"Senior I …"

"Then try the secret skill. It’s at stake."
The Yan Luan method of transforming the body makes the magic weapon, but the demon race makes the body situation better than controlling the magic weapon
Only by physical condition can we give full play to our natural ability and make up for the lack of magic weapon.
The biggest difference from the real phoenix is that the feather bird Phoenix has seven colors of golden feathers, but Yan Luan has red feathers and two wings. With a gentle fan of Fiona Fang’s tens of thousands of miles of fire, the aura suddenly forms a huge burning cloud at incredible speed.
"Shen Huang nine turns to be reborn!"
The two Yuan God attacks are always in confrontation, and a large piece of blue light bursts in the virtual space. However, Chen Han’s mysterious arrow tactic is superior, and Yuan God’s physical strength is not weak, so he has always done no harm to each other, that is, you come to me to look good.
"Nirvana returns to the virtual road!"
Layers of cascading flames linger outside hundreds of meters long, and mysterious fuchsia symbols emerge. Feeling threatened, Chen Han desperately attacks.
The loud noise is endless, and the passive defense is retreating, but the loud sound is not affected, just as the clouds are constantly gathering in the virtual.
"Be silent … the secret skill-Shenyan purgatory!"
With the last sentence falling, the flaming cloud suddenly burst, and a pillar of fire with a diameter of 100 meters fell from the sky. It was not bad to wrap Chen Han in it, and suddenly formed a fireball with the same diameter. Chen Han was like a monkey in an alchemist’s furnace.
Exhaust the flame!
Chen Han found that he has always been accompanied by his own powerful power. In this kind of fire that is different from the conventional attack, there is no way to resist it. Because it is surrounded by marginal flames, you can’t tell the southeast, northwest, and consciousness. Once the body is burned, it is empty.
Burn the flames of everything!
Anxious, hot, hot and crazy eroding the body, the ability of Liu Yun combating Dao and Xian casual wear is also horribly softening.
He hurriedly put the cloud combat knives into the sea of knowledge, but he didn’t dare to put away the defensive fairy. However, it was just a dozen fairy-level casual clothes at the beginning of breathing, which turned from softening to liquid and disappeared in his mind.
Poof …
The magic weapon was closely linked with the Yuan God, and the fairy was burned down. Yuan God suffered directly, and he couldn’t help but gush out a big mouthful of blood.
High temperature erodes hair and skin crazily. Besides high temperature, there is something invisible and intangible in the flame. Fire poison is not a high-temperature flame, but the most important source of yuan God and soul when it burns.
A little bit …
The body is comparable to the strength of the magic weapon. The body looks so pale and vulnerable in this flame that burns the fairy weapon.
Less than a breath of hair was burned to ashes, and the skin sniffed a little, and finally vaporized and disappeared.
What should we do?
You are too underestimating your enemy. Once you have the blood of a general god beast and the red bead, the power of the secret skill is simply appalling. The key is that this attack method is too strange to be countered by pure power.
Are you really dead?
Familiar faces come to mind, there are too many things to do, and lives are hanging by a thread waiting for them to save "can’t die!" What kind of battle can’t die like this without seeing the old man … When dealing with the devil, the old man also had a flame, so let’s see who is strong and who is weak! "
Hoo …
The color is extremely strange, and the five elements of lingyan pour out from the chest and abdomen, and 20% of them resist entering the body, and the rest of the fire poison is covered in the body to form a layer of protection.
Even in the Du Jie period, the normal fix-true person learned the magic weapon of the advanced refining device before he had a chance to refine the early fairy device and the early elixir, which were also in the Du Jie period, but he was already able to refine the middle fairy device. It is precisely because his five elements of true inflammation are stronger than those of ordinary fix-true people that they can melt the essence of higher quality materials.
The five elements of true inflammation form a protective film on the surface of the body, and the external foot burns the first fairy device and purgatory, and the god inflammation is really isolated from the outside.
Of course, the five elements of true inflammation are, after all, the number of real fires is relatively limited, but the red beads are launched with secret skills, and the number of flames far exceeds the number of real fires.
One side of the flame is superior in quality.
The number of flames on one side is one hundred times more.
Different flames in the two schools kept fighting, and Chen Han quickly took out the Dan medicine and stuffed it into his mouth. Although the body fire poison was dispersed, the body battlefield confrontation caused him serious damage. Fortunately, the self-healing power and the effect of the immortal seal were multiplied by ten, and the injury was quickly repaired.
Chapter 312 Reverse Gankun
He knows very well that even if the quality of his five-element phlogistic disease is higher, the quantity is still far behind, so that the five-element phlogistic disease will definitely be exhausted first, and the final result will not change.
In a blink of an eye, the damaged body completely recovered, and the hair failed to grow. He quickly put the five elements of true inflammation into his weight and called out a new fairy costume.
Purgatory shenyan continued to burn the clothes and then burned the body with fire power.
When the body was damaged to a certain extent, he temporarily resisted the five elements of lingyan and continued to repair the body. He continued to call out a new magic weapon for defense. Every time the magic weapon was destroyed, it caused damage to the Yuan God, and it was restored at the same extremely fast speed with the help of the mysterious arrow tactic method.
Anyway, he has refined a lot of his own fairy wares, from coats to trousers, which can still last for a while.
As time goes by, when Chen Han suffers from being burned by purgatory, the ordinary people suffer from heartbreak, and the two people outside have different thoughts.
"benefactor … don’t die, don’t die …"
Exquisite little face pale voice trembling, she doesn’t want to help in that situation. Chen Han is in danger. Similarly, if Chen Han is in danger, she can’t live. Chen Han wins and loses two lives. Unfortunately, what can she do except pray?
Just that battle, she saw in her eyes that Du Jie’s late benefactor actually suppressed Xiu to the same level and defeated the demon emperor Chizhu.
Too strong!
No wonder he dared to face the pack and fight against the Red Pearl. She certainly knew what it meant to defeat the Red Pearl in the same realm.
This is an amazing talent of the former ancients. Once he grows up, he will be proud of the fact that the first place in the red beads will fall into his hands. But that is only relative to the fact that he reached the stage of six robberies and scattered immortals before Du Jie’s late period. Although he is a master in the field of repairing truth, he can easily kill others.
"Not dead yet?"
What’s the situation of the fireball department formed by Shenyan? Even Chizhu herself is not very clear, but it’s her secret skill that can tell the enemy’s life and death. Her face is as pale as a girl’s because of the secret skill, just as the Cyclops cast the Lei Yun storm secret skill. If it can be released without restriction, what secret skill can it be called?

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