"It’s good that Ge can read this letter, which shows that Ge is a respected teacher and a Taoist priest. The futon surface is in danger. Please be extra careful not to step on the futon and kowtow. If you unfortunately meet a monk who respects the teacher and respects the Taoist priest, I’m sorry, too. Dragon-fighting is not only for’ Little Dragon’, but all snakes and pythons can be controlled by this law. Please be careful, and I can smile and die."

"Damn old bastard!" Cloud didn’t finish reading it, so he roared, "Isn’t a monk a man? What if he meets a bald man!"
"Are you crazy again? What’s the matter?" Ai Lijie’s hair was messed up for a while, but he simply let it hang freely to cooperate with that Zhang Yi Chen Yi Xi Qiao face, which is used to seeing the beauty cloud, and it was also a gaffe.
"Hey, what are you looking at? Talk!" Ai Lijie was secretly pleased when he saw Yun Chi, but verbal criticism was not enough.
"No" Yun took a deep breath before he came to his senses. "See for yourself. This old bastard is too calculating!"
Ai Lijie took the letter, read it, and enjoyed it for a while before he smiled. "It’s really interesting for you middle-earth monks to shave your heads bare. The so-called’ slick brain’ means you!"
"Don’t you monks in Tianzhu never lose their hair?" Cloud not gas asks.
"No," Ai Lijie nodded affirmatively. "There are naturally monks with hair loss in Tianzhu, but that’s for the sake of self-cultivation, unlike you middle-earth people who want to lose their hair whether they like it or not."
"Does it make any difference?" The wrong novel network does not jump, and the cloud thinks that Ai Lijie is purely sophistry
"Of course there is, and it is qualitative," Ai Lijie replied seriously. "Practicing becoming a monk is an individual’s belief and willingness to practice Buddhism. People pay attention to the mind and seek great liberation. Everything goes with the fate, but many practices of Buddhism in China are not too much."
"Maybe." Yun Wenwen pondered for a long time, but it was hard to say in his heart that he supported the change of subject. "If we also got this’ dragon defense’, then let’s take it back and study it for a few days and then come and save the’ little dragon’."
"Little Dragon? Are you the one who saw the tens of feet long python? " Ai Lijie asked if the wrong novel network doesn’t jump words.
"Yes, it was also crushed by this cave."
"That will be saved?"
"I’m alive and well, too. The python’s vitality should be much stronger than mine. In fact, when I was stuck, I could feel it struggling and believe it must be alive now." Yun said with certainty.
"So don’t save it immediately?" Ai Lijie doubt way
"I’ve thought about this idea of yours, but we can’t save it now. I’m afraid this dragon-fighting skill is no match for it. Let’s starve it for a few days and study it well before we come back. It’s better to deal with it when it’s weak," Yun explained
"So that’s it. You’re really thoughtful." Ai Lijie was so thoughtful about cloud talk.
"Then let’s go home first." Cloud put away the silk book and turned to Ai Lijie.
Three days later
"Are you sure that’ Little Dragon’ is still alive?" It is no wonder that Ai Lijie asked Yun less than 20 times in three days that she was so worried. After all, this is their only hope.
"Snakes are the most tenacious animals. Once they are not as fragile as you think, don’t bother!" Yun is a patient person, but he can’t stand answering the same question 20 times.
"So you’re sure you’ve mastered’ dragon defense’?" Ai Lijie asked again.
"Almost." The cloud is already on the edge of madness. "Miss Ai, at that time, I asked you to participate in the research, but you didn’t want to learn anyway, and now you don’t believe me."
"No, I don’t believe you, but you also know whether we can return to China. The only hope is to be cautious naturally." Ai Lijie also knows that he is pushing hard. "I have been afraid that snakes will faint when I see them since I was a child. Where do you dare to say control?"
"Then don’t ask, just trust me!" The cloud is actually very low-key. A person is really bored this time.
As they spoke, they had reached the cave collapse, and it had been about five days since the cave collapse. Therefore, according to the cloud, the python should be struggling wildly with hunger at the moment. However, after arriving there, it didn’t feel any movement. Has the python really starved to death?
