Zhang Xiaotian can’t call out the ice spirit and the fire spirit as helpers, but he can lead the enemy into fire and water to deal with them!

"Ice spirit! Fire spirit! Hurry up and stop them! " Zhang Xiaotian divided Pang Shen’s hands, especially the two six-order monks, into two groups, one group entered the extreme cold and the other group entered the fire! As soon as they entered the fire, water and Zhang Xiaotian, they eagerly ordered the ice spirit and the fire spirit
"yes! Master! " I haven’t fought for more than ten thousand years. The ice spirit and the fire spirit are quite excited when they fight, so they should be excited.
A fiery red flame! An extremely cold blue flame! Polar to Zhang Xiaotian designated opponent-that only two sixth-order monks!
And those who entered the fire and water fifth-order fix true were surrounded by the fire and water fifth-order lich king.
"Where is this?" Seeing the sudden change of the scene, many powerful enemies appeared around Pang Shen, and his face turned pale and frightened. He shouted that it was not that he had never seen so many strong enemies, but that he had never seen so many strong enemies!
Look at the many demon kings who came at him with their teeth bared. He was not affectionate and the sudden change of scene shocked him! This is obviously not hell! And hell scene is also cattle and horses are not linked! But why did they suddenly come here? This made him a little shocked and a little scared at the same time!
"I would have said that this mountain is our tree is our plant! You are coming to our site now! " See PangShen a face of panic Yang Xiao a face of insidious smile said.
Zhang Xiaotian didn’t speak beside him.
"Do you know who I am?" See Zhang Xiaotian they didn’t immediately begin PangShen slightly relieved to export coldly asked.
"We don’t know who you are and we don’t want to know who you are! We know we’re robbers and we’re here to rob! If you have money, you will live. If you have no money, you will die! " Zhang Xiaotian disdained a smile and looked cold and said
Hear Zhang Xiaotian PangShen face changed a few finally said slowly, "that’s good! We will give you money and you can stop! " After that, I looked at the hands besieged by the demon kings, and now their situation is in jeopardy! If you go on, you will die! It’s not that Pang Shen loves his hands, but that there is no need to let them sacrifice like this.
"Don’t you know the rules? We have to teach you a lesson when we get here! Let you wait for nothing! Save yourself hiding something later! We will spare you because you are the leader among them! Otherwise, would you be as relaxed as you are now? " Zhang Xiaotian sneer at a coldly say
"But since your mouth! Then we have to give you a face! Brothers, speed up! " Zhang Xiaotian eerie smile slowly continued
"yes! Master! " The lich king should way immediately stepped up the attack.
"Roar-"A burly man in his 30 s and 40 s turned tiger’s head and spat out a blue ice pick at his opponent.
"pa!" A charming young woman who looks around the age of 30 turns her feet into a snake, and a loud sound rings! A blue wind blade comes out and shoots at your opponent! The blue wind is getting bigger and bigger, and the color is getting stronger and stronger!
"Before! Sniff! Before-"the strength of the Lich Kings is as good as those of Pang Shen’s hands, and several people besieged a Pang Shen’s hands soon, and those young girls were covered with scars!
"Ah-"A young man in white couldn’t bear the blow of Wang Yi, an ice bear, and his sternum collapsed and flew far away. He fell to the ground in rags and couldn’t get up for a while!
"Hoo-"The same scene appeared in another girl! It was blown into a blue ice sculpture by an ice fox.
In the same way, the scene appeared again in several other hands of Pang Shen! Although these girls are pretty, those demon kings are not lovers! No mercy! Only in a flash, everyone fell down except the girl in white with Qin Wan in her arms! And they can’t fight.
"Hissing-"Pang Shen gasped at this scene! The mood has become heavier!
"Well, the course is over! Now it’s up to you whether the wealth you take out can be exchanged for your lives! We are robbers, but thieves have a way of asking you to take out your wealth and exchange it for your lives, and we will let you go! " Zhang Xiaotian eyes light looked at PangShen said slowly.
"How much money can we give you to let us go?" Took a deep breath PangShen asked slowly.
"How much? Is it because we didn’t give you a lesson just now? " Zhang Xiaotian laughed at a coldly asked.
"no! No! " Hearing Zhang Xiaotian talk like this, Pang Shen quickly waved his hand and said that he had seen all those handbooks. He didn’t want to be beaten like them!
"How much do you think you are worth?" Zhang Xiaotian eyes looked aside light asked.
Hear Zhang Xiaotian PangShen never bothersome! Quickly take out one thing after another from the ring.
"What also take? These visible things are all wealth, all of us! If you want to take it, we can’t see it! " As PangShen opposing busy Hou Xiaotian looked back and said impatiently.
Figure move several figure appeared beside PangShen! Toward PangShen finger that ring slightly find out the ring was immediately Zhang Xiaotian in the hand!
