Chu Yan quickly sent an army to take over, including many senior officers of Lin Canghai’s Taotao Fort and the strong Tianyang who arrived at the material base and were taken up.
It’s getting light.
Base command room
"Well done Tianyang" Yan Yan laughed. The old commander slapped Tianyang’s arm vigorously, which made people worry that he would fan Tianyang as soon as he was a child.
But the fact is that the sun did not move and did not even shake it.
"You did a good job last night. Not only did you save Kaoru for me, but you also captured Lincang Sea Fan in Riptide City and gave Lin Yuanwu a big slap in the face."
Yan Yan snorted from his nostrils. "The youngest son didn’t expect us to act so quickly and get revenge so quickly. After all, I didn’t expect Tianyang to fight Lin Yuanwu in Rapids alone."
"Now he not only wants to return our medical staff, but also has to consider what to take to redeem the prisoners."
Speaking of the old man rubbing his face, he said, "I hope he will come quickly and redeem people to go to this Rapids City team and those people in Lu Jian. We have lost thousands of people here."
"These people just eat every day is a lot of money."
He just finished a staff officer and ran over and shouted, "Commander Commander Lin Yuanwu is on the line and he wants to talk to you."
Yan Yan spirit shouted, "Get it for me."
Lin Yuanwu soon appeared on the screen of the inner sanctum. The duke of Jingtao Castle was dressed in a uniform, and his mouth pursed and he looked at the camera seriously.
ChuYan hands negative after sink a way "Lincheng opinionated you really hard, you finally willing to talk to me"
Lin Yuanwu said with a straight face, "Give me back the sea. I have released your medical staff and sent them to Rapids."
Chuyan nodded. "But then we will exchange hostages outside the rapids, but it’s not just your baby that you and I lose."
"Aren’t you going to take something to redeem your little brother and his officers and men?"
Lin Yuanwu was silent for a moment and then said, "War can’t be without sacrifice. When we set foot on the battlefield, we were ready for sacrifice."
"It’s up to you to do it except the sea."
The screen flashed and the communication was interrupted.
Yan Yan suddenly jumped up. "Is this youngest son crazy and thousands of people just don’t want it?" Don’t even want your little brother? "
"Crazy, crazy"
Han Trunk coughed, "Commander, this is not the way."
"You said before that this war might become a food for gods and let us try not to kill each other on the battlefield."
"Because of this, it is too difficult for everyone to fight. If you look at Jingtaobao, Lin Yuanwu’s attitude is like a mad dog. He is not afraid of killing anyone."
"If we call again like this, what date will we call?"
Han Shu said that most people really have scruples. Since the start of the war, Qingtianbao has been conservative and dare not be too radical, causing heavy casualties.
On the other hand, Lin Yuanwugen of Jingtao Castle is not afraid of sacrifice. Now he doesn’t even want to redeem his own prisoners. If he fights like this again, maybe Qingtianbao will be defeated.
Yan Yan is calm now, and the old man said calmly, "I have thought about this problem, but now we are afraid to fire."
"My original idea was to force Lin Yuanwu to the negotiating table, but he didn’t want to negotiate with us because of his attitude."
"But in the frontal battlefield, we are worried that too many casualties will be cheaper for the gods. What we can do is to partially let them let Lin Yuanwu stand."
"To do this, we must make Lin Yuanwu prestige, and now this youngest son is determined to fight with us to the end, and even the prisoners don’t want to redeem the wave resources."
"This is certain that their department has caused bad influence. If someone pushes again at this time, the opposition to Lin Yuanwu will intensify."
Han Shu bit a cigarette and asked, "What do you mean?"
"I’ll talk to Lu Jian and tell him Lin Yuanwu’s decision. I think Lu Jian will know how to do it, but it’s not enough to rely on a Lu Jian. Lin Yuanwu can fight with us now, and he has the support of his family in Jingtaobao besides the support of the army."
"Liu Jianke lobbied in the military, and his personal experience persuaded the military executives to stop supporting Lin Yuanwu."
"But if Lin Yuanwu is supported by his family, Lu Jian may not be able to convince those high-level generals. We still need to divide Lin Yuanwu and his family."
Han Shu picks cigarettes "Broken Mountain!"
"He was arrested for dissuading Lin Yuanwu from giving up the war. He should not have a good impression on Lin Yuanwu, and the broken family is also a noble family. If he is willing to lobby those families, he may give up supporting Lin Yuanwu."
Chu Yan pointed to him and said, "You and I want to go together. I want to send someone to sneak into the stormy castle to rescue the broken mountain. It is a broken mountain and a rank 6. The strong Lin Yuanwu can’t be unguarded. The broken mountain must be guarded."
"Therefore, it is necessary to have certain strength to rescue the mountain-broken people."
Hearing this, Tianyang came out and said, "I’ll go. Since we’re not going to tell the difference between life and death with the stormy castle, it’s not me."
"Just let me save Duanshan, but I don’t know where he gave it."
Han Shu touched the bar and said, "I’ll think of some way to do this. I know a guy who eats quite well in the stormy castle. He can do it. I’ll call you when I hear from him."
Say that finish Han Shu left the operations.
For the time being, without it, Tianyang followed suit. As soon as his arm came out, he saw a chain, wrapped his hand tightly along the chain and saw a thousand rainbows.
A girl with purple hair and black hair came along. Her hair grew a lot, and she held Tianyang’s arm tightly for fear that he would run away again.
Tianyang smiled and said, "Don’t worry, I won’t leave without saying goodbye again."
Qian Hong nodded silently, but just don’t let go. Tianyang can also let her’ drag’ her. Tianyang found Kaoru.
Seeing Qianhong hugging Tianyang Sample Kaoru laughed. "You can’t get rid of her when you look at the sample."
Tianyang shrugged his shoulders and looked at Kaoru. "You are already rank 5. What is the ability of glorious rank 5?"
Kaoru nodded. "My rank awakens a new ability, which is called Kai Fu. It can bless one target at a time. It will form a blessing halo on the target body, which can continuously dispel the negative effects and continuously treat the target body injuries. It can last for two hours."
"If the target is seriously injured, it will consume all the treatment to stabilize the target injury."
Tianyang was surprised. "This ability is very strong. If you cooperate with the defense ability of the fortress, it will be difficult to die."

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