Hong Yi, who is not afraid of death, secretly pinched the sweat. Who doesn’t know the man sitting in the back row, but the average person in A city is afraid to talk to him like this

Ji Yu is not in the mood to question Gui Ruirui, and there is no need to respond to anyone like her. What is silence?
All the way back to send Rui from time to time, looking back at lying in Xia Yuxin, I thought to myself, Sister Xia Yu, if you hadn’t chosen to go back to A city, maybe the ending wouldn’t be like this.
After a long time, Hongyi came to the nearest doctor by navigation. After a series of examinations, Lu Xiayu was lying in the hospital bed. She lost some nutrient solution and her forehead swelled with medicine. After that, she told her family members to wake up and eat nutritious liquid food. The fainting was mainly caused by Lu Xiayu’s lack of food for a day and severe stimulation.
Three people quietly in Liu Xia language bed three people each bosom worry silently smelling.
After losing a bottle of nutrition, Xia Yu slowly opened his eyes. At this time, it was already 9 o’clock in the evening. After seeing Xia Yu wake up, he smiled and immediately rushed to adjust the bed to make it look like sitting posture.
"Xia Yu elder sister, you must be hungry. I’ll ask Du Hongyi to go out and help you buy something to eat." Gui Rui smiled at Xia Yu and turned sharply. Looking at Du Hongyi suggested that he go shopping quickly. Her attitude towards Xia Yu and Du Hongyi was simply two levels.
Is it good to be stared at by Du Hongyi with a full face of grievances? It’s inevitable that her husband didn’t say anything. They turned against the guest. Is it really good to do this? Just when he was in a dilemma, he came back to send Rui again and roared "Don’t go soon"
Hony Hony cursed the man-woman in her heart and left the room angrily.
When Lu Xia’s eyes reflected Ji Yu’s cold cheek, her whole mood became excited again. When she thought of the man who treated her like this before she fainted, she couldn’t help but feel sad. When her shoulders twitched and her mouth twitched, she shouted, "I don’t want to see him. Get out of here."
Tears came out of her eyes once again. She held her head in pain and shook her head crazily. Her mood had collapsed.
"Ji Yu, you go out first. The doctor said that Xia Yu’s elder sister can’t be stimulated." Seeing such excitement, Liu Xia returned to send Rui dissatisfaction and stared at Ji Yu angrily.
Ji Yu gave Liu Xia a faint look and said, "You help me take care of her."
To send Rui didn’t good the spirit nodded his head before he turned and stepped out of the ward and looked at him. Xiao Suo’s back to send Rui couldn’t help but shake his head.
"Xia Yu elder sister, he’s gone, aren’t you afraid that I’ll always be here with you?" Gui Rui hugged Liu Xia Yu, who was emotionally unstable, hoping to hug herself and give her some comfort:
Chapter 4 Since then, she has left her heart.
After half a ring, Liu Xia’s mood slowly calmed down and her body slowly stopped twitching. She was a little frightened and slowly looked around with her eyes open. Sure enough, there was no shadow of the season, and she slowly pulled herself out of the arms of Gui Rui.
"Send Rui, what did you say he did this to me? Am I a child-bearing tool? Send Rui, you must believe me. I didn’t mean to harm the baby in my stomach. I accidentally slipped into the truth." Liu Xia’s speech was so fast that it clarified the truth like returning to send Rui’s speech. The voice was so excited and confused that I couldn’t say it because of choking several times
Return to send Rui Li nodded his face full of guilt. "Xia Yu elder sister, I believe you, but if I hadn’t asked you out that day, you wouldn’t have happened. If I hadn’t believed that damn Hony’s words and told you where you were, Ji Yu wouldn’t have found you." At some point, return to send Rui’s eyes full of dense.
"Jirui, do you think he treats me like a child-bearing tool? It’s useless now, so he will treat me so cruelly." Liu Xia asked with a faint eye hole.
