"Ha ha, by the way, Boss Du, I got some Dan medicine. These are also waves in my hands, or do you think you can?"

With that, Xiang Ye threw a "jade" bottle at Boss Du.
Boss Du’s anti-‘shooting’ caught the bottle and hit the bottle cap. He casually looked inside and smiled. At this moment, he actually stiffened directly. It took a while to say, "Ascending the source of Dan, ascending the understanding ability of the monks in the source realm. Dan’ medicine’ Xiang Ye Daoyou, is this too precious?"
"Don’t mention it, Mr. Du. This is a little token of my appreciation. It’s mine if you don’t take it to heart. Thank you," Xiang Ye said at this moment.
See Xiang Ye this expression du boss don’t know how to say what he actually felt shocked about today’s Xiang Ye this gift? He has lived for so long and hasn’t seen this level of Dan’ medicine’. Generally, the monk Dan’ medicine’ that can be promoted to the spiritual realm is quite cherished. Now it turns out to be a seven-level realm Dan’ medicine’, which he didn’t even dare to think about.
"In this case, I’m welcome. Thank you, Xiang Ye Daoyou. By the way, you can rest quickly. I have prepared a room for you." Boss Du said at this moment.
Xiang Ye is also in need of a rest at this time. Naturally, he followed Boss Du into the room. He had a good rest today and will leave the next day.
One night, Xiang Ye closed his eyes slowly when the sun shone into the room. After one night, he confirmed his physical condition, that is, at this time, he really had two’ sexual’ lives, and when the opponent faced himself in the post-battle, it was like facing two seven monks. The most important thing was that Xiang Ye’s situation was far from one plus one.
At this time, there was a burst of footsteps outside. Xiang Ye got up at once. He had heard clearly who was outside. Sure enough, "Are you awake? Are we leaving here today?"
It was Bing Meiyin Xiang Ye who knocked on the door and said, "Hehe, it seems that you have gained a lot. Are you going to break through now?"
From the physical condition of Bing Mei at this moment, Xiang Ye saw at a glance that she was going to enter the peak state of level 6 at this moment.
"No matter how fast you break through, you are not as fast as you practice. I am only a six-level realm now. You are already a seven-level monk." Bing Mei smiled at Xiang Ye and said.
"To tell you the truth, I’m not as abnormal as you said. Now I’m actually practicing the six-level realm just like you, which is why I came to the ice area to find the snow lotus for ten thousand years in exchange for the breakthrough achievement method." Xiang Ye said seriously.
Who knows that after he finished this sentence, Bing Mei not only did not show the "color" of God, but looked at himself like a monster.
"What’s the matter? Don’t you believe me? I’m really a six-level state …" Ye Xiangnai explained again.
"Oh, stop talking about Xiang Ye. You are a pervert. You haven’t become a seven-level monk yet. You have the ability to defeat the seven-level monks. It’s really a big pervert." Bing Mei couldn’t stand it at this moment and took Ye Xiangyi directly.
Xiang Ye paused at this time and then realized that he had said that there was no breakthrough and that things were more lethal than the original breakthrough. Suddenly he didn’t know how to answer, "Hey, hey, this, this, this can’t blame me. These seven monks are a little weak."
Just then, Boss Du has been parked not far away and almost fell to the ground. This guy is really a pervert. He can say such a thing and let others live. You know, he is a seven-level monk and has not been able to endure Xiang Ye.
Especially now when I heard Xiang Ye say that he was a six-level monk, Boss Du would jump in if there was a big pit in front of him.
"Well, Xiang Ye Daoyou, don’t say it’s not that this girl doesn’t like you. Even I have an impulse to beat you up at this time. Of course, I was able to beat you before." Boss Du shook his head to make himself sane and came over and said.
After hearing the words of boss Du, Xiang Ye laughed, "Hehe, boss Du came just in time. I’m leaving exile today and I was just about to say goodbye to you."
"What’s the matter, Xiang Ye Daoyou? Don’t I treat you badly? Why don’t you stay longer?" Du boss then doubt’ confused’ asked
"It’s not what you think. I still have a lot of things to deal with. Besides, from yesterday, I felt that there was something hidden behind the unusual calm here," Xiang Ye said.
Now that Xiang Ye has said this, Boss Du will naturally not stay again. He sent Xiang Ye out of the’ door’.
Looking at Xiang Ye, the two people left the figure and Boss Du sighed and said, "Xiang Ye Daoyou hope you can leave safely. Although you are now in good strength, after all, you are too young. No one here is your opponent when you come back again in ten years."
