Then the blood wolf clapped his hands and said, "Hey, these two people are too weak. It doesn’t mean anything. They haven’t loosened their muscles yet."

Betty is already a little star on her face at this moment. She didn’t expect that the blood wolf would instantly defeat two monks who were the same as herself. It’s too abnormal, right? You know, she thought she was already very powerful, but she could be more powerful in the same order, but compared with the blood wolf now, it’s simply weak. There’s no sex.
"Brother Xiang Ye, why is Brother Blood Wolf so powerful? Are you so powerful? Can you also solve two seven monks so quickly?" Betty just asked.
"The amount is almost the same …" Xiang Ye estimated at this moment and said that there was actually another sentence behind it. He didn’t say it and added two more, so there was no problem.
Sirs around Qingyang City Friar has been boiling and hissing constantly. Did he come to see a fierce battle? I didn’t expect two seven friars to be so resistant to fighting that they were directly punched and flew together.
"Who is this person? How can we have such a pervert in Qingyang City?"
"The strength of the monks in Princess Mansion is too weak …"
"Come on, let’s go. The friars in Princess Mansion are so weak that we’ mix’ in. Even if they show us, we are nowhere to be killed …"
When there was a "mix" and "chaos" around, people finally came out of the Princess House. At this time, it was not one or two, but a group of monks. Just now, there was such a big noise outside, and naturally they had heard it. Now it is estimated that they all came out.
At the front is an unusually slim voice with a veil. As soon as this talent appears, it suddenly becomes quiet around. They all recognize that this is Princess Qingyang on the far right in Qingyang City.
At this time, Princess Qingyang and a group of monks behind her have already seen the blood wolf in the crowd, so the blood wolf is still cold there, and many people around him look at him with reverence.
"Just now, it was this Taoist friend who started work. Hehe, it’s a good thing for Taoist friends …" Princess Qingyang at this moment, the euphemistic and melodious voice has come faintly, and when she heard the sound, the monk was intoxicated in it. This sound was so wonderful that it turned out that there was some heroic spirit in the enchanting feeling that such a fusion of two different styles was so lethal.
Blood Wolf show not affected directly woman.she said, "hey hey, I’m just fighting back, the two of them are too weak."
After hearing the words of the blood wolf, several monks behind Princess Qingyang were not weak. At this time, their faces were already furious and they were about to yell at the blood wolf. Princess Qingyang turned slightly to stop them.
He continued, "I don’t know what this Taoist called, but he must have just wanted to get into it. In fact, it is not necessary to start work if he wants to say it."
Xiang Ye and Betty didn’t attract the attention of Princess Qingyang in the crowd at this time. At this time, Xiang Ye had a curl of her mouth after hearing each other’s words. "This’ female’ person is really fierce. A word has already turned the blood wolf into trouble."
Chapter six hundred and fourteen Enter
Just as Xiang Ye was thinking about it, the blood wolf actually uttered a sentence that made all the monks around him talk. "If you take off the veil, I can admit that I’m messing with it, or your hand is bothering me."
After the blood wolf spoke out, the surrounding area was quiet, and many monks directly became "coquettish" and "disorderly" again. This person has too much courage to openly flirt with the princess. You know, Princess Qingyang doesn’t know how many godsworn dream lovers, like fairies, are being molested now.
"This person is too bossy …"
"Idol ….. if I want to learn from him later, I will learn from him."
"daydreaming, you see, this man will die soon."
At this time, after hearing the words of the blood wolf, Princess Qingyang was also slightly stunned. She had never heard anyone flirt with her in the face. At this time, she actually saw her face and anger flashed out.
At this time, the monk behind her finally couldn’t help it. "Where did the barbarian dare to come here and run wild? Is it that you are a savage to see?"
At this time, a young monk who is in the level of cultivation looks good, but lifting his eyes makes people know that he is the kind of person who looks down on others all the year round.
"Hey hey, I didn’t expect Xu Dage to flirt with’ female’ people. I finally met them today." Xiang Ye said to Betty around him.