Then the figure disappeared. Zhang Xiaotian was still there, just like he had never moved. His hands were staring at Pang Shen faintly!
Pang Shen’s eyes are a little cruel and fleeting! Pondering for a moment, Pang Shen said slowly, "There is a big black box in my ring! There are some other polar materials and natural materials in the big box! That big box needs a special method to fight, and only I know that method! " Say that finish PangShen eyes to Zhang Xiaotian.
Zhang Xiaotian took the ring and explored the spirit. Then the sleeve robe was thrown into a big black box, and then it was thrown to Pangshen. Zhang Xiaotian said lightly, "Is this the box? Then you hit it now! "
"This ….." Looking at what black box PangShen tone some hesitation.
"what’s in this box is your ransom!" Zhang Xiaotian laughed at a light and said.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Crystal mother
Hear Zhang Xiaotian so PangShenCai slowly out of the breath rest assured! Take the black box with both hands and stare for a moment, then put your hands on it. The chapter is read online by the Internet.
See PangShen hands kept waving in the constantly draw a strange symbol to the black box.
Zhang Xiaotian gazed intently for a moment and couldn’t help but sigh heartily! Zhang Xiaotian learned the knowledge of fur array, and it can be seen that the energy of every strange symbol surface is very weak, but Zhang Xiaotian now that every symbol contains a strong array, and many symbols are also a strong array!
"I’m afraid this can only be done by cultivating the true spirit!" Zhang Xiaotian sighed! Ghost repair soul force is doomed to array law fate!
Suddenly PangShen stop manual slowly out of breath! After all the symbols are shot into the black box, the black box gives a dazzling black awn!
"pa!" Black boxes are marked with a layer of black mist inside.
"This black box is a small one. Everything is in it!" Cast a glance at the black box PangShen light said
Zhang Xiaotian hesitated a huge soul force to use the box rolled from Pang Shen! Then the spirit sank into the black fog box.
"Day spirit grass! Ghost flower! Chiba Fruit … "Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help but shout out one shock after another after the spirit sank into the box. These are all treasures that increase the qualification of ghost repair! Moreover, among the many treasures that increase the ability to read, the status is not low! Everything is very precious! There are many more that Zhang Xiaotian has never seen and don’t know! I didn’t expect there to be so many things in this box! There are some other precious materials that Zhang Xiaotian knows very little! But in terms of knowing those things, the value is also quite scary! Mostly things that are extinct in hell.
"These natural resources and treasures can be used to increase the qualification of ghost repair. The mind is very valuable in ghost repair! So much should be enough? " Glanced at that one by one by Zhang Xiaotian out of the black box natural material treasure PangShen light asked words with a hint of contempt!
"Hum! Natural resources and treasures? I think it’s pig grass and dog grass! You also regard it as a treasure for such rubbish? " Zhang Xiaotian laughed at a coldly say.
With a wave of his hand, Zhang Xiaotian dropped the black box together with the things in the box.
Hands together a soul force group Zhang Xiaotian pushed slightly and took those out of the black box and fell to the ground, and the natural materials and treasures were blown to pieces!
See here PangShen face is not a change.
Without waiting for Pang Shen to say anything, Zhang Xiaotian said faintly, "Do you see that many of our brothers’ sculptures lack something to increase their qualifications?" Reached a finger Zhang Xiaotian pointed not far behind him.
See Zhang Xiaotian pointing to a place where heaven and earth help the ghosts to sit on the ground in order! One by one, we have tried our best to absorb the soul force in the soul stone around refining and chemical industry, and all of them have reached the ghost-shaped stage, and a small part of them have broken through to the ghost-shaped stage.
The most important thing is that part of the ghost practice there is the kid the day after tomorrow!
His face suddenly changed, and Pang Shen slowly calmed down. He just saw Zhang Xiaotian do that. His real purpose in Zhang Xiaotian was to find an excuse to kill them! But after seeing so many kids the day after tomorrow, he became a little white!
Those ghost practices are not very high, and the ghost period is nothing to him, but they are acquired kids, which is different! It says that they have all made great efforts to increase their reading ability. There must be a lot of ghosts and talents!
Although there are not a few treasures in Pang Shen’s black box, it is nothing compared with so many acquired imps to increase their qualifications. Moreover, he is not sure whether these acquired imps will fix the limit in this way.
Maybe these treasures that increase the ability to read are really nothing in their eyes! Think for a moment. Pang Shen has this idea in his mind.
"Is there anything else out quickly! Our patience is limit! " See PangShen a pair of thinking expression Zhang Xiaotian said with a face of impatience.
"I still have a dimension! There are also many things in it! " Pondering for a moment PangShen face some unwilling said
"What? Second dimension! " Zhang Xiaotian’s face showed a strange expression and he couldn’t help shouting.

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