There’s no way for Qin Chu to be a good incarnation of grandma Wolf and then chase after her. This is the only way to stop the great light consciousness. The great light consciousness is a round ball. Qin Chu has some inducements, plus the small white intimidation next to him. It’s so simple that Great Light immediately acknowledges the Lord.

It’s as simple as that. Qin Chu has a second Lingbao!
Now Qin Chu is the master of the Great Light, so that you don’t need any nonsense spells to directly command it. "This Great Light should still change its shape so that others can see through it in a hurry," Qin Chu thought.
Chapter 123 Selection of Commander in Chief
Chapter 123 Selection of Commander in Chief
It’s easy to recognize the rice cut. Chu gently took out the field page and started gently. It’s not like touching the real thing. Qin Chu’s mind is micro-moving, so he gently followed the light and spilled out.
Alcohol and strength like warm water wrapped around.
Shu Tai and Qin Chu all over felt like being comforted by several small hands, which made people don’t want to move.
Great light is a simple therapeutic spiritual treasure, which can not only treat physical trauma but also effectively treat mental injury. However, this kind of mental treatment can not treat all mental injuries, such as Qin Chu’s gods being damaged or Jinlong’s great damage, and there will be no one in Great Light.
The great light shines outward and shines on everyone in the cave. The gentle light soothes their bodies and heals the spiritual damage caused by Poseidon fork.
When the light shines on those wounds, the wounds will creep up and pink granulation will grow out of the face, but the wounds will heal after breathing.
"It is worthy of being one of the three treasures of the temple!" Qin Chu secretly marveled that with the great light, the therapeutic Lingbao injury could be cured quickly.
"But after all, great light therapy is just a large-scale light magic mixed with a certain degree of psychotherapy. This kind of injury treatment is a loss of the wounded’s vitality. If it can’t be replenished, it will be harmful to the wounded." Qin Chu knew the great light defect
After all this, the great light is dim, and some great light will consume a certain amount of energy when it is used to treat the body. Qin Chu knows the nature of Lingbao and is not worried about putting the great light into the small white belly and directly soaking it in the liquefied vitality, in which it will supplement the great light to consume energy.
The sun shone in from the cave, and the wounded people opened their eyes one after another to move their nets, but they were amazed to see that their hair bodies could move freely!
"Hey? I am actually good? "
Someone moved his body for a few times, and now it’s not a dream, and then he was pleasantly surprised to remove his body and watch the wound on the bandage surface disappear and be as smooth as ever!
"What’s going on? Why is my wound gone? "
Everyone died, and they were very surprised. It felt so incredible to see their miracle. It was just a night’s sleep. Is this a dream?
In the end, these people looked at Qin Chu, and they guessed vaguely that this might be the miracle that this kind-hearted young president could do as Qin Chu in their eyes.
Qin Chu is nodded with a smile "everyone recovered from the injury; You still need to rest. If you want to recover faster, it’s good for you to line up for a while and get a bowl of potions from here. "
No explanation is the best explanation. Qin Chu’s words are enough for them to imagine how Qin Chu did it. No matter how he did it, they are already convinced that this miracle is that Qin Chu did it for a while, and everyone was fascinated by Qin Chu!
Qin Chu prepared Dahuandan, melted it into potions, and then distributed it. The efficacy of Dahuandan is hundreds of times better than that of Gupei Yuandan. So many people only need ten Dahuandan pills, but they can replenish their body and lose their vitality.
Supplementing these vitality, these wounded people will be completely recovered!
Yesterday, there were 5,000 wounded people. Today, the Ministry has turned into a vigorous warrior. Perhaps Qin Chu deliberately made this miracle. All pharmacists are self-satisfied with their young president’s ability! They were all able to follow the glorious fact of Qin Chu, and Qin Chu gave a little advice on these pharmacists’ methods of refining drugs and dispensing methods.
Of course, these little tips are nothing in Qin Chu’s eyes. The alchemy is profound and profound. It’s just nine Niu Yi hairs to give your own advice, but "this advice is completely different for these pharmacists."
He’s a rock can attack jade. The medicine refining body in Qin Chu’s then avenue is completely different from these godlike medicine refining bodies. Qin Chu pointed out a bright road for these pharmacists. Qin Chu himself gave a detailed answer to his doubts. Although some pharmacists can’t understand anything, after the test, Qin Chu now gives the most effective medicine refining method!
Marvel and admire all kinds of emotions!