"Didn’t you say that you can feel the python struggling to lock its position? How come there is no response at all? " Ai Lijie nasty pull cloud arm rang up.
"People slip and stumble." Yun tried to squeeze out a smiling face, but it seemed to knock over the five-flavored bottle. "How could this happen? Am I really wrong?" The cloud is a little dazed.
"I don’t care about you, you are responsible!" Ai Lijie suppressed along while to suppress such a puzzling words.
"Since there is no movement, let’s dig it according to my memory at that time." Yunzheng didn’t hear clearly in his trance. Ai Lijie gnats generally whispered and thought hard for a while and came up with the current solution.
"I can’t. What if we suddenly dig out a big snake and we’re caught off guard and don’t swallow it in one bite?" Ai Lijie hurriedly waved his hand to express his opposition to the panic, which was very touching.
"Then you can’t just watch me dig." Yunnai said.
"It’s not appropriate. How can I live alone if you are eaten?" Ai Lijie thought of it and said that he was unaware of it. This sentence is actually very ambiguous and affectionate
"Come on, just watch it. I’m not a scholar." Yun said that he suddenly had a wonderful idea. When he took his horse out of his arms, he vaguely remembered that he had seen a kind of "dragon-inducing technique" before, even when he was hibernating, snakes would be drawn out.
After turning over for a while, I found the cloud of dragon-drawing, and I couldn’t help secretly blaming myself for learning things that are too rigid and utilitarian. It seems a bit narrow to just pick what I want to learn instead of mastering it after reading through it. After carefully reading the essence of dragon-drawing, he motioned for Ai Lijie to give way, and he broke a small branch from a big tree to beat it rhythmically. In fact, because snakes are deaf but very sensitive to ground vibration, the dragon-teaching "Qinglong Venerable" has been struggling all his life. Studying the significance of different fluctuations to snakes, I wrote this half-experience and half-secret book "Dragon-fighting Skill", which recorded many kinds of tapping rhythms, some of which were verified and some of which were experimental results. In other words, "Qinglong Zun" knew through experiments that snakes would react after such tapping, but didn’t know that they would react like this. For this unknown tapping method, the mark "Please be careful because there is no certain risk" was specially noted.
And the "dragon-drawing technique" belongs to this kind of cloud. After a while, there was a movement as expected. A slight movement of the huge body of the python would make the surrounding area shake, which is even more amazing. It is not only the "little dragon" python that attracted by this "dragon-drawing technique" but also the cloud that turned out that there are still many invisible neighbors on this island.
"A lot of snakes ~ ~" Ai Lijie hugged the cloud and exclaimed.
3 words away, Tough found that the survey result was actually the fourth item (when crossing to the present). Later, it seems that the degree of metamorphosis can be compared with Tough. Forget it. Everyone really wants to see "My father is a flower monk" after writing "The Crime of Secularization" through Tough. Let’s let "The six great divisions in the wheel of karma" in Yuner King Kong’s posture cross to modern times. What a pervert! Don’t forget to give the firmware tickets, especially the monthly tickets.
The sixth volume Don’t leisurely gentleman Mo Wen Chapter 9 Free.
The sixth volume Don’t leisurely gentleman Mo Wen Chapter 9 Free.
"Don’t move. If you disturb the beat, these snakes will lose control. I can’t guarantee that it will happen then!" Yun woke up Ai Lijie in good faith, although he enjoyed the feeling of warm jade in Wilder.
"Ah," Ai Lijie let go of the cloud in surprise, turned around and hid behind him and asked in a low voice, "What should I do to attract so many snakes?"
"I didn’t just learn the practice of’ extremely snake soup’. Let’s give it a try later." Yun cheerfully teased the colorful snakes in front of him according to various beats in "Dragon Art" and didn’t take Ai Lijie dialect seriously.
"hey!" Ai Lijie ignored himself when he saw the cloud. "Stop playing and get rid of these cold-blooded animals!"
