There seems to be a man in black and black waiting for him. Chewu is in charge of the Royal Guards. Some things must be done in secret, but that’s the strange place. It may be necessary to pick up the head and throw a piece of paper in your hand to exchange information, but Chewu’s action is abnormal. It took a long time to finally come out.

Although Che Wu tried his best to keep calm, Cao Xing found that his face was finally irrepressible and excited. Finally, at noon on this day, Che Wu once again walked into the jungle.
When Che Wu took the note from the man in black, his face was filled with a smile. He just wanted to say something to the man, but suddenly several people fell directly from the sky.
The first thing I heard was that Hu Cheer was drinking a lot there and then said, "Che Wu, what are you doing sneaking around there these days? Tell the truth!"
Looking at three people falling from the sky, Chewu was obviously startled, and the shadow in front of him was as frightened as a bow-string, hurriedly retreating to escape into the jungle. However, it seems that it is too late to see a figure in Chewu and this shadow.
At the moment, Cao Xing was wearing a hunting suit, and at the moment when he jumped, he also flashed his bow and arrow directly at the shadow that was running away quickly in front.
Although the black shadow is constantly flashing in the forest, its posture is flexible, but Cao’s mouth is showing a contemptuous smile when he sees this.
Whoosh a broken ring an arrow is cut straight into the black dress person. Although the black dress person heard the sharp arrow, he had a reaction at first, but the arrow dodged sideways, but the speed of the arrow finally wiped his face and directly shot his face with black cloth. Cao Cao can see at the back that this should be a female appearance.
However, the woman hasn’t reacted yet, and then Cao Cao’s second arrow came one after another. There is no way for the woman to slant her head again and directly pass over his head.
Although she didn’t hit two arrows in a row, this woman is also under great pressure at the moment. He can clearly feel that Cao Cao didn’t hit him. Perhaps it was not that Cao Cao’s archery was bad, but that Cao Cao deliberately did so. At this moment, Cao Cao touched his third arrow behind him.
As the woman thought, the distance between her and Cao Cao was only about fifty paces. Before Cao Cao, she was joking with him, but Cao Cao could consider a final sword. The third arrow of Cao Cao was placed on the bowstring, but just as Cao Cao was about to shoot, suddenly it was blocked in front of Cao Cao.
"Master, don’t!"
Cao looked at Chewu with a nervous look, and finally he smiled two times, but instead of putting a bow and arrow on his horse, he asked
"What kind of information are you exchanging here?"
Che Wu blurted out directly without thinking, "Dissatisfied with my master’s street information is the secret information. They also told me that I want to get this information or I need to wait for some time, so I wait here every day!"
Listen to the word "Che Wu Mi Dao", Cao’s face has also changed, but Cao is still Gherardini and asks, "Is there no other reason for this?"
Speaking of this Chewu, he looked even more nervous, blushed for a long time and couldn’t say a word. However, at this moment, the woman had escaped from a hundred paces away. Seeing this, Cao Xing smiled and put his bow and arrow in his hand. At the same time, he also stopped trying to chase Zhou Cang and Hu Cheer.
Cao Xing patted Chewu on the shoulder and then waved to the car on May Day. Let’s go back to the inn for something.
An hour later, sitting opposite Cao Cao in the inn, Che Wu looked a little nervous at the moment, while Cao Cao was holding a document and studying it carefully. His brow wrinkled deeply.
After a long time, Cao Xing finally put this secret letter in his hand and looked at Che Wu Hehe and said, "Do I know the woman you met?"
Che Wu looked more embarrassed when he heard this, but Cao Xing laughed when he saw this. Zhou Cang and Hu Cheer were both confused. Look at me, I think you haven’t figured out the situation yet.
Cao Xing smiled for a moment and then got back to the point. He looked at Che Wu and said, "After all, you are also the commander of Cao Xing’s Royal Guards. Don’t be embarrassed to do anything. Go ahead!"
