An explosion will make Xu Shao lose all his magical powers and martial arts, a loss that Xu Shao can never afford.

"This full moon island is really amazing. I just entered the full moon island and lost my luck for such a while. Now the situation is even worse than this."
Just when Xu Shao was about to despair, there came a clear voice in the sky, "It’s too white for you and me to talk about choosing a day. It’s better to hit the day than to try it today with two Buddhist monks in mainland China."
"CCBA is right, so we’ll try these two."
Who else can speak so easily in the face of the peaks of the two continents, except violet sword fairy Taibai and Gong Xueyu?
It is really beyond Xu Shao’s expectation that these two people will appear on the Moon Island at the most unlikely time. You know, he flew from Tianyunshan to this Moon Island after three days. How can these two people feel so quickly?
See violet sword fairy Taibai and male Xue Yu, the two monks in mainland China have never been able to win the game again.
The shriveled old monk shouted, "Brother, send us away."
Said the old monk Kurongchan repeatedly waved the palm of his hand, waved the palm of his hand, waved the palm of his hand, and roared out a series of array laws. Apparently, he just dealt with Xu Shao, and they didn’t make much effort or borrow array laws from the moon island.
The silent Zen monk incarnates by glaring at King Kong’s figure. A light blue channel suddenly appears in the virtual space, and gradually enlarges for a moment. After that, it is already half a man’s size. Obviously, it is the law that leads to the mainland of Tianzhou.
"Taibai, I’ll come first …"
Gong Xueyu smiled and waved the sword in his elegant hand. The water around Moon Island was pointed at the sword in Gong Xueyu’s hand. The water in the lake was flowing in the sword, and the water was driven by the firm but gentle wave, which produced a burst of sounds like nature. When he slowly turned the sword, the water turned into ripples in the air.
The magical power actually penetrated the array of full moon island in an instant and directly attacked the law, obviously to stop the two monks from leaving.
Seeing that Xu Shao, the great power of Gong Xueyu, was shocked by Gong Xueyu’s swordsmanship, suddenly there seems to be something wrong, because although these two monks are no match for Gong Xueyu and Violet Sword Fairy Taibai, they should not be in such a hurry to escape.
At this time, it is a playful attitude that Violet Sword Fairy Taibai and Gong Xue Yugen didn’t put these two people in their eyes. In the face of this incident, they actually regarded these two monks as the object of kendo.
If it is in normal times or in other places, it is understandable that the two of them do it. After all, as far as practice is concerned, one of them is better than these two monks.
But don’t forget that this is the strange and mysterious Moon Island.
Suddenly, a very bad premonition came to my mind at the thought of the strange Xu Shao on the full moon island, and I hurriedly imagined the king again.
The immobile king suddenly emerged, and Xu Shao was integrated. The combination of Wang Tong Kong Xu Shao’s eyes made Xu Shao’s eyes emit a blue light.
Xu Shao paled in horror because the so-called sending-off of Zen monks in the eyes of the motionless king at this time was just a flash. Maybe they really wanted to escape, but that root was not the ultimate goal. Therefore, when the old Zen monk was in the motionless color, Wan Jian returned to the sword and light, and at the same time, he even turned to a bell as a magic weapon in his hand to mobilize the fate of the whole full moon island.
"Damn it, how could I forget this?"
Before this, Xu Shao simply thought that the Buddhist monks in mainland China had set a trap on Moon Island to weaken the strength of mainland Kyushu and let ten talented people in Jin Xian fall in Moon Island in the future.
But now that I think about it, it doesn’t make sense
Kyushu mainland is so big, why would these two monks choose a place so close to Tianyun Xianyuan Xiuzhen College?
Even after these two monks have just made the Buddhist avatar, they are afraid that people don’t know that they have made the Baizhang incarnation, and even the Buddhist breath can be easily perceived outside Wan Li.
It’s as if these two monks are not afraid of being touched by Tianyun Xianyou. Now Jin Xian is deliberately letting Tianyun Xianyou Tianyunshan Half Step Jinxian make Buddhism avatar generally unscrupulous.
