"No, you can’t leave. You can’t leave unless you promise me!" The little girl poured out her anger.

"What’s wrong with you?" Xiaojin is always angry with this very unreasonable girl in front of him. "I said I don’t like you, so leave me alone. I can’t come!"
When manager Xiao Jin took a look, it had been a wave for a long time
"Where are you going? Do you already have a girlfriend? " Zhang Xirui looked at Xiaojin and said with great sadness.
"I didn’t." Manager Xiaojin was really angry with women. "One of my sisters just finished surgery and I need to go and see her now!"
"I don’t believe you must have a girlfriend in such a hurry. Who is she?" Zhang Xirui looked at Xiaojin and was so sad that he was about to cry.
"I really don’t have time to talk nonsense with you here. Be yourself here!" Manager Xiaojin is going to dump Zhang Xirui and want to hurry to the end so that he can take a taxi.
"Don’t go, I’ll send you!" Zhang Xirui simply stopped crying when he saw that he had no risks.
"You send me? How do you send me? " Manager Xiaojin was very surprised to hear her talk.
Zhang Xirui very nai pointed to a car next to Xiaojin and turned his head to see that it was a Porsche.
"You … you have a car?" Xiaojin is always surprised that the bus will drop. This girl is still small and exquisite. Can she touch the steering wheel?
"You’re not in a hurry? Then hurry up! " Zhang Xirui quickly stuffed General Xiaojin into the car when he had no idea.
Xiaojin always looked at Zhang Xirui with consternation.
"Can you drive?" Jin always looked at Zhang Xirui and asked very nervously.
"No!" Zhang Xirui said it was very different.
"Then how dare you drive?" Manager Xiaojin is so scared that his legs are weak. Why is the driver still in the car?
"To meet you, I stole our nanny car! Without further ado, I have to send you to the hospital quickly! " Zhang Xirui said and rushed out.
☆, Chapter 275 Motion sickness Xiaojin!
Jin got discouraged while sitting in the car. Fortunately, Ann finally reached her destination.
Jin just threw up on the side of the road when there was a roll in his stomach.
"Are you … carsick?" Zhang Xirui quietly came to Xiaojin’s side and asked very much.
"You first … you don’t talk to me first!" Xiaojin’s gesture stopped Zhang Xirui from talking, so Xiaojin vomited again.
"Is my technology that bad?" Zhang xirui beside xiaojin small muttered.
After a long time, Xiaojin finally lost the feeling of stomach discomfort, and all the vomit in his stomach came out. He wobbled.
"Are you ready?" Zhang xirui asked casually beside him.
"Although your driving skills are really terrible … thank you for your kindness!" Jin looked at Zhang Xirui and barely squeezed out a smile.
"you’re welcome. this is what I should do!" Zhang Xirui is very happy to look at Xiaojin.
"Then I have arrived now, so go back first!" Jin looked at Zhang Xirui very serious and said
"Go back? Want me to … Go back? " Zhang Xirui looked at Xiaojin and it was incredible.
"Yes, what else are you doing here?" Xiaojin was surprised at Zhang Xirui’s doubts.
"I’m not going back. I want to be with you!" Zhang Xirui simply played a childish temper as soon as he was in a hurry.
"Now that I have arrived here safely, my friend, I think your righteousness should have been finished, so there is no need for you to stay here!" Jin looked at Zhang Xirui very seriously and said
Section 29
"I don’t leave, I just don’t leave. You can’t drive me away!" Zhang Xirui heels up again.
"Zhang Xirui, I want to tell you that if you keep pestering me because you like me, then you can stop insisting. I’m not in the mood!"
"I like you, me and you. Don’t worry about me!" Zhang Xirui’s speech really broadened Xiaojin’s vision. I didn’t expect the little girl to be so stubborn.
"Whatever you do, I don’t care about your head office!" Xiaojin always knew that talking about it would hurt the little girl’s self-esteem, so Xiaojin didn’t go on to say anything, but directly worried about finding Lu Fei and them.
To Xiao Jin’s great distress, Zhang Xirui followed every step he took, so that he could not get very close and could follow Xiao Jin, the general manager, very naively shook his head.