Hearing Cao Cao’s words, Che Wu raised his eyes and looked at Cao Cao’s eyes. There seemed to be a look of excitement, but Cao Cao stopped talking here. Then he looked at the secret letter in his hand again, which aroused his great interest.
Zhou Cang and Hu Cheer saw Cao Xing’s attitude, and it seemed that there were still some clumsiness. Hu Cheer also bumped his knee in the back and then asked, "What are you hiding there?" Tell me honestly! "
In the face of Hu Cheer and Zhou Cang, the two big men forced Che Wu to be aggressive. It seems that some people can’t bear it. Finally, they hurriedly changed the subject and looked at Cao Xing. Then they asked, "What is this secret letter from your master?"
Cao Cao hesitated for a moment. In fact, what he said in this secret letter was not too Cao Cao, but he took a deep breath when he looked at it.
This letter refers to a place name, which occupies a very important position in the history of the Three Kingdoms, and that is Jingzhou.
During the Three Kingdoms period, Jingzhou was a very important geographical location, with Guangdong as the border and Jiangdong as the west, which Yizhou said.
There is nothing to do with his Cao nature when he came to Jingzhou, but when this key period, Cao nature suddenly had a brainwave and smiled at Che Wu and others, and then said, don’t go back to Bing to visit Jingzhou that place so soon.
Che Wu and others are suspicious when they hear this. They look at Cao Cao and have nothing to do in Jingzhou. Although Si Li is very close to Jingzhou, he has arrived through Honglong base.
However, since Cao Xing said so, everyone has no complaints. Just take a trip. However, preparations should be made before the past. We should send Cao Xing’s command department to Tangtang through a royal guard. Now the army is assisted by Chen Hu at the head of the law. After all, the strength of the law is the direction of military strategy.
As for the fact that the political department is handled by Fengyun and Jia Xu, a wily man, is beside him to help, I believe there should be no big problem. After all this is arranged, Cao Xing set off.
Only three days later, Cao Cao entered the Jingzhou boundary. Of course, before entering here, Cao Cao also changed his clothes and was definitely unable to reveal his true identity on this site. After all, if it is exposed, it is likely to cause some unnecessary trouble.
Che Wu and others asked Cao Xing if he wanted to go to Xiangyang. After all, the political, economic and cultural center of Jingzhou, Xiangyang City.
However, after thinking for a moment, Cao Xing finally shook his head and said that he would not go to Xiangyang, but just go to Jiangxia for a walk.
In fact, Cao Xing came to Jingzhou for no other purpose than to see if there are any talents to follow. The talent departments in Jingzhou are all famous. There is a famous hospital in Jingzhou called Jingzhou Hospital, where Sima Hui and Pang Degong departments are all here, and of course there is also the famous Wolong.
For the general, there is nothing to say. Iliad and Huang Zhong should all be in Jingzhou now.
However, when it comes to this Huang Zhong Cao nature, he is lost in thought. It is said that when Huang Zhong was in his fifties, he was able to draw with Ma Heyu.
What’s more, his bow and arrow skills are superb. It is said that if he didn’t shoot the feather helmet with his hand when fighting with Yu, it would be a real victory or defeat. Cao Xing was thinking in his heart that Huang Zhong, who is in his fifties, had a draw in his prime. Now it seems that Huang Zhong is not very old but also in his prime. So what is his martial arts compared with Lu Bu, the first military commander in Bu Tian?
Thought of here, Cao Xing has come to my heart, and I have decided that if we have an organic conversation, we must thoroughly study this problem. However, it is said that Huang Zhong is always guarding Changsha, Changsha is a long way from here, and there is no chance.
Cao Xing, a group of people, walked slowly to Jingzhou in the direction of Jiangxia. Although I dare not say that everyone is rich, what Cao Xing saw all the way was that the people lived and worked in peace and contentment less. This is quite good to say that Liu Biao managed Jingzhou.
