He looked at Muhai’s eyes and expressed regret. "Is this all your conspiracy?"

"Ha ha ….." Muhai smiled and nodded. "It seems that you are not stupid enough."
"You …"
The ghost’s chest stagnated and a black blood spurted out. His fingers bathed in the sea. "How did you find my respect?"
"Ha ha, the dead don’t need to know. You need to know that if you respect me directly, I may not be the opponent’s fault. You even deliberately tried to let me help you erase the consciousness of great power.
This just gave me a chance to play along, so I didn’t kill the consciousness of Shenwei, but also made Tianwei seal them up, so you can see any clues in your soul method, "Muhai said."
"So that’s it."
The ghost revealed a face of dying embers and closed his eyes, revealing a very unwilling color on his face.
"I didn’t expect you to be such a subtotal. I’m unwilling." The ghost roared and spit out one mouthful black blood again.
"Ha ha day ghost also want to plan in front of me? Want to take advantage of my carelessness to detonate my soul and blow me up seriously? " Mu Hai said
I can’t forget that I was almost killed when I was dealing with the ghost in my previous life. Now I can’t be careful.
When the ghost heard this, his chest froze, and his eyes were like looking at a horrible monster. "How do you … how do you know?"
"Ha ha …"
Muhai smiled and thought to summon a red flash. "Look, you have no last words. Die."
"No …"
Looking at the red mans sparkling ball, the ghost is unwilling to roar …
Chapter 69 The harvest is not cheap
"Boom …"
A loud noise kept popping out.
The ghost was blown to dust and died on the spot.
It was a long sigh of relief to see the ghost die completely.
He looked at the left head, and the ancient lizard couldn’t help showing a heartache.
Suddenly Mu Hai’s eyebrows jumped and he looked at the sight and grabbed it.
From the emptiness, he grabbed a soul-penetrating body and looked at it carefully. The ghost looks very similar.
"Ah … no …"
The ghost soul kept bowing to Muhai with extreme fear.
"Forgive me, my Lord. I was wrong. Let me live," said the ghost.
"Ha ha ….." MuHai eyes reveal a cold smile "since you haven’t died clean, I can consider letting you live"
When I heard this, God and Ghost misheard "Really?"
"Of course it’s true."
Muhai smiled and caught the ghost soul and threw it into the sea of souls. Then his mind moved and he used the soul splitting technique.
"Ah …"
Day ghost soul by extreme split pain can’t help but scream.
"I said you’ll suffer a lot. Enjoy it in here."
Muhai said that his mind moved to seal up the ghost’s screams in a sealed room.
After all this, I walked up to Luo Gu and picked up his head. "Luo Gu, are you okay?"
"Boss, I’m not dead yet. I believe you will succeed," said Luo Gu.
"Stop blowing"
Muhai said, with a wave of his right hand, plumes of divine power and crystal of the undead rushed to Luo Gu’s head.
His flesh and soul quickly recovered, and in the blink of an eye, a horrible beast was formed.
Then Muhai brought the lizard back to life in the same way.
The two beasts kept rubbing their eyes in the sea, revealing the color of poverty and gratitude. "Well, I’ll restore my body first."
Muhai went to the crystal of the undead and jumped directly to the crystal top of the undead and sat on the ground.
Then his mind moved to repair the body.
Thousands of strands of green awns are divided into strands, and green silk threads are all over Muhai.
His flesh and blood are visible to the naked eye, and his speed is rapidly recovering.
The flesh and blood are like layers of paving, which looks extremely amazing.
Similarly, the crystal of the undead is also rapidly disappearing.
Muhai is like a bottom hole, devouring these forces crazily.
After an hour of bathing, I recovered.
Strong, stylish, handsome and handsome, I’m afraid it will make girls enchanted.
Mu Hai sank his heart to sink his consciousness into the abdomen. "Why isn’t this abdomen my abdomen?"

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