Gui Ruirui tugged at the corner of her mouth and didn’t know what to say. She looked at Liu Xiayu with pity in her eyes and hugged Liu Xiayu gently. "I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I hurt you. I shouldn’t ask you out. I’m sorry, sister Xia is my fault. You must cheer up, okay?"
Gui Jirui said that her mood was also affected by this sad environment, and her eyes were stained with crystal tears.
"Why did he do this to me? Doesn’t he love me at all? I’m going crazy. The child is gone, and even this man’s tenderness has disappeared in an instant. His eyes hate me, but I still have a little luxury for him. Am I stupid?" Lu Xia murmured in low pain. Now she is like a helpless leaf floating in the sea
Now Gui Jirui has become a loyal listener of Lu Xia language. She gently stroked the back of Lu Xia language, hoping to give her some comfort.
"He even suspected that I still had an affair with Ji Rucheng. The kidnapping case was that Ji Rucheng and I played risks. He didn’t believe me at all, but when I was in town, I still chose to believe that he thought this man would bring me happiness. I came back, but now that I have no children, he seems to be a different person." Liu Xia sobbed bitterly. Is this the most tears she shed in her life?
"Sister Xia Yu, since this man doesn’t believe you at all, she’s not worth it. Let’s leave him so much and start a new life." Seeing Liu Xia’s language is so painful that this man is cruel. Of course, when he rushed into the room, everything in the children’s room fell into the eyes of Gui Rui, including the dead baby in the glass bottle. The purpose of doing so is to torture Liu Xia’s language.
I felt that Liu Xia’s language paused behind me for a while, and then gently pushed it back. Rui’s eyes were confused "leaving him", even though Ji Yu had seen her from the future hospital, even though she wanted to torture her by arranging the children’s room, she didn’t want to leave him at this time
Looking at the consternation, Lu Xiayu returned to send Rui to pursue her victory. "Sister Xia Yu, I am really sorry to see you in such pain, but a man will bring you pain. Na Xia must always stay with him. Sister Xia Yu, I hope to see you happy. Maybe it is new."
"Bang" the door of the ward was pushed to make a harsh impact, and several serial impact sounds were found at the door with great recoil.
All of a sudden, Liu Xia’s language and Guifeirui were surprised. Both of them looked up at the door and saw a man rushing to Guifeirui like the wind. When they reacted, Guifeirui had been grabbed by Ji Yu’s collar and the whole person was caught up.
"It’s not your turn for an outsider to intervene in our family affairs." Ji Yu growled at the returning core with a full face of anger, and his forehead was already like earthworm veins standing out in his mouth, panting heavily.
God knows, he just wanted to turn back to the ward after smoking a cigarette in the hospital garden, and just outside the door, he heard Gui Ruirui urging him to land Xia Yu. When he heard that sentence, his whole heart was twisted together. He was afraid that Lu Xia Yu would answer yes, even though she was guilty, although she loved another man. Without her, his heart would be terrible.
No, he must not lose her.
I don’t know that his wanton injury will one day make Lu Xia feel disheartened, and then they will never go back.
At this time, Ji Yu’s eyes are thick with flames, and his hand is white, which shows how much effort he has made.
I was sent to Zhonggui to cough violently in my mouth, but my mouth was not afraid of death. "People like you in Jiyu don’t deserve Xia Yu’s love."
Lu Xia Yu hurried to bed without a needle, and smashed a ceramic vase by the bedside, giving a harsh sound of "Kuang". This sound successfully shifted the sight of Ji Yu. Seeing Xia Yu, she picked up a piece of ceramic debris and put it on her neck for a while. Although it was not sharp, the debris drew a harsh blood mark on her delicate strength. She shouted, "Ji Yu let her go or I will die for you."
Liu Xia’s eyes are dim and there is no trace of life. How desperate it is to see that the fragments in hand have fallen into the meat?
Something in Ji Yu’s heart was severely hit, and it was so painful that he forgot to drag Guiruirui in his hand. His hand had slowly put Guiruirui’s collar and Guiruirui sat down on the ground and regained his breath. Guiruirui was coughing violently because of the fork. She tried to suppress the cough.
