She seems calm, but in fact, her palms are already full of sweat. As soon as she heard it, she should immediately send a flying needle. In retrospect, she still feels her hands shaking. This flying needle is not accurate. It really makes these two girls pounce and hurt Ruona like others.

This makes her feel cold when she thinks about it now.
If you laughed when you saw Liu Fei’s smoke in hidden weapons, you thought it was fun. I didn’t expect it to really save lives.
After this sentence, he shouted loudly that these women’s weaknesses are eyes. You just specialize in eyes. Their martial arts are actually very weak. It is very easy to find weaknesses.
In fact, even if he didn’t say that others saw this situation, he knew what to do. He attacked all the women’s eyes with his hands. These women who were not afraid of swords and fists covered their eyes and tried to avoid the posture gradually.
Driven to the wind by Qin Baiyi, Li Dalong Qiu Dayou is also a spirit, and the situation is pulled back to three points
Qin Baiyi sneers at you, so you can beat us.
Su Liangda said that even if it is now, it is not easy for us to join the fray and kill you.
Zhao Yi said flatly that even if we can’t beat you at once, the Regent will send someone to help you when we hear the news in the Great Wall. There is no chance.
It’s not up to you Qin people to be presumptuous in Chu land.
Is it the case?
The cold sound is not from one person in the battle, but from the ear beside him.
Chu Yun suddenly felt a cold ice and snow shower.
Su Liang Zhao Yi suddenly turned pale and leaped.
Ning Xiang Shi Yue Qi Qi exclaimed and struggled to rush over.
The war suddenly started next to Ruo, followed by his advance and retreat. Xie Xingsi’s face was gloomy, and a poisonous dagger with purple light quenching was held in his hand against Ruo’s neck.
Come here if you want him dead.
In a word, I was so scared that I just got up to serve the moon and almost fell to Su Liang, Zhao Yi, and stopped reluctantly.
Chu Yun’s handsome hand presses the soft sword in the sleeve, but it can tremble slightly and dare not sheath.
Don’t move if Xie Xing thinks he’s dead.
Several people were shocked by this in the bitter struggle.
Li Dalong Qiu Dayou’s mind was split by Qin Bai as a chest and a palm, and the screams of sternal fracture sounded together. Two people fell to the ground in mud and struggled for one or two, and they didn’t move again.
Zhao Dasun’s face is heavy, and he will no longer fight around.
The remaining two guards are also pale and nasty, rushing to attack a few tricks to force the girl to retreat, and then even retreat for several steps.
If I see that each companion’s face is unusually ugly, I will try my best to give them a comforting smile and then sigh gently. Thank you, Brother, I am not white.
Xie xingsi gritted his teeth. You know my parents are dead. My father is the richest man in Jeju, but who is my mother? Do you know?
If you think about it, an idea suddenly floats. She’s from Qin.
The second part of the dreamland is over here.
The dream of the world of mortals means to join hands with the world of mortals to laugh and see that life is finally awakened by the darkness of life and the cold reality of Nai. On whether it is a bleak feeling of life change or the process of Xiao Yao’s heart changing from love to hate.
The second part was written later, and I believe many people are looking forward to it. They are looking forward to the fact that Liang rebels are in the battlefield, and the story of Chu army war is vast, and the strange plots in the battlefield can be written in detail.
And I choose a sudden turning point and suddenly bundle everything, which may disappoint many people.
Because the most desirable thing in my heart is not to fight, the story is that I am good at fighting and have great achievements. I always feel that true wisdom always calms everything before things happen, rather than waiting for things to happen to pick up the mess.
Moreover, the war plot has always been a tool for the sudden transformation of human nature. People face the reality and endure the performance of people’s hearts in the face of trials is the second part that they really want to express.
Xiao Yao, who really loves Sima Yunniang, will kill Sima Yunniang mercilessly in the end. If it is out of true identity, it is just an official grandmaster Liu Qingyang who can bend his knees in the face of Gao Li.
The party in the government hall has changed a lot, and people can make choices. Most of them go with the tide and protect themselves for the time being. There is nothing to keep, and we can’t talk about what citizens are. Many times, the country is devastated, and several people may be dead or alive, which is more noticeable.
But even in this darkness, even if you see through the weakness of human nature, you are still willing to believe in human nature, even if you are born in vain, you are still willing to fight for people to succumb to the cold fate, and people will want to challenge their fate, and people will fail the test of love, even though they are good people, and people will suddenly be tempted to face the unknown long life, even though they may come to be bad people.
Xiao Yao’s killing his wife will also change Xiao Yuan’s past indifference and cruelty, and he really wants to protect his lover in his heart.
If you are persistent, Su Liang and Zhao Yi, two big boys, will still be passionate after seeing many cruel killings. Will he change his promise?
The second part actually wants to write about human nature, good and evil, weakness, persistence and conflict. In many difficulties, human beings choose initiative, passivity, perseverance and compromise.
No matter how powerful a great man is, he can’t escape this fate.
The third part is too empty to enter the international world. If he is going to leave Chu, several people will monitor him, but he will also protect his country. He will really grow up when he opens his eyes and sees the world in the face of cold and tender killing and forgiving cruelty and beauty.
I look forward to this if and hope to read it like me.
Chapter V Resurrection from the Dead

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