Gert, how old were you when you were with me in magic martial arts? Hehe, it’s been so long that I can’t remember. I know whether you were so small or cute and fat at that time. I didn’t expect that you have grown so big now. On what Gert is thinking at the moment, black dragon said kindly as his own grandson

I don’t know. Don’t ask me everything. I’ve long forgotten that you’re not coming to kill me. Then come on. Gert roared at black dragon like crazy, and then raised his pike and pointed it at black dragon’s chest
Boldly, I saw that Gort was ready to use force and the four dragons roared forward at the same time. However, black dragon’s thin palm gently raised a gesture at this time to stop the young people from attacking the four dragons. Don’t be so angry. It’s easy to get a lot of pains when you get old. black dragon said slowly for a moment and then turned his attention to Gort. You can certainly not listen to my old man’s words now, but you will never forget your identity. No matter where you go and what race you join, you are our true dragon grandchildren. Come on, forget the past and be willing to repent. I believe that the true dragon brothers will forgive you
After hearing black dragon’s words, Gert’s silence and hesitation were beyond words. After a long time, Gert took a deep breath and said, I am not a real dragon. From this scar on my face, I am not a real dragon now. I am not and will never be asked to go back with you unless you kill me.
Hehe, silly, I’m here today. Don’t you understand who I am? Are those bastards of the Dark Dragon not worthy of my hand? You should know what I’m going to do in black dragon. Will you do it? Come on, go back with me. I’ve been looking for you for more than 100 years. I’m tired of this game. I think you must be more tired than me. Come home with me. Although black dragon’s tone is still flat at the moment, even Dragonfly has listened to one of the threats.
Looking at black dragon and scanning the four dragons behind black dragon for a moment, I saw that he suddenly smiled and then floated up. In a burst of black light, a pair of huge black wings suddenly grew behind the humanoid Gert.
Don’t try to escape. Allen’s personality is urgent. When he saw that Gert was preparing to escape in a dragon shape, he stopped talking. I told you that young people should not be too impatient. black dragon once again said to Allen in a tepid way and immediately turned to Gert. Do you really think you can fly faster than me?
Hey, hey, I really can’t compare you with fighting power or flying speed, but you forget that dragons are born with a skill. After that, Gert raised his hands and grabbed the water chestnut at the end of his left and right wings.
Look at elder brother’s action has always been steady. black dragon exclaimed that it would greatly reduce your life span if you stopped the express train of elder brother. From black dragon, you were surprised to call Longfei and others to go to elder brother for nothing. The means to be implemented would definitely have a great impact on his own health, but it can also be seen from this point that elder brother has made up his mind to escape from black dragon’s palm.
It’s a pity that it’s too late for you to finally remember. Before I left, I said a few words to the human over there. After I said that I mocked black dragon, I turned to face the dragonfly and immediately said, You did a beautiful job. I really don’t know what you think of my identity, but I will always remember hum. I had to admire your intelligence. A little dragon led me here first, and then I fought for the arrival of these dragons. I was really brilliant, but you remember that my black dragon, Gert, suffered today, will never look at people again. At the same time, Gert will try to break the
Ah, in the groan of pain, Golter’s body gradually melted and disappeared like sunshine, ice and snow. He actually did it. Actually, he did it. Should we come here and watch Golter disappear and slowly walk to Golter’s previous position? Pick up Golter’s broken water chestnut and black dragon said blankly.
Elder, what should we do now? Do you still want to pursue him? After Sikate approached black dragon, I can’t ask him. After three days, his breath will disappear completely. Even if you pursue him, it’s absolutely impossible to find him. black dragon Nai said to Sikate, and then put two water chestnuts in your personal pockets, and said, You four should clear these monsters here. After all, every creature has its own place to live, and they can also get death if they stay here. After that, black dragon stopped saying anything and raised his feet and walked towards the dragonfly and others.
Silly little, I got you into trouble this time. Gert will definitely think that you and I colluded to lure him. I think he will come to you in a few months when he recovers from his injury. Just in case, I will let the four of them protect you.
As soon as black dragon finished talking about Dragonfly, he said, I’m not very worried about this, but before Dragonfly finished talking, black dragon said, Hehe, don’t say it. You must really want to know about the dark dragon Golter, right?
