"Of course we don’t want to see it." This is not Duguyihong’s saying that the black thief is coming into the main hall with the thief, followed by the three wolves on Baodao.

"Why are you back?"
"Nonsense out so big, how can we still stay there? How can we get along without coming back to discuss a countermeasure with you? "
The three wolves on Baodao kept nodding behind the thief and his wife.
"Yes, boss, I just want to decorate our lair better this time, so I have to give someone a pot to end it." Duguyihong didn’t have a chance to speak at this moment.
"Crazy, I know there are too many secrets in you, so I won’t ask so many questions. I want to know if what happened in Black Island is your responsibility?"
The black thief asked me seriously, and I said to him seriously, "Believe it or not, I didn’t do it, but all the consequences after killing have been added to me. Look at me now."
I think that the magic statue always grabs my body’s coldness without my permission, so it quickly rises to the highest of 156%. At this time, a black shield appears around me, which surprised the six of them. "My ability is limited to this. I can’t do this without the magic statue." The black shield turned red again.
Thunder Wolf tentatively dumped a steel claw, and the steel claw bounced back as soon as it touched the shield, and almost broke Thunder Wolf’s hand.
Black thieves have been watching my left hand turn red and black. "What’s wrong with your crazy heart?"
"I don’t know, but it’s strange that the magic statue seems to be fighting it when it makes that move, and my shield seems to worship it to build the right one. The magic statue calls it a demon-hearted old thief. Have you found anything?"
"The madness is over, and I won’t hide anything from you anymore. I felt very strange when I saw your visions before, so I tried to investigate through various methods. After this period, I finally got a little result. The red heart is a treasure of energy that can be gathered by it, including justice and evil. That is to say, the energy in the middle can be gathered to the person who holds it, but not everyone in the world can hold it. Only those who have physical characteristics can have it crazy. It seems that the magic statue in your body is trying to lead you to the wrong path step by step and finally make you a real magic person!"
"No, it’s me!" I shouted, "I will never let him be reckless!" One day I will drive him out of my body! "
"Well said! Do you need my help? " The sudden sound startled all seven of us present.
Chapter 199 Ghost meets again
"Wandering? What are you doing here? " When the black thief saw wandering, he looked unhappy, and the thief turned over to the black thief in an exaggerated way.
The wandering god doesn’t care that the thief’s words are still a smiling face. "God is on duty today and just passed by here, that’s all."
Duty? Obviously, it’s nonsense. Our lair is in the volcano. Ordinary people can’t see it. Even if the protoss can predict the past and the future, they can’t always be watching me, can they? I’m a little unhappy. "Even if we are friends, you shouldn’t do this!"
"Xiao, don’t be angry. I followed you for a reason." Seeing my unhappy eyes wandering, I quickly explained.
Thieves and couples look elsewhere and show disdain for wandering spirits. The three wolves have seen wandering spirits, and they are not as obvious as thieves and couples, but I can see that they are also a little unhappy.
The only person present who has never seen wandering gods is Dugu Yihong, who is very dissatisfied with his tunnel "Who are you from?" How dare you come to the red nest? Generic name! "
"Red nest?" They looked puzzled at Xiaohong.
"Yes, we are all red-named nests. Naturally, we are called red nests. Don’t talk nonsense!"
"My daughter is polite." Little sister Zhu Rong actually appeared in front of us and gave a gift to wandering spirits.
Zhu Rong’s little sister, the owner of an island, actually gave such a big gift to You Shenxing, which surprised Dugu Yihong again. "Boss, who is he?"
"Wandering God is one of the top ten God of War". I turned to wandering God and asked, "Didn’t you say that you would come when the inferno appeared? Do you suspect that there are magic people here? "
"God? ! The underworld? So it’s true? " Duguyihong rarely showed surprise.
"Xiao, that’s not what I meant." The wandering mind argued.
"Then what are you doing here?"
"We protoss already know what happened on Black Island. According to our analysis, human roots are incapable of doing such a thing. The only explanation is that there are magic people playing tricks on it."
"Ha ha ha ha! I can’t believe that you have been monitoring our activities!" I am very unhappy that the shield looms around me.
"Shield? I can’t believe it didn’t take long for you to reach this level. "The wandering god smiled and his face was surprised, but it passed by, but I still saw it."
If it weren’t for the present situation, I would like to ask something about this shield, but now I have to put this curiosity aside for the time being.
Wandering God continued, "Xiao, don’t be too oversensitive. Our protoss’s eyes are actually trying to protect you. If the inferno once participates in the human world, there will be riots, and then the balance of the three worlds will be broken and the world will fall into war again."
"Hum! Well said, do you think the three realms are balanced now? " If you don’t want to know that the current level of human beings is impossible to compare with fiend, the so-called balance of the three realms is just a big lie.
"This ….." Wandering god didn’t know what to say at the moment.
"You gods have their own rules, so do we in the human world, and you don’t have to intervene in the human world. Your appearance will make people worse."
"Hey, hey, don’t forget that you are not old, you may be a whiteboard now!" I’m not prepared for the sound of the magic statue. If he gets involved at this time, he won’t be able to have a big fight with the wandering god today.
"Ha ha ha ha you finally willing to show up!" The wandering spirit is extremely excited for a moment, but it is puzzling for the wandering spirit to show others now.
"I’ve wronged you for a while. Come and meet me when I’m old." The magic statue took my body away. "Hey, hey, what do you want here?"
Black thieves quietly pulled a few people to the side path "crazy and crazy, be careful!" "
Wandering gods can obviously feel that I smell of magic. God and magic are always sworn enemies. He has always been sensitive to magic people.
"Are you a magic statue?" The wandering spirit looks very focused.
"Hey hey hey …"
"What do you want to hide in my friend’s body? What do you want to come to the human world? "
"What, what? You just know what to ask. Then I ask you why you want to come here again? "

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