Besides, Lazio will not only qualify for the group, but also strive for the first place in the group.

Judging from the current situation of this group, it is estimated that this is not difficult.
This is really embarrassing for UEFA.
They thought it was embarrassing Lazio, but now they are embarrassing themselves.
After the game against Nottingham Forest, Changsheng once again mocked UEFA on his personal website.
This has become his habit. After every Champions League match, he will post a paragraph mocking UEFA on his personal website.
Every paragraph is different, very ironic, spicy and funny at the same time.
Therefore, not only the online world but also the mass media are keen to broadcast these segments.
This naturally makes UEFA very unhappy.
Because they have become that object of ridicule of the world.
They stole the chicken and costly, lost the rice, and lost the soldiers.
I tried my best to let Changsheng go to the death group, but I didn’t expect it to become his big red flower and green leaf …
Some media have publicly stated that there is probably no more stupid football association in the world than UEFA.
Is it nice to win this game in Lazio?
Who cares?
In the face of victory, this is very important. Unless you lose the game, it will never be the winner’s turn to consider the scene.
Some UEFA sourly criticized the match between Lazio and Nottingham Forest on the official website, "being conservative and negative is simply a retrogression of modern football"
If Changsheng and Tony Twain unite to scold UEFA, it will be a success for UEFA
But neither of them responded to the sour article of UEFA.
This is so sad!
Uefa wants someone to scold him, and no one cares about him!
After the game against Nottingham Forest, the league will be held.
Lazio vs Cagliari in the ninth round of the league.
Lazio just finished the Champions League group match against Nottingham Forest and looked a little tired.
The strength of Chang Shengqi’s rotation team has declined.
But still beat Cagliari 1-0 at home.
Finally, there is no two rounds in a row.
Taking three points at home is also Lazio’s goal difference advantage and continues to rank first.
After playing nine rounds in the league, the points of the top three teams are still exactly the same today, with 22 points. It depends on the goal difference to decide who ranks first, who ranks second and third.
This shows how fierce the competition is.
If you are not careful, you may be thrown.
After the game against Cagliari, Lazio’s first league opponent is AC Milan.
AC Milan has won the Champions League twice in the past ten years, which is considered a powerful country.
However, that’s past achievements and it doesn’t represent AC Milan today.

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