So, Dad, what should we do?

Wan Wan, you make a cosmic star positioning mark here. If your chaotic force hadn’t been in great trouble, you wouldn’t have lost your way in this universe.
And this universe, although I still don’t know what the problem is, feels very wrong. Don’t you think there are too many stars along the way, and the distance between planets is too short?
So what, dad? Isn’t that what all the stars in the universe do?
Xuan pupil didn’t feel anything wrong.
Of course not. These stars are stars, and they are all spinning at high speed. We flew all the way over. Do you feel the burning heat?
Tourmaline this rhetorical question immediately also let xuan pupil realized that something was wrong.
Yes, they are all dazzling stars, but where are all their light and heat?
I can’t feel anything.
Xuan pupil looked up at the red planet not too far in front of him while thinking about it.
From his point of view, you can clearly see the red flame burning in the outermost layer of the planet, but he can’t feel the fluctuation of thermal fire elements.
Instead, he sensed that the fluctuation of the fire element was still far away from here. What the hell was going on?
Chapter 468 The universe heart 3 really can’t give up.
What is it that absorbs all their element fluctuation energy?
Otherwise, why do these stars have bright surfaces but no actual temperature?
And what kind of dangerous area would it be to be able to absorb all the energy passing through the star body at such a far distance?
Xuan pupil look completely lost calm appearance dad that atlas son him.
Tourmaline nodded solemnly. I also hope that Huan ‘er is all right. Before it goes deep into that abnormal area, you should set the coordinates of the stars every other time, and write them all down in your mind.
Then try every other way to get you back to the source world. If so, it is still in the safe range. If you find it far-fetched, say that you can’t travel any further. You must return to the satellite coordinates for me.
Tourmaline practice is obviously the best way to be reliable and safe.
Xuan pupil shook his head, dad. That’s no good. If Atlas has gone deep into the most dangerous area, shouldn’t we go in and save him?
I’m going in, but it’s not us. It’s me. You wait outside.
No, dad, I want you to come in.
When Xuan Tong heard tourmaline say that he wanted to stay outside, but he wanted to go in, his first reaction was fierce opposition.
Once, he was not allowed to follow him because of Light Atlas, and now it is their turn to look for Light Atlas anxiously.
If I let my father leave him outside again this time, who can he find to come here and save my father Huan Er again?
If the depth of that area is really dangerous, he will go in together, and don’t try to wait for the taste.
Wan Wan, you are the dark source power of Yin palm, chaos eye, and the Cindy Yang fire power is in the star cluster here. If you can’t get close to your roots, you will suffer great damage. Don’t stubbornly listen to dad to meet us outside the safe range.
Don’t worry, if Huan Er is still alive, no matter how difficult it is, Dad will bring him. Don’t forget that your mother and brothers are still waiting for us to go home.
Have you ever thought about how anxious your mother and them would be if all three of us were trapped in it and none of us came back to report?
Even so, dad, you should let me in. The person that mom needs most is not us, but dad. If you don’t have me, mom will still have tears, but if they don’t have dad, your mom will be strong.
Xuan pupil what are you talking about?
Tourmaline suddenly looked cold and serious. What do you mean, your mother can still be well without you?
You are all sisters. She had a hard pregnancy and went through a lot of hardships to be born. Which one is not her body and heart? It is her life.
Is it decent for you to say such heartless words at this time?
Don’t you dare not listen to me when I talk to your father? You can challenge me like this if you have chaotic eyes and source power.
Dad, I’m sorry. I was wrong. You know I love you too much. Mom loves this family too much. I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want to leave you.
Xuan pupil eyes also some red, but still endure not to cry.
It’s because of love that we should cherish life more. You know it’s unwise for you to go in here. What are you doing in there? Am I in the way?
Besides, I’m your father. Can I have so little confidence in my father?
Hey, dad, baby, come on. Look dad in the eye and tell him if he thinks dad is not particularly confident about me going to your brother. You have no confidence at all.
Xuan pupil suddenly shook his head. Of course, it’s not dad. It’s the best dad in the world.

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