Hung-yi, who had already bought the food, saw this situation and immediately picked it up and fell to the ground to send it back to Rui. "Is everything all right?"
"Xia Yu elder sister doesn’t want me to beg you to put things away, okay?" Re-adjust your breathing and send Rui’s face full of anxiety. She tried to persuade her.
"Liu Xia language, if you dare to die, I will ask you to know someone to be buried with you. Believe it or not, I can let her go now, but I can’t guarantee what will happen to her for a second." Ji Yu approached Liu Xia language step by step, with sharp eyes and yin cold.
Liu Xia’s barefoot step on the broken foot is already bloody, and the broken hand has never left her hand for a moment. If this man shows this terrible expression in front of her, she will surely shudder, and now her heart is dead. How can she be afraid?
"Ji Yu, you are always like this. Naturally, you will find all kinds of reasons to muzzle me every time. I tell you that even if I don’t return Rui’s suggestion, I will leave you because you don’t know the roots of your lover. You don’t deserve to love me. I said that I didn’t intentionally kill the child. After you don’t believe it, you never have a chance to believe it." Liu Xia said, with a hard stroke, the neck has already poured out more bright red blood.
Ji Yu rushed forward and grabbed the shards of glass from Xia Yu’s hand and threw it in the soil. He held Xia Yu in his arms. At this time, his heart was like a knife. Looking at more and more blood coming out of Liu Xia’s neck, he couldn’t help but lose his mind. As Liu Xia’s body temperature became colder and colder, his heart was already in a mess.
Lying in Ji Yu’s arms, Liu Xia also held her in Ji Yu’s arms like this. She thought it would be a good thing if she could die in her lover’s arms.
"Doctor, call a doctor" Gui Ruirui rushed out of the room like crazy and ran to the nurse to tell her about the situation. The doctor and nurse on duty quickly rushed to the room.
"Sir, will you excuse me? We can’t examine the patient’s injury if you hold the patient like this." The accompanying nurse said to Jiyu.
Ji Yu didn’t seem to hear it, but he just held Liu Xia’s language as if he were holding this strange treasure in this world, and he didn’t want to let go.
"Ji Yu, you are quick to loosen up, otherwise it will affect the treatment of immortals and can’t save her." Du Hongyi didn’t know where the spirit came from and dragged Ji Yu hard.
The accompanying nurse and doctor quickly punched the medicine box, and the doctor wore germ gloves to check the landing Xia Yu wound and stop bleeding.
"Fortunately, the wound was not cut too deep and didn’t cut into the carotid artery, otherwise the patient would die. Now we have stopped the bleeding and bandaged the wound. The patient is extremely unstable now. I hope you won’t irritate the patient too much, which will lead to serious consequences." Take care of the wound. The doctor and the nurse solemnly helped Xia Yu to bed again, then put her hand on the needle again and stepped out of the ward.
They all just things and pulled the heart finally fell to the ground a little at this moment, and Ji Yu resumed a face of cold so as if things had never happened just now.
"Sister Xia Yu, let’s get something to eat." Looking at Xia Yu’s eyes and looking at the ceiling, Rui asked cautiously.
"No, I’m tired. Why don’t you all go out and leave me alone?" Liu Xia’s language is hard to tear his pale lips like mosquitoes.
Degree of hony pulled pull to send core skirts show that she don’t fill in here, go out with him to send core dissatisfaction stared at degree of hony, although very don’t want to go out, but looking at degree of hony that a gloomy face or deigned to out of the room:
Chapter 49 Get out with your woman
Now there are two people left in the ward, Ji Yu and Liu Xia. The atmosphere is quiet and terrible, and the gas is instantly solidified.
"And you also give me out. I don’t want to see you again." Liu Xia didn’t look at him coldly.
Ji Yu closed his mouth and said coldly, "Liu Xia, if you dare to die again, I will let people around you survive and not beg for death."
"Ha-ha" Liu Xia snorted two jeers from his mouth and evoked a bit of irony. "From this moment on, you are ordering me. I care that I am alive and you don’t deserve it."

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