"What is this?" Liang Yi see ChiYu cold face solemnly know this is a treasure asked.

"This is called Jing Zhu" ChiYu cold face solemnly said, "It contains one side of the world. After refining it, you can have your own side of the world, and this size can grow with you. My body has only two pieces. You should take good care of it." Then he handed the Jing Zhu to Liang Yi.
"Master is such a treasure that I can’t accept it." Liang Yi hurriedly refused to say that although the world is magical, it can’t compare with the speed of increasing the value of the spirit plant by 100 times. Seeing the master was vaguely reluctant, Liang Yi also had some sufferings.
"Take it and don’t talk nonsense" ChiYu cold heavy drink will be the bead in Liang Yi hands.
"This treasure is so precious that anyone who can own it in this industry can count it with one hand. You should keep it well and don’t let others know."
"It’s Master" Liang Yi respectfully accepted the bead.
Xuan Ming Guliangyi Residence
Liang Yipan sat on the futon, wrapped in a dark witch fire, and his big hands were constantly changing.
"I’d like to see what’s magical about this bead." Soon, the bead was turned red by the blazing witch fire.
Hui-Liang Yi bit the tip of the tongue and put a wisp of JingXie in the pearl, and the bamboo building was full of brilliance.
For a moment, Liang escaped into a wasteland with two miles in Fiona Fang, surrounded by a misty, impenetrable, aura and loneliness.
"It really is. This thing can be regarded as a carry-on." Liang Yi is slightly disappointed, so lonely and aura. Unless you can move a spiritual vein or get a few top-level spiritual objects, it is simply a delusion to plant an elixir in it, fearing that some ordinary and ordinary agricultural products will die.
The fourth volume Five Babies Chapter 25 Tianwu Intermediate/Concentrated Dan
The fourth volume Five Babies Chapter 25 Tianwu Intermediate/Concentrated Dan
"It really is. It can be regarded as a hand-written novel with a vertex." Liang Yi was slightly disappointed, so lonely and aura. Unless you can move a spiritual vein or get a few top-level spiritual objects, it is simply a delusion to plant an elixir in it, fearing that some ordinary and mundane agricultural products will die.
Compared with the lifeless world of Biling at the beginning of the day, there is still a little aura here, which is equivalent to some deserts in the human world. If you put your mind to it, you can still feel the aura pouring into this world from the misty next door.
"Master said yes, the so-called one-side world is also less connected with the outside world. It can attract the outside world’s aura, which is different from the blue sky. It has its own aura cycle system and its own time law. The outside world is opposite."
Chi Yu-han once said that when handing over the bead to Liang Yi, the bead forms a world that can be avoided in an emergency. However, if the enemy’s knowledge exceeds the bead holder’s two small realms, he can find that this world exists and can break the bead.
Moreover, in order to make this bead full of aura, it is necessary to move some spiritual objects into this bead, such as Lingquan, Lingshan, Lingyan and Lingmu.
Chi Yu’s cold refining bead contains a rich spirit vein that is more than ten miles long, and there are also many other spirit veins.
Chi Yu’s cold realm and her bead world have grown to hundreds of miles in Fiona Fang, and the sun, the moon and the stars have evolved in the past few days, while Liang Yi and Tian Wu’s early peak practice beads have two miles of Fiona Fang.
Of course, it is not impossible for Liang Yi to refine the strength of the five elements of the Pearl River and evolve the world of Fiona Fang Pearl River for more than ten miles by Taoist methods.
With Biling Tianhou, this bead seems to be a worthwhile thing.
This is exactly the case for the cultivation of immortals or the general practitioners of witchcraft, but it is like years for Liang Yi.
Three years is another three years. The cruel cultivation method of Monty’s refining body tactic made Liang Yi suffer a lot in these three years.
ChiYu cold to oneself this only brother practice consciousness extremely believe in three years, in addition to the daily necessary guidance all practice is done by Liang Yi himself, that is, Xuan Ming poly panacea and refined liquid medicine is also refined by Liang Yi himself.
Chi Yu-han, a younger brother who doesn’t take his body seriously, is also very tolerant of seeing that he is overstretching himself and achieving better results. It is better to be out of sight than to bear it.
But today ChiYu cold had to personally, because today will be the scheduled date for Liang Yi’s breakthrough in Tianwu.
