Of course, Sue didn’t accept Shen Tengyun’s brother. He really didn’t want to accept his brother after accepting Xu Ren.

But even though Shen Tengyun doesn’t have a close brother all day, his status is not low. After all, it is Xu Ren who brings people.
Of course, Shen Tengyun will also be a man. Those experiences have long smoothed out his angular speaking skills, which is really not bad at all.
"Little teacher younger brother master his old man’s house looking for you" See Shen Tengyun Tianfeng brother get along harmoniously Su Qingshan also relieved this just told Xu Ren.
"Big Brother, I’m not a little teacher younger brother now. There’s one behind me." Xu Ren quickly corrected.
"It’s true according to the entry sequence, but it’s not wrong to call you little teacher younger brother when you are the youngest. Well, don’t worry about it. Let’s go to the master first and have a look." Su Qingshan said
"Master elder brother, what can I do for you to find me through a message? I don’t think I made any mistakes, do I? " Xu Ren some guilty don’t say don’t is to take a fix true mountain gate alliance in the name of Xuanji Xianmen without authorization. If Xuanji Xianmen knows it, I don’t know what kind of attitude it will be.
"The big event is really a big event. Soon we will be the three immortals of our Daning Dynasty. Although it is a contest, it is very dangerous. Then each immortal will send 12 people to participate in the big event, and the winner will be rewarded handsomely." Su Qingshan said.
"XianMen than? How come I’ve never heard of this? " Xu rendao
"Hey, hey, you didn’t hear about many things late in your entry. Of course, it’s also because everyone didn’t know your strength before. It’s normal that you didn’t tell you, but things have changed since you came back from Taikoo’s Secret Land. Not only do our Tianfeng highly recognize your strength, but his main peak’s attitude towards you has also changed. Even Yuhengfeng thinks that your strength can rival that of Long Bangdi." Su Qingshan’s face is full of pride when he speaks.
"Yuhengfeng, this surprises me, but why do I feel that they are more like killing me? I guess they think so highly of me because of the upcoming Xianmen contest?" Xu Ren also smiled. He didn’t expect Yuheng Summit to respect him so much. Of course, he thought it was Yuhengfeng’s kindness.
"No matter what the reason is, this time we have a quota for the three immortals." Su Qingshan also thinks that the original intention of Yuhengfeng may be a problem, but he also knows that it is the most appropriate and best result for Xu Ren to attend the three immortals.
"Right or wrong, I don’t think I have much choice. I don’t know when these three immortal gates will be compared?" Xu Ren hesitated slightly, but decided to go and have a look at these three fairy gates.
"Soon after three months," Su Qingshan said
"Three months?" Xu Ren frowned for three months and didn’t know whether it was coincidence or fate. Three months later, it happened to be his three-year appointment with Du Qiyan.
"What’s the matter with teacher younger brother? What’s wrong with three months? " Su Qingshan didn’t expect Xu Ren to have such a reaction. Busy asked
"No, I can have any problem, but three months later, Du Qiyan’s three-year appointment time limit has arrived. Maybe we can solve our grievances in this big three-year fairy gate contest." Xu Ren felt that it was not necessary to hide from Su Qingshan’s office and told Su Qingshan about his three-year appointment time limit.
"Oh, that’s a coincidence. In that case, the big three immortals are more important than you." Su Qingshan is also slightly one leng, but it also reassured him that Xu Ren will definitely participate in the big three immortals.
When Xu Ren was talking to Su Qingshan, he had arrived at Su Ladies’ residence.
Sue ladies are waiting in the living room at the moment. Seeing Su Qingshan and Xu Ren coming, they directly waved Xu Ren and Su Qingshan to come in.
Xu Ren and Su Qingshan met Su Ladies.
"Sit down, there is no stranger here." Sue ladies waved her hand and let two Xu Ren and Sue ladies sit down.
Xu Ren and Su Qingshan did not say much and directly found a place to sit down.
"Xu Ren, I asked your big brother to call you here this time. There are two things to say. I think your big brother also told you. What do you think?" Su can Dao
"Just now, I heard the elder brother say that Xianmen is bigger than things, and I just agreed with Du Qiyan that it was just the time limit for me to participate in this Xianmen than I did." Xu Ren also simply wanted to come to Sue Ladies to know Su Qingshan very well.
"Well, it’s also good to represent Xianmen in the big match and settle a feud." Sue ladies also had some accidents. Of course, this is also a good thing for Xu Ren.
