Although it is now a holy age, saints are hidden in chaos, but those who have not become holy great magical powers are still in the middle of the universe. His arrogant sideline will offend those people all over the world. Heaven and others will not care about Zhenyuan and Xuanmen because they are belonging to the family.

However, those lucky enough to take part in the mountain-measuring party can’t say for sure, but out of knowing Duobao for so many years, I believe that he won’t do anything that he is not sure about. After thinking clearly, Haotian and others will no longer worry, but in the chaos, Sanqing and other saints heard Duobao’s oath for the first time.
Master tongtian showed special support for him for the first time. "It’s not the kui that my apprentice is really true to me!" It’s good enough to be domineering. It’s quite good. "Say that finish, he grinned again and looked at Yuan proudly.
I didn’t even think about it when I saw the crazy sample of Tongtian. "What are you so happy about?" The most lethal sentence of Yuan dialect will choke to death, and the mouth will spit out. It is deeply suppressed, and the face is flushed with Se.
It’s the second person who doesn’t talk all the time. He didn’t stop him. After all, he didn’t really get angry. This will help to adjust the three people. Is he happy? Whenever the two of them joke about this, he will be a spectator and smile silently.
Whenever he sees that he is going to fall into a dead end and hurt his feelings, he will come out to stop this. If he doesn’t say a word, he will choke on the sky. It’s hard to see that he is going to be old. This biased frame hurried out of Aikido. "Okay, two younger brothers, don’t say anything. I believe that those two Buddhists should also have a sign."
As soon as the old voice falls, Tongtian and Yuan look at each other. They look at each other with a cold hum and turn their heads outward. They see that the child is generally sulky and old-fashioned and laughs. "You two are really treasures. You are Tongtian’s brother Sakyamuni, and you can’t rob anyone in Zhaoen Ge."
"Although he has become a member of Buddhism now, the mark of Xuanmen in his bones and soul will never be erased. It is also a move for us to calculate Buddhism. You are both saints. How can you be ashamed to quarrel over such a trivial matter?"
Hear the old scold tongtian not care licking face laughed "brother I this is not idle panic? Accustomed to preaching to a group of disciples, but since the end of the Qing Dynasty, there have been few people, and the three of me have had a hard time getting together. "Speaking of this, I smiled for two days."
Aside yuan heard tongtian this is also feel the same way nodded.
Just as Sanqing was feeling sorry for each other, the two of them also moved in the western paradise. As early as when Duobao realized the truth, they knew the gods for the first time, and they paid close attention to Duobao’s success in beheading himself. There was a glimmer of joy in their eyes.
When I saw that a large number of merits and beliefs blessed Duobao Xiu to break through in one fell swoop, Yasheng couldn’t help smiling any longer, and the excitement of the two people was already self-evident. Although it was very jǐng’s admonition, it didn’t matter if it was such a treasure, they were determined to get into Buddhism.
No two people sit in Buddhism, and with Duobao, this sage believes that those hooligans will not be doing those little moves, which are irreplaceable for the prosperity of Buddhism. No matter whether Duobao is sincere to Buddhism or not, it is certain that Duobao has been good for Buddhism in recent years.
When Duobao’s phrase "I am the only one in the world" was quoted one after another, they felt that the time had come, and they didn’t wait too much to directly implement their long-planned plan. At the same time, Maitreya and others in Lingshan asked them to quickly rush to the capital of Duobao Chengdao Kingdom to have a round with Huigen.
Then, together with Huigen, we will welcome Sakyamuni back to Lingshan, and cooperate with their actual actions. They vowed to let the whole flood people witness this historical moment, and let the flood people be a witness to their kindness to Sakyamuni, so that their Buddhism can occupy a favorable position in public opinion.
When one day Sakyamuni defected from Buddhism, they also made friends an excuse to attack him and discredit Sakyamuni. This move of cutting Buddha’s name to death is natural, but it contains selfishness. If anyone can see it at a glance, it is an open plan, and others can’t say anything.
Lingshan Maitreya and others have been waiting for a long time and flew to the kingdom capital at the first time after receiving the quotation.
After these, I took one look at the side, and the two of them nodded silently. At the same time, they got up and got up, and their powers surged. The gods were even more connected. Suddenly, with the help of the power of heaven, the two of them seemed to be in the universe, and everything was reflected in their minds.
Feeling the absolute sense of control in their minds, the two of them quickly converged, and the temptation in their hearts was stronger than the sense of control. They said slowly, "The Taoist ancestors have accepted Buddhism today (quasi) and gave the position of the Lord of all buddhas to Sakyamuni."
Since the God-sealing War, the original heaven has almost taken control of the whole place of the vast heaven. The brother of the vast heaven swore or said nothing like before, but all of them were diverted to their ancestors or ancestors saw Hongjun and completely replaced the position of heaven.
As early as the two people’s minds connected with heaven, the whole universe changed, and several auspicious clouds gathered in the universe. Two purple gases rose from the east of the three worlds of the universe and swept across the whole universe, and the saints came to bring about variation. At the first time, they were detected by the universe and responded early.