Boss Du looked at the disappearing figure in a complicated way. He knew that there were many geniuses in this world, but there were not many geniuses who could really grow up.
"Hey Xiang Ye, you also feel something is going to happen? I feel the same way. Let’s get out of here. I feel uncomfortable in this exile city. "Bing Mei said to Xiang Ye worried at this moment.
Xiang Ye then smiled and looked around the environment and didn’t worry about God’s color. "Don’t worry about some things, even if you don’t run fast, you might as well wait for them to come."
Seeing Xiang Ye’s expression at this moment, Bing Mei confirmed her guess. Although she saw Xiang Ye’s "color" as if everything was under control, she was still worried at this time.
Two people so don’t worry don’t slow walking in the street finally Xiang Ye found something unusual, that is, the whole street was not a figure, just now, it was still a crowded crowd, and then the department disappeared, which was unexpected.
"What a big deal! It can make all monks in exile city not appear here. It seems that intercepting us is not a general angle’ color’." Xiang Ye stopped directly at this time and said to Bing Mei around him.
At this time, Bing Mei’s eyebrows are tightly knit together. Looking at the calm man in front of him, he once again knows that there is no mistake in his choice. Almost no one can resist the charm of this man.
"I fight with you …" Bing Mei held out his little hand at this time and put it in Xiang Ye’s hand. God said softly, "Color".
Looking at his eyes, although gentle, his eyes are unusually firm.’ Female’ Xiang Ye’s heart is slightly loose. Don’t say don’t forget it today. He has been pursuing his own people and he has to go out and protect her ~
Chapter four hundred and ninety-four Fusion
"It seems that the two people are really in love, but I don’t think you will enjoy the blessing for long, and soon you will die."
A sudden sound sounded from behind the two people at this moment, and the harsh feeling suddenly made them frown.
"I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Why don’t you come now?" Xiang Ye turned his head directly and said.
At this time, he saw at a glance that there were several people he knew behind him, among them, Bing Xuanbing had seen that Bing Liu once, and there was another person who had actually seen it. It was the day when he fled, and then he joined hands with the ice monks.
Look at the monks behind the line. At this time, Xiang Ye also wanted to understand that after the incident, it should be that the ice monks knew that they were not so easy to deal with, so they joined the monks in the exile city, and then the two sides planned to work together to solve themselves
Seeing each other’s appearance, Bing Mei’s body has trembled slightly around her. From these people’s momentum, she has already felt that they are all seven godsworn, and now they have to jointly deal with Xiang Ye and themselves. This situation is almost fatal for two people.
"Today is the time for you to give your life. Don’t worry, we will have a good time with you or we will be too sorry for you." At this moment, talking is the most icy.
Line day at this time slowly came forward to coldly looking at Ye Xiangdao "everyone be careful this little trick is no ordinary move is swallowing the beast talent avatar-the magic pupil comes out"
How do you know about Xiang Ye’s natural understanding of Hangtian? After all, Xiang Ye came out and killed four people just to let Hangtian escape.
"I didn’t expect you to remember my moves. That’s good, hehe. Then I’ll show you my move again this time. I’ll see how careful you are."
Xiang Ye’s voice just fell and he didn’t hesitate to see a pair of huge gray’ color’ pupils above their heads.
This pair of pupils turned out to be getting bigger by their appearance, and finally they directly enveloped a group of monks in a gray’ Meng’ and’ Meng’.
It turns out that Xiang Ye prepared this trick after the ice Xuan and a group of monks appeared. After all, in the face of all the monks, even if Ye Xiang is powerful, he can’t adapt this trick.
At this time, the appearance of Xiang Ye’s head is naturally his soul body. Every time the magic pupil appears, it is Xiang Ye’s soul body out-of-body experience, so that his eyes are equally gray and faint, and they are connected with the huge eyes.
Bing Mei hasn’t seen Xiang Ye’s move yet. At this time, he is seeing that several seven monks who are shrouded in Xiang Ye’s magic pupil are jointly displaying their seals at the same time, and they look like they are on the verge of collapse.
At this moment, the eyes suddenly opened two gray’ colors’ to attack the light and directly attacked the surface.
It was sirs seven godsworn teamed up to cast the seal. At that time, Xiang Ye went against the magic soul. At this time, it was difficult to penetrate, so that several people breathed a sigh of relief in the seal.

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