In the Temple of Witch, it is possible to determine the breakthrough date, and it is also possible to cultivate monty’s body-refining formula and have limited resources to support the temple master. In their eyes, cultivation promotion is a matter of course, not just a matter of time. Compared with those practitioners who have been stuck in a certain realm for hundreds of years and are not allowed to enter, they are indeed much happier.
"Good hold on, three thousand times the gravity of one to four layers of wushu practiced for three times" ChiYu cold face looking forward to looking at large array constantly prancing Liang Yi, eyes faint with a little relief.
When I entered the Witch Temple for six years, I ate more than ten pieces of Nine Xuanzi Longguo Liang Yi with the help of a large number of precious Dan medicine materials and Chi Yuhan, a distracted intermediate master. When I entered the Witch Temple for six years, I had just entered the stage of Tianwu, and now I am about to break through the middle stage of Tianwu.
"Good-"After more than an hour, Liang Yi dragged his tired body out of the khaki gravity array and formed a magic force and mana. By relying on physical strength, he tried to make the monty refined body tactic Wushu toss again at three thousand times gravity, which was more painful than the real fire forging body.
The martial arts in the monty’s body-refining tactic, every move and formula is to refine the body, and every move is to stimulate the tibia points and veins.
Breaking and standing, extreme exercise is accompanied by Liang Yi’s whole cultivation process.
"Swallow this Dan medicine and then go in" ChiYu cold fingers holding a longan-sized Dan medicine, pointing to the side of one and a half people more than a high-quality bath tub to Liang Yi way.
The bath tub is not an ordinary refining, but a monster beast’s blood and thick blood smell, which makes Liang Yi’s body give off a faint momentum.
"Master, what kind of elixir is this? What kind of animal blood is this?" Liang Yi curiously took the red pill.
"Strictly speaking, this is not an elixir, but some blood beads condensed from the blood of monster beast with ancient rosefinch blood, but the blood is refined from various dragon relatives. The value of real dragon blood is extraordinary." Chi Yuhan explained with a smile.
"What? Longfeng’s true blood has made this breakthrough? " Liang Yi was surprised to stare big eyes. Only when the true blood of dragons and phoenixes was discovered by a real alchemist did they know their preciousness. Often, a small drop of quality can be used to refine a large furnace of top-class Dan medicine, and it is also the kind of Dan medicine that can raise the potential of spiritual beasts and monks.
"Master, let’s keep this true blood as an alchemist. I can also break through to the middle of Tianwu by myself in two months at most." Liang Yi looked at the true blood in the bathtub with some reluctance. Although Liang Yi knew that it was not a jar of pure true blood, at most, he added one or two bottles of Suzaku true blood liquid medicine.
"Cut the crap, Dan, and then take off your clothes." ChiYu cold face was serious. "Suzaku’s true blood and true dragon’s blood are not just that simple for you to break through, but that you will be promoted to distraction and lay the foundation in the future. This is the most important one in the practice of monty’s refined body tactic."
"You have to remember that the wizard who can cultivate monty and refine the body is the strongest wizard in this world, and the bottleneck before distraction is not allowed."
"The true blood of Suzaku and the true dragon blood were also collected from us by the temple masters in the past dynasties. In addition to cultivation, there is also an important responsibility for the younger brothers to collect and refine enough Suzaku and the true dragon blood."
"It’s a master." Liang Yi heard that he was no longer melodramatic, took the blood bead and swallowed it. He was a little embarrassed to pull his clothes. "I won’t take off my clothes, will I?"
"Of course, unless you want to spoil this true blood," ChiYu said coldly.
"That can let Xuanwu ShiShu help me to protect the law" Liang Yi embarrassed way to take off a naked in front of the beauty teacher, Liang Yi really didn’t have the courage.
"You little monkey, forget it, I’ll let Xuanwu come over." ChiYu cold criticised 1 flicker but left by teleportation.
Burst-Liang Yi fits into the blood bath.
Ah-Suzaku’s blood beads in the belly and the real dragon’s blood wrapped outside are at the same time, and there is a great dragon and phoenix church potential. Liang Yi feels that his body and blood are all up, and his soul is like a burning flame.
Sometimes comfortable and sometimes painful.
Xuanwu old turtle figure also appeared in Liang Yi side from time to time.
"Insist on concentrating on static gas, and make a breakthrough according to the breakthrough achievement method of monty’s refined body tactic". A trace of spirit notes that ChiYu wakes up when he is cold here.
Monty refining body tactic luck, filar silk into the suzaku dragon blood in an instant by refining was dragged by the vast wuli fast wandering to every corner of the body.

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