Windson looked outside the central hall and walked in front as soon as possible, followed by more than a dozen tough purple clothes and strong men. At first glance, they were Kirin people.

Is Lin Fengxian walk at the end of a cold man in black breath let oneself some familiar, but can’t remember where I met the black dress person so just.
"You must be the chief of the fathers’ adult? In windson, it’s really a shame to praise the heads of the fathers’ adults. Those are all secular people’s prejudices against us. In fact, I’m not the only one who has been killed by Mu family. "Windson explained.
Fu waved as soon as possible to stop, "Lin Fengyou, you don’t have to be too modest. Let me introduce you to someone."
Say that finish the black dress person slowly walked to come over and fell as soon as possible, "this is my ancestral king who really wants to know you."
Black dress person has brought windson a very uncomfortable feeling since he first came in. It seems terrible and depressing to feel that windson’s consciousness can induce this black dress person to be an absolute master.
Fuxi coldly looking at windson low way "windson you with fiend camp what? How can there be a demon Kemp breath in your body? "
At present, the words of men in black shocked Lin Fengxin’s drama. How did he know that the demon Kemp had something with me? But also induced the fiend Kemp breath in my body.
Windson deliberately put on a pair of not confused way "I don’t understand what you are talking about what fiend camp? I don’t know? Maybe you are wrong? "
Actually windson overblown Fuxi didn’t induce the fiend Kemp breath in windson. Fuxi was just induced by the fluctuation of magic blood energy in windson’s body. Both fiend Kemp and windson practice are fiend dun’s body operation, which is also induced by magic blood energy.
Fu and others are also looking at Fuxi and Lin Feng as soon as possible. What will you say about the fiend Kemp and Lin Fengyou?
Fuxi sneered, "It’s wrong for you to play dumb in front of me no longer. If you tell me the truth, maybe I’ll spare you, otherwise I can’t guarantee the consequences!"
Although Lin Feng was still surprised at the bottom of my heart, he still disdained, "I really don’t know who you said the fiend Kemp was, let alone hope with him. Don’t force me with something I don’t know!"
"It seems that you want to keep your mouth shut to the end. I want to see how much you have learned in the demon camp!" Fuxi finished figure disease before moving to windson land waving his right arm to hit the windson.
Windson not disorderly wrong body flash in the past, at the same time calls out the Tianhong gun backhand stabbed Fuxi.
Fuxi attack didn’t hit windson, but it was not easy to grasp windson again. The strong demon force condensed into a blue hand and instantly enveloped windson in the cover of the hand.
See the energy in front of you, and grasp it with your big hand. The mobility of Lin Fengfeng’s wind shadow tactic immediately accelerated by ten times and avoided Fuxi’s big hand.
As soon as I got away, Lin Fengma cast a fast gun shadow to attack several Tianhong guns, and the gun shadow was stabbed or smashed to Fuxi’s big hand.
Although Fuxi’s big hand was transformed by the demon force, when Lin Feng Tianhong’s gun shadow attacked the big hand, there was a burst of secret gold and iron, and Fuxi’s big hand was scattered by Lin Feng Tianhong’s gun.
Watching from the sidelines, everyone was just about to attack Lin Fengfu Xi and glared at everyone. "I don’t need your hand when I’m here!"
Fu and others as soon as possible well far back to one side to watch Fuxi. "Windson! I can’t believe that you can break up my demon force. I look down on you a little. "
Lin Feng proudly said, "An attack won’t break up your demon power. I’ll hit you!"
"Are you? Then give it a try! " Fuxi cold channel
Say that finish fu xixun in hand with strange printing tactic as if in preparation for what banned.
Windson is not a fool, of course, he won’t sit tight. After throwing a Tianhong gun, Windson leans forward slightly and pushes his hands forward continuously.
At this time, the magic blood energy has quietly escaped from windson’s hands and manipulated Tianhong gun to stab Fuxi from an extremely strange and erratic angle.
Fuxi stopped at this time, continued to print, put his hands together, and then suddenly pushed forward and shouted, "Heaven is printing!"
A complex pattern composed of dozens of white lights fills the air and flies to windson. Although I don’t know what Fuxi makes the land, I also know that I can’t be hit by this thing with the naked eye.
Windson removed the original will attack to Fuxi Tianhong gun fast back in the light pattern contact.
But let windson didn’t think it was Tianhong gun that had penetrated the light pattern and didn’t stop it from being shocked.
The feeling be nasty windson running body magic blood energy just outside his body condensed into a layer of protective energy light pattern finally covered the windson protective energy.
Immediately after the light pattern comes into contact with the protective energy of forest air, it will trap forest air tightly like a chain. Forest air feels that there is a strong force coming to him from the chain of the light pattern.
The protective energy is suppressed and the protective scope is gradually narrowed, so it won’t be long before Lin Feng will be trapped by the rope of this light pattern. The situation is extremely unfavorable to Lin Feng at this moment.
The third volume Chapter 7 Statue of two places at once
Windson in the feeling be nasty will force most of the magic blood energy out of the body in vitro unreal energy busy with the wind and cloud moving the third king realm Fuxi and others feel eyes suddenly appeared in the shadow of a hundred statue of windson busy.
These two places at once display different moves and attack Fuxi faster than Fuxi. At that time, they were shocked by Lin Fengyun’s movement. They quickly recovered and attacked Lin Feng’s two places at once.