At this time, Betty is also a’ shock’ move. "Brother Blood Wolf is good. If I soak the’ female’ god of Qingyang City, I will really admire him."
"Little girl, I think you are going to be beaten again." Xiang Ye came to her little head at this moment.
At this time, Betty smiled and spat out her tongue and continued, "Is it true that Xiang Ye’s brother wants to soak up the princess himself? Now he sees Brother Blood Wolf and wants to soak you up and be jealous?"
Xiang Ye "…"
At this time, the blood wolf was about to speak. As soon as I turned around, I saw Xiang Ye and Betty watching the scene. I immediately reached out and pointed to Xiang Ye and said, "Hey hey, it’s not that I molested the princess. I’m not so bold. It’s this person who taught me to say."
After hearing the blood wolf’s words, Xiang Ye smiled bitterly directly, so when everyone looked at himself, the monks around him remembered that everything that happened now was caused by that little girl.
Xiang Ye knows that he can’t stay in the crowd again now, but he came out like a blood wolf. At this time, he heard the sound of a blood wolf. "Hey, hey, Ye Xiang, you are better than me. Just now, my brother, I have already done the foreplay. Then I want to see you."
After listening to the sound of blood wolf, Ye Xiang has a wry smile and a nai expression, which is very strange.
But now his appearance seems to everyone around him to be a wretched appearance, as if he had been exposed as an embarrassing performance.
At this time, Xiang Ye hasn’t said when just now, the blood wolf white-faced monk has once again disdained to say, "It’s another wild thing. I really don’t know how to live or die. It’s really a death to come here and pound’ chaos’."
After he finished this sentence, he turned to look at Princess Qingyang who wanted to take credit, but at this time he found that Princess Qingyang was still staring at this guy as if he knew him.
At this time, Xiang Ye’s face was obliterated after hearing each other’s words. "What do I say? Now I also say that you have never seen this’ female’ person’s appearance. Don’t pretend to be here. If you want to see it, you can’t say it’s disgusting."
See princess Qingyang know this person some uncomfortable, this white-faced monk was asked by Xiang Ye this sentence directly even a burst of green red’ pay’ and yes, although he has always admired princess Qingyang, he has never had a chance to meet princess Fang.
"Wild things, how dare you scold me?" This person can’t help but be furious. Although his identity is not very famous in Qingyang City, no one dares to provoke him in the imperial city. Now he has been insulted by an unknown monk. How can he let this person go?
"I’m telling the truth. Besides, I never care about some dirty things, and it’s the same for you." Xiang Ye still said quietly at this moment. When he said these words, he didn’t look at this person at all but looked at Princess Qingyang contemptuously.
At this time, Princess Qingyang felt that although she was wearing a veil, the sharp eyes of the other party seemed to be uncomfortable as if she had nothing on at all.
"Good young master, I’ll see if you have such a thing to let you run wild here."
After the white-faced monk finished, his whole body momentum has skyrocketed and he was about to attack Xiang Ye. At this moment, Princess Qingyang did not speak. "Don’t start work on Qingyang, friends of Wuyang, let me handle it myself."
After hearing Princess Qingyang’s words, the white-faced monk finally got ugly in the same place. At this time, he really didn’t want to disobey Princess Qingyang’s meaning. After all, he wanted to pursue her.
Xiang Ye then saw Princess Qingyang go to the first two steps and stared straight at him. Although he didn’t say anything, there was something hard to hide.
However, there is no response to this sharp Xiang Ye. The root is that I don’t care about this’ female’ look.
At this time, Betty also slowly came out. After seeing Betty, Princess Qingyang finally got some steps. "Li Daoyou didn’t recognize you with my hand. Hehe, since you have come, come in."
At this time, Betty looked at the surrounding situation and finally agreed with a happy face. "Well, since the princess personally invited me again, if I don’t go, I won’t give you a face."
Say that finish directly after pulling Xiang Ye and blood Wolf two people walked toward the inside, I really don’t care about those murderous eyes around.
See here princess Qingyang corners of the mouth unnatural’ smoke’ move a few, but soon returned to normal for a while into the inside, slowly solve things just now.

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