"What is the second thing the master said?" Xu Ren already knows the first fact, but now he is more curious about what the second thing Su Ladies wants to tell him.
"I heard that you refined the broken mirror Dan. Is this the case?" Su can Dao
"Ah, it seems that Martial Uncle has already told you. It is indeed refining the broken mirror Dan, which has a certain degree of breakthrough in the bottleneck of the abode of fairies and immortals." After listening to Su Ladies’ words, Xu Ren was first one leng, but soon understood that since the martial uncle of Yuehua Xianmen was his master, it was reasonable to tell Su Ladies about his refining of Dan medicine.
"Disciples listen to the teacher’s words, this broken mirror Dan must not be practiced as a last resort. Don’t be impetuous. Don’t use this kind of Dan medicine before Shou Yuan runs out, because it will greatly limit your post-cultivation. Of course, if the real method breaks through the bottleneck, it is also a way to make a desperate effort." Su can understand the cultivation thoroughly. He knows that it is not ten times to encourage Dan medicine, which will have a bad influence on post-cultivation. Su can of course also be qualified to say those words to Xu Ren because he is a practitioner.
"Thank you, Master, for waking the disciples." Xu Ren respectfully gave Su ladies a gift. Actually, he also knew that there was not much such thing as broken mirror Dan, but for him, even if he did that little damage to his body, it would be mended by the gods. Of course, Xu Renshi was not in a hurry to upgrade his combat effectiveness. Now he can compete with ordinary Liu Jin’s monks. He will practice combat effectiveness little by little and be stronger, and his life will not be threatened. He will never consider making broken mirror Dan.
Of course, it is also the intention of Xu Ren to leave a broken mirror for Xiao Er. It is not difficult for Xiao Er to break the mirror at all. It is not in danger of life, and it is not too anxious. Moreover, because Xiao Er has a natural blood, and her physical resilience is far superior to that of others, she will not have much future trouble.
"Well, I also said that you should prepare well in the next few months. Although the aim is to learn skills to make the three immortals of Daning Dynasty have higher cultivation enthusiasm, it is also very dangerous and irresistible." The establishment of the three immortals was really to let the three immortals sharpen each other out of healthy competition, but over time, this big ratio has not only learned skills, but also symbolized the status of the three immortals and naturally enjoyed higher expectations and status than winning the immortals.
In addition, there have been casualties in these three big Xianmen competitions. Although the first Xianmen in Daning Dynasty is a false name, the three big Xianmen have paid a lot of money for this false name. However, such a big competition has been undertaken for hundreds of years, and not anyone who wants to quit can quit Xuanji Xianmen, even if they don’t want to, they have to bite the bullet and attend, and they still have to work hard to get the first big competition.
The next day, Xu Ren is not ready to go to the mountains to experience around. Although it is not bad, the best way to improve the speed is to close the three immortals, which is bigger than his previous repair, and at least reach the five-fold situation, so that he can earn more money and compete with the three immortals.
Three months is not a long time for a monk, and during this period, Xu Ren also devoted all his thoughts to cultivation, except for upgrading his realm and tempering his body with Wushu. Although it was very boring, it still achieved results.
First of all, his cultivation realm has risen from the second level to the fourth level. Although there are still some gaps in the fifth level, it is also a big rise.
In addition to the realm of cultivation, the martial arts cultivation in Xu Ren is also more solid than before, that is, the strength and speed have been greatly improved
Although Xu Ren is still not satisfied with the current progress, he also knows that nothing can be too anxious. Now he has worked hard enough to achieve the expected results, so he will not force it.
The big ratio of the three immortals is also an opportunity for him. Maybe when people confront each other, they can find a breakthrough opportunity to upgrade themselves to the five levels of condensation, which is even higher.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-three Revisit
The three immortals are bigger than reality once every once in a while, but they are not the same when they are apart, sometimes five years, sometimes three years.
In fact, this time, the three fairy gates are bigger than the second fairy gate, which is three years apart, and the fairy gate that initiated this time is the fairy gate of the sea of clouds.
Xu Ren closed these months, in addition to practicing reality, he also got the news of Yu Xianmen.
This reminds him of the scene he met in the former Xianmen Inn of the Sea of Clouds. The main chapter of the temple of the spirit beast, Xuan, came from the discussion of the Godsworn of the Wild Dynasty.
When Xu Ren returned to Xuanji Xianmen this time, he was told that he would take part in Xianmen Dabi. Is there a sea of clouds Xianmen Wilderness Dynasty? The reason is the conspiracy of the sea of clouds Xianmen Wilderness Dynasty.

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