If you want to go to Jiangxia, you must make the boat Cao Cao. The four of them rented a boat directly and then sailed along the river.
Almost two days later, the ship finally docked, and Cao Xing and others headed for the main city with the flow of people.
However, there are still some distant places from Jiangxia. When they were halfway there, they finally found an inn to stay temporarily.
Restaurant is always an excellent place to inquire about news, among which Cao Xing got a comparative key message, that is, Mrs. Cai actually came here.
If you ask this Mrs. Cai Xu, she is actually the wife of Jingzhou Muliu.
Liu Biao was conferred the title of Jingzhou animal husbandry and rode into Jingzhou, and quickly and steadily came to Jingzhou. But then again, Liu Biao was able to stabilize Jingzhou not because he was so powerful, but because Liu Biao adopted the most convenient and quickest strategy after entering Jingzhou.
That is, those aristocratic families directly form a marriage and attach importance to those aristocratic families. In return, those aristocratic families must help Liu Biao quickly stabilize the situation in Jingzhou and let Liu Biao sit firmly in Jingzhou as a shepherd.
And this lady Cai is also a representative of the family-he married Liu Biao, many of which have political marriage factors in it.
If you ask this lady Cai, she seems to be visiting relatives this time, according to most people.
Although Jiangxia satrap is Huang Zu, there are two generals named Cai Mao and Cai Zhong in Huang Zu’s hand. These two surnames Cai also happen to be relatives of Mrs. Cai’s family. Mrs. Cai came here this time. On the one hand, she visited his two cousins, on the other hand, she may also give instructions to Jiangxia satrap. After all, Jiangxia is Jingzhou Gate, and there must be no mistakes &#767E; κ&#4E; &#4EB; &#21C; The strongest shot in the Three Kingdoms &#722A; &#4E66; &#5C4B; &#21D; C&#65B; &#7AE; &#7B2C; &#4E; &#65F6; &#95F4; &#514D; &#D39; υ&#BFB;
Chapter three hundred and three Famous pride
There is a large inn in Xiangyang, Jiangxia, which is very large. It is said that there are several inns behind the scenes. It is said that the same boss can open such a large inn in this bustling place. There must be extraordinary people behind it. It is said that the strength behind this restaurant is a family.
Cao Xing and others just walked to the front of this inn, so they ordered the best room here and asked if there were any talents in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. It is said that they all like to travel and increase their knowledge. This seems to be a good banner, but Cao Xing and others can’t do it.
The reason is that Cao Xing and Che Wu are all right, but Zhou Cang and Hu Cheer are just two louts who say that they are reading ghosts and believe that Cao Xing can finally change everyone’s clothes and take care of several carriages to install businessmen from the north.
On this day, Cao Xing and others were just about to go out, but when they were halfway, they suddenly saw a pair of troops coming to them in the distance. Hu Cheer and Zhou Cang immediately became alert. After all, this is Jingzhou, not their Bing. If Cao Xing’s identity is discovered, the consequences will be unimaginable.
Compared with the two of them who were nervous, Cao Cao was calm. He carefully observed this army and finally waved his hand to signal that Hu Cheer and Zhou Cang were not so nervous, because Cao Cao had already decided in his heart that this army was by no means his Cao Cao.
Although the flag of this army is the Jiangxia satrap Huang Zuqi, if you look closely for a while, you will find that this army is just a small grain delivery team.
Anyway, now Jingzhou is not in a temporary period to escort food, which has become a relatively fat task. This army walked on the avenue, but it was in no hurry and finally entered the inn.
Seeing this, Cao Xing and others first ignored the idea of continuing to go out and travel until the evening when Cao Xing came back. As soon as he came back, he called the bartender to come over and bring the best specialty department of the store and gave it to the bartender. By the way, the bartender immediately smiled and did it according to Cao Xing’s instructions.

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