En Longfei nodded and said, in fact, it’s not that you happen to be here, so you won’t know that you know too much about these things, and it’s unnecessary to bring you unnecessary danger. I can tell you that the dark dragons are really different races. Although we are all dragons, they have been hostile because of different beliefs, and they don’t want to fight with others like us. Therefore, when you meet them, you should be more careful about other details. I think you will still know that it’s not the time yet, black dragon said slowly.
After hearing black dragon’s words, Longfei knew that he would not get any answer if he asked again, so he changed the subject and said, Elder, in this case, I won’t ask, but I think the ice clan should still be alive.
Don’t worry, I will let the four of them search here. Fortunately, they will send people to your city. Of course, it may take a few days. Now it’s getting late. I think it’s also very difficult to send you to the magic circle. Now let me send you back to the city because it will be difficult. In Zi Long, you will temporarily give him to me and let me treat him. After all, your human medicine is very ineffective for our dragon. It is more appropriate for me to come. After black dragon finished, he bypassed the dragonfly and took the injured Zi Long from Luo Cha.
Black dragon turned around and asked if there was anything else. I don’t know what it was. Suddenly, I stopped talking and looked at it with a puzzled look. black dragon didn’t say a word for a long time until he laughed and Luo Cha didn’t go in. He gently asked the elders when we could go.
After listening to Luo Cha’s words, Longfei and black dragon both chuckled at the same time. black dragon said silly, you are still young and have a lot of time to get in touch with new things. Don’t rush to get to the bottom of something.
Well, I know what you mean. I know. I always know. Then I’ll return to Kvas Qiba now. After dragonfly finished, he laughed and Luo Cha and others waited for black dragon to send him.
Be careful all the way. After black dragon finished, he waved a blue light and surrounded the dragonfly and other four people. When this light dissipated, Kvas’s sunset slowly fell into the eyes of dragonfly and others. He had never been to Kvas’s black dragon, and he could accurately send dragonfly and others to the roof of the city’s ruling hall. This made dragonfly have to admire black dragon’s mastery of magic control.
It’s like a long dream for the Japanese ice clan to see everything. The dark dragon monster Goble black dragon is a real dragon. It all seems to come and go too fast. Although Dragonfly tries to forget all this, he easily drives it out of his mind. Dragonfly seems to feel that something will definitely shock him in the near future. Maybe when that day comes, the mainland people’s concept of other races will be completely changed.
After returning to the ruling hall and seeing a windy day, the dragonfly simply told his stories to the windy day. Although he also felt very wonderful, he recognized that it would not have any impact on the Tianlong Army and did not discuss it again.
Hungry dragonfly once again called the crowd to call a meeting after a hasty dinner. At this moment, once the dragonfly absolutely attacked the inferno, all logistics and army mobilization would be as urgent as a race at the same time, so he was determined to launch an army. Dragonfly certainly didn’t want to lose a day in no reason.
However, this meeting turned out to be a big dragonfly unexpectedly. Carlo Lei Chen and others suddenly changed their opinions and urged the dragonfly to attack the inferno, while other generals who participated in the discussion maintained a neutral attitude except Ziyue. Therefore, on a windy day, Dragonfly laughed at Luo Cha’s bombing of Ziyue in turn and finally bowed their heads and conceded defeat. However, Ziyue also asked her to prepare for Kvas for three months. The opinions of Dragonfly Ziyue on this point are exactly the same. After all, Dragonfly also knows that war is not a game, and no matter how many soldiers are without good logistics equipment, they will be defeated by their stomachs.
After the meeting, Dragonfly was the last one to go to the meeting room. Looking at the sky, it was already full of stars. Dragonfly raised his hands and stretched his whole body. After that, he said that he finally wanted the inferno. Wait for it. Soon you will hear the name of Tianlong Army. Soon, people will fight against the inferno and fight back.
The brave words show the young man’s ambition to relax, but he seems to prove to heaven that he has confidence. The little snake has been rolling in the mud every day, and after repeated experiences, it has finally stepped on the road of Yunshenglong Road and is proud of the dragon, and will soon look down on all things in the blue sky and white clouds.