Windson’s heart was a little frustrated when he saw a statue of his busy body jumping out of a recruit like a total annihilation. When Windson suddenly became a little white, he moved to the highest realm and respected the mysterious place.
Close your eyes, and focus your mind and body on one magic blood energy, and your own life will be merged with Yuan Ying’s strength. Finally, Lin Feng rose up smartly when the last member was scattered by Fuxi.
As soon as the feather is about to soar, the whole body is slowly rising, and it is full of strong and powerful magic blood energy. Fuxi sets up a detention method in Lin Fengshen-the day is also shocked by the criss-crossing magic blood energy.
Fuxi method believes that anger is staring at windson with your eyes open. He didn’t expect windson to be able to break away from his own day. You know, even an ordinary fairy is hard to break away from the imprisonment of the day.
Windson’s state of repair is now in a state of suspense, and I can’t imagine how Windson did it.
And, of course, Fuxi was even more surprised that something was about to be born in front of his eyes. Windson stood there when he slowly flew to 100 meters and a half.
Windson slowly opened his eyes and closed his face with a relaxed smile. Fuxi saw that behind Windson, I didn’t know when there was another statue like Windson.
However, this theory of two places at once is the same as Lin Fengzun in terms of appearance, figure and face. Lin Fengzun is the only one who can realize the martial arts of the Lins and practice it to the realm of honour after Lin Junyi, the ancestor of the Lins.
Windson can clearly feel that he is differentiated, and this statue of avatar can connect with himself. If you want to move your avatar a little bit, you can use your own ideas to cast corresponding attacks.
Fuxi coldly looking at Lin Fengchen way "Lin Feng! You are indeed an unparalleled figure who can grow to this point without much experience. It seems that I have to kill you. If you continue to let you go, you will probably surpass me and be poor in the future. "
"All people obey! Today’s theory of paying the price, regardless of life and death, must not let Lin Feng escape from here and must leave him here! "
Fu and others as soon as possible were brought to slowly develop the formation and besieged windson in it.
Laughed windson disdain "so you can leave me here? Don’t underestimate me! The consequences of underestimating the true strength of the enemy will be very serious! "
The words sound just fell and Lin Feng’s figure was divided into two parts. At the same time, he drove off in the left and right directions. A purple man with a giant axe danced and gave birth to wind. He stopped in front of Lin Feng’s two parts and drank himself heavily and split into Lin Feng’s two parts.
Windson was busy and missed the axe attack of the purple man. He waved his hands left and right to make a squeeze. His hands were slightly open, and then he saw that the purple man didn’t even come to the pit, so he collapsed and slowly spilled a lot of blood everywhere in the purple man’s face.
Magic blood, energy, chaotic force, combined with exertion of oppressive force, was really severe. In a brief encounter, the purple clothes man Yuan Ying was oppressed and collapsed. Windson didn’t exert too much strength, otherwise the purple clothes man would be crushed instantly.
Yuan Ying’s explosive power is very strong, and the wind doesn’t want to be caught by waves.
See their own people killed v great anger way as soon as possible "windson! If I can’t kill you on the spot today, our people will never stop! "
Other Kirin clansmen have also been besieged like crazy to Lin Fengzun and busy Lin Fengzong for a while, facing all the attacks, so they kept flashing up in Yuto, but to be able to seize the opportunity, Lin Feng will still alternate with his busy body to make the possessed blood energy kill and repair some Kirin clansmen.
Fu as soon as possible with the other four elders of the Kirin clan are very high. In the middle of Du Jie, Lin Feng didn’t dare to fight with them. It was always a blow and they quickly flew back. At that time, everyone couldn’t stand Lin Feng and the busy field situation reached a stalemate.
Fuxi looked at windson killing his own people without being hurt by himself. "A generation!" Get out of here! Let me deal with Lin Feng! "
Fu and others are also very annoyed as soon as possible. Windson dodges and flies very fast. It’s natural for Fu Xi to see himself and others get angry when they can’t attack Windson for a long time.
They slowly pushed down the cold road before the evening, "Windson, if you will tell me where the fiend Kemp is now, I can consider letting you go this time."
"Are you? I’m afraid you won’t hesitate to kill me as soon as I tell you where the demon Kemp is hiding? I don’t quite understand why you, as a demon practitioner with such high strength, always have to do something stupid? " Windson contemptuous way
"Shut up! You won’t give up until you see our real strength! " Fuxi big drink a way
Offering their magic weapon Fuxi appeared in the hands of a black fist-sized crystal bright beads filled with black gas, and the black beads in Fuxi’s hands scattered strange purple light.
Windson casually glanced at the black beads and involuntarily continued to stare at the black beads. Originally, a scene was reflected in the purple light. It was impressively that Mure Snow was being beaten by Duanmu Quchong in a very horrible place.
Windson shouted "no! Duanmu Quchong turned his head and smiled cruelly. "Old Lin Feng asked you to find the magic artifact remnants, but you can put them together? If not, I can’t guarantee how long this little girl will last. "
See Mure snow sadness windson grief-stricken heart felt a desolate despair.
"Windson! What are you doing? The horse enters the jade slips, and what you see in front of you is the illusion that the ball in Fuxi’s hand leads you to your heart. It is not true. "O Kemp’s voice rings in Lin Feng’s mind.
Windson mind woke up at this moment to see Fuxi is insidious smile looking at himself, and in his hand, the ball is constantly spinning. Windson dare not look at Xun mind again and must have entered the jade slips.

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