The facts also prove that after they made the Buddhist avatar a moment later, the violet sword fairy Taibai and Gong Xueyu appeared on the Moon Island.
It’s almost never to leave the road of Mofan Fairy. Violet Sword Fairy Taibai left the road of Mofan Fairy because of the appearance of two Buddhist families.
This is a trick, but it is not aimed at what may achieve Jin Xian Mu Xueyi, Hua Xiang and others in the future.
Although it is best to solve these ten people, these people are just comfortable. The real targets are violet sword fairy Taibai and Gong Xueyu.
This can also explain why in such an important meeting, it was all fate, and the Oriental skyshatter was able to come in. Because of this meeting, it is not important. Then two monks hope that Xu Shao can come to Moon Island.
Perhaps it was through the students of Tianyun Xianyuan Xiuzhen College that the two monks clearly knew that Xu Shao had such a ability to fight against Jin Xian’s attack on Qiang Jian and set such a trap according to Xu Shao’s character.
No wonder they didn’t cooperate with the Moon Island array just now. That’s because these arrays were prepared by violet sword fairy Taibai and Gong Xueyu.
Even if ten futures can achieve Jin Xian’s destiny, how can they compare with the two most outstanding Confucian figures, Violet Sword Fairy Taibai and Gong Xueyu?
The violet sword fairy Taibai and Gong Xueyu are strong, but after all, it is an ordinary sword pruning method to detect that the bell in the hand of the withered and old Zen monk is the most important threat
Xu Shaoke felt that the violet sword fairy Taibai and Gong Xue Yuji had no resistance because they understood the power of the bell.
It’s not a sword, it’s not a kendo, it’s not a shinto, it’s a deprivation of life power
It can make violet sword fairy Taibai and Gong Xueyu degenerate from now on, and there is no chance to achieve Jin Xian.
"Master, it’s dangerous to kill that old monk who is withered and glorious."
Xu Shao’s clamour in Xu Shao’s waking up, including the violet sword fairy Taibai and the old monk Kurongchan, surprised everyone.
It is inconceivable that Xu Shao can reveal their secret to the bell secret of fate.
And violet sword fairy Taibai is clear about Xu Shaoren, who knows that Xu Shao will never speak strange words.
Almost immediately after Xu Shao woke up, the blue light flashed in the Taibai pupil of Violet Sword Fairy, and a sword light was cut off to the withered Zen elders. Lotus flowers bloomed along the sword light, and the beauty was equally fatal.
"Ha, ha, ha, Taibai Xue Yu, you two top masters of Confucianism have come to die this time." The old monk, who was withered and prosperous, roared wildly, even though the bell in the hand of Violet Sword Fairy Taibai’s oncoming sword light gently shook out a crisp jingle.
"Jingle bell …"
Counting energy is clearer and harsher than this crisp sound in the blast wave.
At the moment when the bell rang, it seemed that all the sounds on Moon Island disappeared, as if they were frozen.
Violet sword fairy Taibai violet sword meaning has split the old monk of withered and glorious Zen into a black giant Buddha, and the sword light is across the forehead of the old monk of withered and glorious Zen.
But the old monk’s face is still ferocious without any fear, and there is a kind of smile that makes Xu Shao creepy
On the other hand, the water flow controlled by Gong Xueyu also impacted the angry King Kong’s chest, which was transformed by the silent Zen monks, and the sword will engulf the angry King Kong in an instant.
It was the Zen monk who actually spoke, and he broke his own Zen meditation.
"Confucian destiny"
When the Zen monk closed his mouth and looked at the moon island in an instant, everything seemed to be moving again, as if it were flowing.
However, Xu Shao did not move the king, but now it is completely different before solidification. Because in the light blue array, which one was taken by Xu Shao, the cloth puzzle wanted to attract the attention of Gong Xueyu, and the array was revealing a little bit of fate line.

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