The Nangong didn’t hide, but said in a tone of disgust, "Don’t be like this. We all have our own positions, but there are two thousand people waiting behind me."

Although the tone of the Nangong tone didn’t show anything, I recognized that I couldn’t help myself. Naturally, I don’t blame her. That remark was just a joke. I will handle it myself.
Before I could speak, I noticed that they had already come. I quickly closed my hand and said, "Boss, I didn’t see you go on …" Then I turned to run and almost pushed Xiao Li, who had just arrived.
"Ahem that what you come" I stepped forward awkward greeting a few people.
At this time, the Nangong patted me on the shoulder one by one and then said, "It seems that you have to discuss countermeasures. I have also left the team and I have to organize it."
Said the nangongshan one by one is to walk through the clear light several people in turn said hello to the back soon disappeared in my sight.
"It’s going well. Are we bothering you? Oh, no, you can hold hands at most in the game. Don’t even think about it. "Xiao Bai looked at me with a wretched face.
At this point, I have noticed that faint is not there, and I am not in the mood to ask my thoughts and criticise, "Get out of here as far as you can."
"Ha ha, landwind, don’t be shy. This is a good thing," Xiao Li said, climbing my shoulder.
"You also get out …" I resolutely don’t eat him to this one.
"Come on, stop that now and get down to business," Chiba said seriously. At this moment, he just stepped out of a serious face, but suddenly changed. Then he smiled and asked, "Tianya, don’t hide anything. Tell me how far you two have developed."
This guy is also a villain.
"Your ya can still get down to business …" I think these people are really special in my heart.
"Isn’t this business? You think, if you have already taken the Nangong one by one now, then we will be a family. Then she will definitely listen to you. Then this first alliance will be in our pocket. You say this is not business?" Chiba Kan Kan said.
"Come on, don’t be so poor," I said seriously. "Don’t call everyone here quickly to mobilize? We told you that if we prepared early, one person wouldn’t plan well, so how can we play then?"
"All right, what are you talking about?" Chiba replied, then turned to several other people and said, "Let’s join each other separately for five minutes in the north wall."
"Meet here?" I looked at Chiba in surprise and asked.
"Didn’t you call us here to do it here?" Chiba also looked at me in surprise.
"No," I said
"Then why did you call us here?" Chiba looked at me contemptuously.
"Ah … I think it’s not bad here, so it’s here." When I spoke, I glanced around. It’s okay to take one person here, and it’s not bad that no players will come.
They didn’t do anything except show ten words, and they soon informed that the north wall was full of people in less than five minutes, but it was not crowded.
After they were assigned to their respective counterparts, I mobilized some words of encouragement and refueling to tell everyone that although we were small in number, our strength was not weak and our cohesion was strong, and then we were assigned a job to emphasize the goals, precautions, war methods and so on of our trip. Finally, I shouted "The war we are afraid of!"
"War! Fight! Fight! "
"dry! Fuck! Dry … "
Hey, shout, not do …
Chapter three hundred and twenty-six The car bubble horse!
It’s really the first time for me to mobilize before the war, but in front of so many people, I didn’t show that I was inappropriate. I can’t do it well after I finish my eldest brother demeanor. There may be many opportunities like this. I can’t always play around. What will happen if I go out with my troops?
First, I said very seriously that although we are only 100 people, we are all elites with high level and strong combat experience. Don’t let them be large. Most of them are just to make up the number. We must have confidence to remember! The first thing we have to ensure in the battlefield is to live, no matter what means, not to die is good.
I was impassioned, but I was suddenly stabbed by Chiba. He whispered, "What do you think this is? Are you teaching them how to escape in the battlefield?"
"How come? I’m trying to make them take care not to rush in and waste their lives," I argued.
"Khan … do you think about what you said?" Chiba looked at me.
When I think about it, it seems a little wrong. I brought the assassin’s rule again, and suddenly I was a little embarrassed, but I said everything. I looked up at the crowd and heard someone shouting, "Tianya boss, why don’t you say it!"
"Ahem, I just said that everyone should remember it! I emphasize that we can’t lose the battle of our later life. Do you want to soak a horse in a car? " I asked high.
"Then don’t follow me to do this!"
"I just said that I have remembered it!"
"Our slogan is …"
"The car soaked the horse!"
Poof … When did I say this is the slogan? It wasn’t me. As soon as this sentence came out, I heard a few people behind me full of resentment and said, "Tianya, you do good deeds."
Ya slogan, how can it be so loud? I don’t know if I’m going to rob the creditor’s wife.
"Eldest brother you this mobilization ability …" Clear the lamp behind me some nai said.
"How strong is it?" I said calmly, but my heart is a different world. If this slogan is really shouted out, there is really no place to put my face. I looked at the wall and saw many players looking up at me. I thought that this was ruined and ruined.
"Big brothers, what are you shouting about …" I motioned for them to stop and then asked some grievances.
"Tianya boss, isn’t this what you said?" One of the young knights came out with a very proud look and then said, "Boss, I’ll follow you around. My sexual life depends on you!"
"No, no, I can’t give you happiness. I’m not interested in men." I refused again and again
"Boss, don’t say that. I’ll be afraid. I want to hang out with you. I can make some money and then run the next class in Wang Xiaohua. If I can become the boss, I’ll be a cow and a horse for you."
"Wang Xiaohua? Do you still have this name? "I muttered, but I don’t know who stabbed me again." It’s not that serious. From today on, you are the people who go to the end of the world, but whether the end of the world can be established depends on your performance. If you come, you will be ravaged by your opponents, so don’t have any cars. You have enough cars. "
"Tianya boss, you can rest assured that we can definitely win!" A bruiser shouted, I noticed his name at the first time, a car chasing a girl
I’m happy when I look at it. A panda of this size may not be able to pretend where to put her sister, but at least we are the boss. If we degrade ourselves like this, we can’t say "ambitious!" But live on the battlefield first, and don’t talk nonsense. "
"Yes!" Everyone shouted together, and then there were some details. What about team position, movement, defense and attack? They were just some specific operations in terms of overall planning, depending on the on-site performance, which greatly tested the leader’s ability.
Time passes quickly, and the atmosphere is not as serious as it was just now. After all, I am not a cold-blooded person. Although I am the boss now, I still need to get in touch with this first group of people. After all, they may all be the backbone of the post-League meeting.
Suddenly another young guy came and looked at me with admiration and asked, "Tianya boss, do you have any big moves?" Especially cow force can kill people. "
I noticed that his name was a swordsman named’ Sad That Year’ and immediately said’ Yes’.
"Then, then, you can just turn them all over," he said innocently. You can tell from his appearance that the child is still young and simple.
"Have you ever seen a landlord still bomb?" I smiled and looked at him and said.
Seeing that his hand touched the back of his head, he smiled and said, "It’s a bit simple and honest to rely on it."
Later, I called Chiba, Qingdeng and Mushrooms and Matches together and said to them, "The actual command of the battlefield may depend on you guys."
Chiba, of course, they have no objection. After all, I am used to walking alone, so that I can exert my best effect. But those two are a little confused. They asked, "Tianya boss, do you really want to give us the command?"
"What’s wrong with it?" I asked doubtfully.
"No … it’s that you just got in touch with us and don’t know our ability. It’s so easy to believe that we are a little …" The girl hesitated to sell small matches.
After listening, I couldn’t help but feel a little curious and asked, "What? Is it not good to believe you? And who says I just got in touch with you? "

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