In stretching all the muscles and bones, the dragonfly suddenly stopped moving in his hands and looked blankly at the day. He gently said that one thing was not over yet.
The next morning, Longfei will meet Jieniya in the meeting room early in the morning. When Jieniya enters the meeting room, Longfei will sit high in the Panlong chair on the north side of the hall.
My daughter, see the Prince’s Temple. Jieniya Ying Ying worships without much ceremony. She just sits on the dragonfly and waves and says, Xie Dianjie Niya smiles and walks to one side to sit on the chair.
When he was seated, he heard Longfei say that it was very important for you to come here today. At this point, Longfei deliberately paused for a moment and listened to Jieniya immediately and then said, "Dianluo u?h"
Hehe, it’s about the magic weapon. Previously, Xiao Wang was entrusted by you to Bernard to seize the magic weapon. Although the magic weapon was very lucky to fall into Xiao Wang’s hands, I have already transferred it to others at the moment, so I can finish saying that I didn’t realize your request. Although Xiao Wang feels very sorry for you, he definitely doesn’t regret that the person who took the magic weapon is a good person who is considered by ordinary people. Dragonfly said slowly.
After listening to the dragonfly, Jieniya didn’t react violently as expected in the dragonfly. On the contrary, after seeing Jieniya smile, she said that since the temple has given the magic device to others, she is ready to give my daughter a jewelry joint generation.
Well, of course, since Xiao Wang didn’t complete your requirements, then of course, I will give you a generation for three months. Xiao Wang will return the equipment and materials of your previous joint army to you. You can also choose whether you want the materials or the money after the discount. In addition, I will give your joint army 10 million gold coins to compensate for this condition for three years. What do you think is still not enough? After all, it is difficult for other things to measure the value of magic weapons. It is nothing to him to slowly change his opinion into the first 10 million gold coins, but now it is like astronomical figures in the situation of Tianlong Army.
Hee hee temple, you seem to look down upon us. Divakxi jewelry has joined forces. Jieniya suddenly smiled and said, How can this compensation be compensated? Do you really feel dissatisfied? You really want a lot? Even if I sell it, I won’t have a few more gold coins. Dragonfly said with a wry smile.
Xi Xi Temple is joking. Today, the name of the temple is Tianlong Army. The strength is really going to auction the temple. Then I think it will definitely be more valuable than the magic weapon. Jieniya seems to be teasing the dragonfly. Alas, no matter whether Xiao Wang is worthless or not, people around Xiao Wang will not agree to sell me. Don’t tease me. The dragonfly has already heard that Jieniya’s tone is teasing.
When I came here, I told you that I would first give you supplies to make up for your loss of selling magic stones. But after that, although you ordered to get magic weapons, you will get a three-year military supply treaty. But don’t you understand what we really mean? It’s good to get magic weapons, but we won’t stop giving you these conditions. It’s just that Grandpa wants to test you to see if you really want us to get together. To be honest, our strength is to choose the strongest warlord in Bezos. Then you should still consider ten, but at first, Grandpa thought that he chose a few ways. Only in this way will he come here
Although Kvas’s strange city walls can’t worship Sotheby’s city, compared with your army, most of them have just joined the army for a year. Although the cavalry has no war horses, the magic stone cannon has almost no shells, and the dust in the granary, I have seen nothing to live and work in other places. The people have worked hard to train soldiers, and their morale is high. The loyal generals are clear, the water officials don’t shut up at night. Now you are in Kvas, which allows me to see a prosperous, strong and proud mainland. Sotheby’s, we are actually helping you, and we are also making a long-term investment. Do you think I will give up this excellent investment project, but those places are full of conspiracy dirt?
I’m here to ask you for 30 years in a nominal way. We want all your materials and military needs in 30 years. We will do what we can. If you want your power to reach the place, you must give us a preferential condition of reducing the tax by half. That’s all. Look at Jieniya’s words, it’s like a bolt from the blue. It’s not just a dragonfly, but even a windy day behind it. I don’t know what to say.
After watching for a long time without saying a word, Longfei Jieniya suddenly chuckled and said, Temple, do you think this plan will suffer, or do you think that the lack of half of taxes will greatly reduce your treasury when you become Emperor Bezos in the future?

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