Scenes of Buddhism, such as Buddha, Bodhisattva, Lohan, Buddha, etc., flashed, and the magic weapons of Buddhism, such as the seven treasures and wonderful trees, the nine merits and the golden lotus treasure pool, were constantly condensed in the process. When all visions reached their peak, the voice of the same voice echoed through the hearts of all beings in the wild.
"In today’s world, Daozu has Buddhism to lead (allow) the position of the master of ten thousand buddhas to be granted to Sakyamuni in the name of our two Buddhist leaders. The master of ten thousand buddhas in Sakyamuni is also called Sakyamuni Buddha, and the Tathagata wishes Daozuyun."
It is this sentence that is already in chaos, and the flood is even more chaotic. The original monks who are still holding jokes are stunned and don’t understand what is going on now. How did so many things happen in this short period of time? What do the two Buddhist leaders think?
It is incredible to know that Sakyamuni is a mysterious sect to divide the fate of Buddhism, but they are not worried about not guarding against it, but they will make such an important position for Duobao. However, regardless of the fact that all beings in the wild can’t figure it out, they laugh and do what they should. The rest depends on whether their predictions are accurate
Just after receiving the announcement, Maitreya and others also came to the lotus pavilion outside the capital of the kingdom. Huigen felt the arrival of Maitreya and others and jumped out to join them. Maitreya looked at Sakyamuni in the Twelve Lotus Pagoda and couldn’t help but take a step forward and bow slightly. "Maitreya and his Buddhist brothers asked the Buddha to return to Lingshan."
With Maitreya’s voice behind him, all the Buddhists leaned slightly and bowed their eyes, saying, "The sentient Buddha returns to Lingshan." The sound is uniform, not shocking, but shocking.
Sakyamuni looked at all the Buddhists who were devoting themselves to the ceremony. There were burning lamps in the Buddhists. There were great pharmacists in Pu Xian, and there were monks who would like to be holy. It was enough for Sakyamuni. His compassionate face smiled and suddenly everyone felt like a wind.
He said gently, "Please get up! I’ll go back to Lingshan with you. "Sakyamuni opened his mouth, and the words were full of compassion and magnetism. It was like hūn wind blowing through the hearts of people, and they were thinking. All of them were involuntarily attracted to the past and could not help but nod their heads.
In my heart, I was a little disdainful or indifferent to the Buddhist brothers. I was shocked by Sakyamuni’s hand, and my contempt was changed. I took my Se glasses and silently picked them. I looked at Sakyamuni’s eyes no longer with contempt but with a little fear.
Sakyamuni came to the palace to say goodbye to his parents who were already in shock. When he left the capital of the kingdom, Sakyamuni waved his hand at the whole kingdom, and suddenly colorful auspicious rains fell on the subjects of the kingdom. All the subjects felt comfortable and stayed in the body for many years, and their chronic diseases were eliminated.
After these, Sakyamuni flew to Lingshan in the distance with a group of Buddhist brothers. In the chaotic and clear sky, the old man sighed with emotion, "Although I don’t know what to do, I have to admit that both of them are doing great things, and both of them have the potential to fight for the gods. So it is now."
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Chapter 32 shady appearance
Duobao is like a dark horse that is bright and blind to all beings in the wild, and the dust flies by in front of all beings in the wild, leaving everyone with a dusty face.
The storm of Sakyamuni’s becoming ten thousand buddhas was quickly rolled by Buddhism without explanation, and the torrent was submerged in the depths of the ground without causing any ripples.
The whole universe has spent more than ten years safely on this absolutely calm surface. During this decade, nothing major happened, and several small incidents occurred everywhere in the universe.
These things did not affect the calm of the mainland, but they disappeared after the incident caused a period of chaos.
In this seemingly calm one, which gave birth to two long-term robberies, Y and N also crawled slowly for the first time, like those who were calculated to show his majestic fangs for the first time. Although it was a slight mouth, we could reveal the details from it, but we could see that this dark force was extraordinary.
Since Sakyamuni was invited back to Lingshan, the headquarters of Buddhism, in the fifth year, a medium-sized tribe called Phantom Clan appeared in the wild world one night.
The Phantom Clan first came to Luzhou, the northern capital of the celestial world, and the main planet of the mortal world, which is the foundation of the Three Realms, also appeared. This Phantom Clan is a medium-sized tribe, and the Phantom Clan took root in the celestial world and the mortal world at the same time. This is not a weak means, which is really not underestimated.
What is even more surprising is that the Phantom of the Opera clan is all female, and there is no male. Every Phantom of the Opera clan is also a beautiful female. The charming face and enchanting figure reveal an impulse that makes people bloody.
The origin of the Phantom Clan can be found everywhere. They are like things that have not happened before them in the river of fate, and the Phantom Clan is very low-key in doing things and has not attracted the attention of those first-class forces.
It is those tribal forces near the Phantom of the Opera who have taken conscious precautions, but are also limited to competition. The Phantom of the Opera clan did not show expansion in the first two years after its appearance, and its external display strength was not very strong. There was a brother Taiyi Jin Xian.

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