"Women are really difficult!" Jin always very nai shook his head and hurried downstairs.
"Sister Feifei!" As soon as General Xiaojin entered the room, he saw Liu Fei lying in bed, which made General Xiaojin feel distressed.
However, at this time, Liu Fei’s anesthetic strength has not passed. When Chen Haoxuan saw Xiao Jin coming, he said to Xiao Jin, "She hasn’t woken up yet! She is in the intensive care unit now and we can’t get in! "
Xiaojin always felt very distressed and went to Lu Fei’s side to look at her pale face and asked, "Will Sister Feifei hurt very much?"
"When … the anesthetic is too strong, it will definitely hurt!" Xiao Jin always speaks, which makes Chen Haoxuan feel very uncomfortable.
Xiaojin always sticks to the glass and looks at Liu Fei very distressed.
"Sister Feifei, you must get better soon!" Xiaojin always said with great distress
Chen Haoxuan gently took Xiaojin’s shoulder. "She will hear!"
"You must take good care of her. I have taken care of her recently when I have not studied!" Jin always looked at Edward chan with a worried face for fear that Edward chan could not do well.
"Xiaojin, I’m her husband. I don’t think you should worry about this kind of thing!" Chen Haoxuan listened to Jin and talked like a grown-up.
"Look at me, I’m confused. I just want to make Feifei feel better. I … I’m so worried!" Xiaojin himself made a joke. He felt that he was too worried to make such a joke.
"But thank you for your kindness. I think she will be very happy to see you in there!" Chen Haoxuan looked at Xiaojin and said with great pleasure.
"Oh, I’m exhausted!" Zhang Xirui breathless building out of breath said
This sentence caught Chen Haoxuan’s attention, and he immediately turned to look at Zhang Xirui.
"Who is this girl?" Edward chan looked at this childlike girl before and didn’t have great curiosity.
"Ah … who is it?" Manager Xiaojin actually knows who Chen Haoxuan said, but he just pretends not to know.
"Who else could it be? He said it was me!" Zhang Xirui disliked looking at Jin Zong, who had been scratching his head because of nervousness, and Chen Haoxuan took the initiative to say
"Little girl" Chen Haoxuan knew that cash was always guilty, so he skipped Xiaojin and asked Zhang Xirui directly, "Are you his classmate?"
"Hello, brother." Zhang Xirui is very sweet. "My name is Zhang Xirui. I … am a classmate of Xiaojin at present."
"At present? What’s after that? " Chen Haoxuan deliberately said.
"I don’t know what it is after!" Zhang xirui looked at Edward chan deliberately said
"This little girl is quite interesting!" Chen Haoxuan was amused by Zhang Xirui. He hasn’t felt the youthful vitality of young people for a long time. Looking at Zhang Xirui today, Chen Haoxuan is very willing to chat with him.
"Zhang Xirui, you should pay attention to your discretion when you speak!" Xiaojin was very embarrassed and interrupted the conversation between the two. "It is impossible for me to change after I am your friend!"
"I don’t know. I believe that if I keep working hard, you will accept me!" Zhang Xirui looked at Jin with a adoring face.
"Xiaojin, you received a little girl on your first day of school today. The results are good!" Chen Haoxuan deliberately teased General Xiaojin.
I didn’t expect that Xiaojin, who is usually very thick-skinned, was very shy and blushed today. "Can you stop hurting me? What have I done? How can I learn that someone will follow me on the first day!"
"Xiaojin, you should look on the bright side." I didn’t expect Zhang Xirui to be frustrated, but he became more and more brave. "Think about how beautiful your followers are!"
"Exactly!" Next to Chen Haoxuan, she also echoed, "After this, you can’t have more and more followers. Slowly, there will be a harem!"
"No, I won’t let it happen!" I didn’t expect Zhang Xirui to refute his words very seriously after hearing Chen Haoxuan’s speech.
"What do you mean?" Chen Haoxuan didn’t expect Zhang Xirui’s reaction to be so intense that he didn’t understand it very much and asked

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