When he look at that camera

Found Lazio players celebrating!
And the commentator is shouting "lore! ! Kill! ! Lazio killed Reggina! "
Mancini brain some have no reaction to come over.
He looked straight at the players celebrating Lazio on the screen.
The live broadcast seemed to know what he wanted to see and quickly cut to the Lazio coach’s seat.
See Chang Sheng Zhang arms rushed into the stadium, turned around and came running, and then hugged with his assistant coaches Rudy Gonzalez and Guardiola.
Followed by the video screen, the instant score was played.
Reggina, the home team, and Lazio, the visiting team, are behind!
Mancini completely froze.
What the fuck is going on here?
Yeah, what the fuck is this?
It seems that Lazio can’t do anything about Reggina …
How can Lazio be reversed in an instant?
If you are watching the ball on the spot, you will regret missing what happened just now.
But thanks to the developed video relay technology, the advantage of watching the game in front of the camera is that it can be replayed in slow motion anytime and anywhere!
Mancini saw it clearly in the replay.
When nocerino looked desperate from outside the penalty area, a long-range shot blasted the football into Reggina’s goal, Reggina defender lucarelli suddenly extended his foot.
Of course he wants to block the ball.
But the football didn’t fly out of the goal range behind his leg, but changed direction and flew to the other goal!
Then there was no suspense. The goalkeeper jumped in the wrong direction and the football flew into the goal …
Own goal!
An own goal saved Lazio from death!
When Mancini saw this, he held the remote control in his hands …
Did the Imperial Capital abandon me? !
What will happen to my opponent instead of me?
"Poor Regina! They almost succeeded! But … poor lucarelli … Maybe if he doesn’t stretch his foot, football won’t go in … Look at the ecstatic Lazio players … They are all scared! This is football, ladies and gentlemen. Maybe you work hard, but at the last moment, one thing may be bad luck, which may ruin all your efforts … It doesn’t seem fair at all, but this is football and this is life … "
Lucarelli lay on the ground with his hands covered.
While Reggina’s teammate around him looked surprise and pain.
They couldn’t believe that their 90-minute efforts would ruin the situation …
Look at Lazio. nocerino was hugged by Lazio players the first time.
At Lazio, it was almost a carnival celebration.
Turning around and winning Lazio will continue to maintain a five-point advantage over Inter Milan!
This may be a season watershed!
The imperial city is taking care of them!
What reason do they have not to win the championship?
When the game was over, Changsheng took the initiative to shake hands with Reggina coach Walter Mazzari and patted him on the shoulder to show his understanding.
Mazar-e-Sharif could shake his head at this result.
His team played well in the game, leading twice, and almost got a point in the end. In the end, it was a point without two hands.
After shaking hands, Changsheng walked off the court. He took the initiative to go to the opposing defender alessandro lucarelli who scored an own goal in the game.
He held his head, pressed his head on his shoulder and patted him on the back to comfort him "Don’t let bad luck knock Alessandro down"
Alessandro lucarelli’s hands rested on her hips, and Chang Sheng comforted him and slapped him.
Just like Woodenhead, he also expressed his words of constant victory to comfort him.
Survived the press conference after the game and continued to maintain a five-point lead over Inter Milan. They never arrogantly said that they were still five points ahead of Inter Milan.
On the contrary, he said that his team did not deserve this victory because it was Reggina who played better.
"They are very tenacious. I admire their tenacity. For me, I like those teams who know that they will never give up until the end. They almost did it. If it weren’t for the own goal … to be honest, I would have accepted the draw, but this is football …"
"I’m a little embarrassed that we didn’t play well and won this game. Actually, I think a draw is the best result for both teams, but it’s a pity … Mazari is a good coach and lucarelli is also a good player. I hope he won’t be affected by this own goal."
There are two reasons why Lazio didn’t play well in this game. "On the one hand, we are too tired to play high-intensity games continuously, on the other hand, we are a little lax. This is mainly because the strong promotion to the Champions League seems to make the players feel relieved, but the actual league is a marathon. Relaxation before the end of the game will make us lose the championship by five points, which is not safe at all."
It stands to reason that Chang Sheng said and did all this in a decent way, and there should be nothing to blame.
But don’t underestimate the limits of the media.
After the press conference, there were still some media who believed that Chang Sheng was performing. The scene that he comforted lucarelli before the game was obviously a fake.
"Imagine how an unruly mad dog, the enemy of the world, could do such a tender thing? It’s very simple. He just got a bargain and sold it. This is a change of direction to show off! "

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