Then, in autumn, jade slips, short swords, jade bottles and iron brand lingshi were tested in turn, but there was still no reaction.

Such autumn is depressing, and he secretly thinks to himself, can the other side see but not make it?
It will never feel good to have a moment of hope and now hope is disappointment. This is exactly what autumn feels like.
Autumn kept repeating "no, no, there should be something I didn’t think of. There must be something I didn’t think of"
Qiu Jin frowned and pondered for a long time, but he was still at a loss. But when Qiu’s eyes fell on the treasure gourd, his eyes suddenly lit up and even his brows stretched out.
Autumn hands solemnly picked up the spiritual knowledge in the treasure gourd to link up the light spot in the brain and meditate on it. In a moment, the treasure gourd disappeared from Autumn hands.
Looking at swinging hands, Qiu was first slightly stunned and then ecstatic.
Autumn quickly rolled up his legs, and once again, God’s soul state entered that world.
In that small, cylindrical world, Mid-Autumn Festival unexpectedly saw the treasure gourd.
Out of the world, Qiu smiled and stretched out his right hand, and his mind moved to see that the treasure gourd appeared again
"Well, what’s the matter? What kind of gourd can be put in but not anything else? " Autumn patted her head slightly thinking.
"Yes, gourd!" Eyes rested on the two mountain pines and then turned to the gourd rattan autumn suddenly wake up surprise shout out.
Qiu suddenly stood up and walked to the side of two mountain pines, breaking a section of the gourd vine that climbed in the mountain pine.
Autumn eyes riveted on the broken gourd vine, and the gourd vine lost its trace.
Back to the mountain, cross your legs and sit in the soul state, and enter that little spot of light. Sure enough, there is a gourd vine in that world.
Autumn soul change villain first looked at the gourd vine and then looked at it as fertile soil, and his mind flashed.
Autumn gently drifted to the ground, grabbed the gourd vine and inserted it into the ground soil.
After planting the gourd vines in autumn, the soul villain crouched aside and waited quietly with his hands on the pestle.
Autumn crouched and waited quietly for nearly a quarter of an hour, and it was obvious that the planted gourd vine had grown significantly.
"Well, it turned out to be so!" I was surprised when I noticed that the gourd vine was growing obviously in autumn.
"I didn’t expect it to be so wonderful here. Although I guessed it would be extraordinary here, I never thought it would be so powerful!" Autumn soliloquize tone contains shock ecstasy.
Now after this kind of magic, Qiu is patient and quietly crouches aside waiting for the gourd vine to grow.
Time passes slowly in the feeling of autumn, and day by day passes. On this day, autumn witnessed a miraculous moment.
Just one autumn, I planted the gourd vine by myself, but it grew from a short section to several tens of feet long, and then I produced a gourd from the gourd vine, and the gourd grew from small to large and from tender to ripe.
Really proved that this place can add plants to the world. After the growth, the autumn heart is satisfied and the chest is full of joy.
What does this magic mean to Qiu Lai? He fully knows that it is equivalent to having a portable medicine garden in his brain, and one day of plant growth in this medicine garden is equivalent to one year of growth outside.
The corners of the mouth kept laughing, and Qiu pulled up the gourd vine he had just planted with joy. The gourd vine was still full of gourds.
In the autumn center, God’s own body is linked in a moment, and his soul returns to the body, and he is still holding himself in his hands to pull up the gourd vine in the magical medicine garden.
Knowing the magic of heaven and earth in his brain, Qiu turned his mind to the treasure gourd and wanted to know what was magical about it.
Qiu threw the gourd vine in his hand aside, picked up the side treasure gourd, stuffed it with treasure gourd, and explored his consciousness into it. Qiu rejoiced again.
From the appearance, the treasure gourd is very small, and it can be held in one hand, but when Qiu finds out that the treasure gourd department is now in this treasure gourd, but it is another dry Kun.
This treasure gourd is similar to the bag. It is a compression spell that compresses a cubic meter in the gourd.
So Qiu knew that this treasure gourd could not be used as a bag to make Qiu get a bag from a man named prime, but it was only one cubic meter.
And this treasure gourd was originally filled with Dan medicine. According to Qiu’s speculation, there should be some wonders in it.
Qiu also wants to try a treasure gourd with Dan medicine. He doesn’t have any Dan medicine left at this time, so he can try it again after he has Dan medicine.
Qiu Nabao Hulu put ten pieces of low-grade lingshi, including dagger, iron brand, jade slips and jade bottle, and then he moved Bao Hulu to the magic medicine garden with the light spot in his mind.
"Ha, ha, ha. Sure enough, the wooden property container can not be moved into the magical medicine garden in the future." It proved that Qiu was overjoyed and burst into laughter. "But the treasure gourd is too magical. I’d better try it with another wooden property container."
Qiu took out the dagger from the treasure gourd, chose the strongest branch from two mountain pines, and cut it off to make a wood attribute device.
Qiu Xiang put a jade slip, a jade bottle and an iron brand into the new maker, and then he tried to move it, but to Qiu’s disappointment, he didn’t succeed this time.
Autumn’s eyes narrowed slightly, which made him slightly disappointed, but when he came, he thought that this treasure gourd was a treasure gourd, and it was natural that the device made of pine branches in the mountain could not do it.
But just to be on the safe side, Qiu decided to try again.
There is a gourd vine beside Qiu, which he planted in the magic medicine garden.
Qiu picked a gourd from a gourd vine and made his dagger cut it in half to make a utensil.
Putting a low-grade lingshi into gourd autumn and trying to move it failed; Taking out the lingshi and putting it in the jade slips also failed; I tried to change the jade slips into iron cards again and failed again.
From this, Qiuji can be sure that you can freely enter and leave the magic medicine garden after loading, and there are only treasure gourds.
After the experiment was completed, the autumn bag filled everything into it, but when he wanted to put the treasure gourd into the bag, he was surprised that the treasure gourd could not be put into it
Qiu Wei tilted his head and blinked. Then he put the bag into the treasure gourd, and the animal bag disappeared and appeared in the treasure gourd.
"Hehe, it’s really amazing that it’s a treasure gourd." Autumn giggled.
Qiu moved the treasure gourd into the magic medicine garden and decided to leave here and go back to Qingtianmen. After all, he can cultivate immortality again now.
"Qingtianmen, I am back!"
Autumn is facing the mountain wind and whistling towards the lofty sky at the edge of the mountain. The sound is full of joy and heroism.
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Chapter IX Plan
The platform lifted the dagger multiplier and flew away in the autumn, but in a moment he came to the front of Qingtianmen Mountain.
In front of Qingtianmen Mountain, as always, a large pale white cloud surrounded the Qingtianmen Mountain Gate.
Autumn light read a spell and cast a spirit eye in his eyes, and then he strode into the dense fog.

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