Five soldiers came to their senses. Qin Chu inquired about the situation on that day. All the five soldiers spoke in a secretive way, but after Qin Chu played a trick, five soldiers immediately came to spill the beans and told all about what they knew!
Qin Chu listened to what they said, but there was a kind of crying and laughing. I didn’t feel paralyzed. These five soldiers were deserters! They felt bad when they saw the heavy rain. When there was a war in the siren, they agreed to sneak away from their posts while people were in a panic!
It was too dark when I went to the mountain, and it was very difficult to travel with torrential rain. It was very difficult to find a hiding place to hide myself temporarily. Unexpectedly, I felt dizzy soon after I hid it, and then I woke up unconscious and appeared here.
They recognized Qin Chu as an army officer, honestly admitted their mistakes, and then wiped their tears and begged Qin Chu for mercy.
Qin Chu did not tell them that the third sector had fallen, but asked, "What are you mainly doing in the barracks?"
"My Lord, we are rotor soldiers who cook for people." The soldier rushed to answer.
I see. No wonder you can sneak away when people are not looking! Qin Chu suddenly realized that he had an idea when he looked around here. "I’ll give you a chance to atone for your sins. Please cook a delicious meal for these brave soldiers first. If you behave well, I’ll spare your lives or you can go to a military court!"
The deserters have no survivors in the military court base.
The five soldiers immediately nodded in agreement, but it was just cooking. This is their own old age. What’s the difficulty?
"My Lord, there is not enough food here." The rotor soldier came back carefully and said.
Qin Chu thought of this crop to prepare food until early. It is estimated that Johnny said that sticking to it until early or just barely keeping people half full!
"Well, wait a minute," Qin Chu said. Then he called Johnny and asked him to arrange for someone to go out and get some firewood.
"Adult firewood is wet and can’t burn!" Johnny has a hard face.
"It’s okay. You can ask the big guy to collect firewood and pick some wild fruits by the way, but don’t go far from the cave. I’ll prepare some food for the big guy!" Qin Chu light way
Johnny wondered in his heart, but Qin Chu didn’t explain that he was going to walk directly out of the cave to the dense forest. It will take some time for these wounded people to absorb their vitality. Besides, they don’t have weapons, bows and arrows in their hands for the time being, so it is really difficult for them to hunt.
Johnny saw Qin Chu go far away and arranged for people to go out to collect firewood.
After the rain, many wild animals in the mountains came out to look for food. Qin Chu did not need any skills to hunt roots. With strong power, these wild animals were as simple as chopping cabbage. Qin Chu hunted with its own principles, that is, pregnant, not killing young people, not killing ordinary Qin Chu, killing those who are old and physically advanced.
Everyone is just ready to move away from here after eating a full meal. After all, this is not a place to stay for a long time. Xiaobai said that these siren will make a comeback when Poseidon fork is restored!
If you don’t lead these people away from here, you will be yourself!
Qin Chu returned to the cave, and most of the firewood pickers came by their mothers.
Some wet firewood is directly cut from trees, and the leaves are fresh and green. Everyone is waiting for Qin Chu to come back, and his stomach is already hungry, but there is no chaos.
Qin Chu will take all the hunted prey with him. When he comes out, wild boar will shoot wolves, and even the sky will fly, and the prey will be piled up into a small mountain! Everyone looked at this pile of prey in surprise. God, how long will it take to hunt so many prey? And still alone!
However, they can suppress their sighs in their hearts. These people come from their own places and take these prey to a stream not far from the cave to deal with them. They go to Qin Chu to deal with these wet firewood.
Draw a huge fire array on the ground, then adjust the power to a suitable level and throw these wet firewood directly in. Immediately, it can be seen to the naked eye that these wet firewood will be dehydrated and become dry again.
Many people think it’s fire magic, but many people know that there is no difference. There is no flame, just draw a strange pattern and throw wet branches in and out, which is dry firewood!
In addition to marveling that the people next to you can’t find the right words to express their emotions!
A hearty breakfast! After eating, Johnny came out, cleared his throat and straightened his chest. "Seriously, I have good news and bad news for you."
"The good news is that the siren has retreated!" Johnny’s voice fell, and everyone cheered. The siren retreated, which means that he doesn’t need to fight, but he has a happy day!
Johnny paused his hands and slowly pressed the crowd to be quiet. When he saw Johnny’s performance ability in Qin Chu, he couldn’t help but smile. Johnny really has some ability!
"The bad news is that they will come back." Johnny said slowly. "The third sector has fallen. We must take advantage of their rest to go to sifang district or find a safer place!"

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