"Just wait for a horse." Yun turned over the "Dragon Defense" in no hurry and struck it again with a different beat. "These are our effective helpers. Should we get rid of them?" Seeing that there are about a thousand snakes of different sizes and colors all over the ground, they get together and drill in the same place. It’s amazing "dragon defense"!
"This is this?" Ai Lijie’s eyes widened and he could see God. "Is this what you control them to do?" Wrong novel network does not jump words, her face is incredible.
"Then who else!" Cloud proudly waved the branches in the tree. "We both need to watch. This’ dragon-fighting skill’ really has some doorways, so I must study hard. I can’t swallow the dates before and lose its essence." Cloud lamented that he has no resentment against the "dragon honour person" at the moment. If this "dragon-fighting skill" falls into the hands of unscrupulous people, the consequences are unimaginable.
After about a meal, the snakes had dug up a pit more than a foot, and the cloud thought it might be almost the same, and the branches knocked a few times. Suddenly, a huge python head jumped out of the ground and a "little dragon" came out!
"Ah ~ ~" Ai Lijie exclaimed in horror. "What a terrible snake!" She’s not afraid anymore, and now she’s hiding behind the cloud and hugging it, hoping to calm her heart, panic and shock.
"Don’t be afraid that it won’t come out for the time being," said Yun gently patting Ai Lijie’s sweet shoulder. "Besides, we will expect it to drive us away from here in the future. Don’t be afraid!" That "little dragon" body was crushed in the mountain when it was chiseled in those years. It has been moving for many years at this moment, that is, a small part of the body. It is not afraid that it will suddenly and violently hurt people.
However, Yun recalled seeing the last words of the "Green Dragon Venerable" in the cave that day and couldn’t help wondering why he didn’t just save the "Little Dragon" that day since he could drive the snake to do things. You can’t say that "Qinglong Zun" is a snake expert. What a surprise!
Yun thought hard for a moment and didn’t have a clue. He suddenly felt someone pushing himself before he looked up and saw Ai Lijie Qiao’s face busy and asked, "What’s the matter? You seem to have something urgent to tell me?" Yunxin is surprised that they have been here for several days, and they are practicing and chatting every day. They have been quite familiar with each other for several days, so why are they in such a hurry?
"Your snakes are almost eaten up!" Ai Lijie pointed to the cloud and found that "Little Dragon" was actually sucking more than a thousand snakes from his compatriots, and most of them had been sucked off! When Yun saw this, he was frightened and hurriedly ordered the snakes to disperse from here with the branches in his hand. The "Little Dragon" naturally accepted this instruction, but he was trapped and struggled in situ but could not move.
"It is no wonder that even if the’ Qinglong Venerable Master’ can, there is still such a reason that this overseas island snake is afraid that there is not much consumption or it can’t be saved." Yun lamented.
"Then what can we do?" Ai Lijie also feel very nai is a little discouraged.
"It’s not that there is no way," Yun mused. "But before that, I need your help to do another experiment." Yun had another idea. He recently felt that his mind was getting more flexible.
"Do you want me to kowtow again in the experiment? Why are you always bothering me!" Ai Lijie complained that her thin and angry manner was particularly attractive.
"You look at this’ dragon-fighting technique’ for a while. You just choose one that works for’ little dragon’." Yun handed the silk book to Ai Lijie.
"Any kind?" Ai Lijie took a few pages and casually replied.
"If it weren’t for the attack command," Yun took a deep breath and was ready to act.
"That’s the place to stand by." Ai Lijie said, picking up the clouds and throwing branches from the ground and tapping them gently according to the beat. Sure enough, the "little dragon" cocked its head and stood there motionless, while the cloud jumped to the "little dragon" at this time and touched the forehead of the "little dragon" like a flash, and then quickly flashed aside.
"Little Dragon" doesn’t seem to feel the cloud, but doesn’t respond.
Cloud saw that the result seemed to be different from what he had expected, so he walked to the front of "Little Dragon" and danced. Sure enough, "Little Dragon" ignored Ai Lijie’s "Stand by in Place" instruction, and the cloud was even more proud. It was a somersault and a dragonfly. It was very uncomfortable.

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