Looking at Danzong now, his heart is full of pride, and his heart is full of limited passion. Such a Danzong is worthy of his life to protect Danzong!

"Only by constantly powerful natural enemies can I protect everything I have!"
Xia Qi swept Gu Yue and others’ faces and hearts were full of fighting spirit.
Xia Qi’s return didn’t disturb Danzong. The other monks met at a high level and then went to Jingjing Room to heal.
At this time, Jingjing’s face is rosy and charming, but she is like a red apple.
Her breathing is long and steady, and she looks more normal than normal, but her soul is completely unconscious in a deep sleep.
"Jingjing, you will definitely recover."
Xia Qi carefully lifted Jingjing up, let her lean against her arm, and then took out a pill that was too ancient to be swallowed by Jingjing.
Because Jingjing was unconscious, Xia Qi had to gently divide Jingjing’s lips and put Taikoo Ninghun Dan in her mouth.
The pink lips are more attractive than the jihu of Xia Qi’s fingers, which makes Xia Qi feel slightly absent as if he is relishing this feeling.
Taikoo Ning Soul Dan’s entrance melted into Jingjing’s body and surged towards the soul in my mind.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xia Qi solved the seal, and the soul ban of Jingjing just allowed Taikoo Ning Soul Dan to blend with Jingjing Soul and slowly repair it.
Xia Qi gods entered Jingjing’s body to observe all this carefully.
It can be clearly seen that Jingjing was supposed to break and dissipate the soul, and the effect of setting the soul in Taikoo was actually slowly restored.
The speed is very slow, but it has been being repaired. It is estimated that it will be fully recovered in half a month to a month.
Xia Qisong breathed a sigh of relief and sent another Taigu condensate soul Dan to Jingjing’s mouth.
Two ancient soul-setting Dan feet will restore Jingjing’s soul injury and strengthen Jingjing’s soul at the same time.
Speaking of Jingjing, although it is dangerous this time, it is also every cloud has a silver lining.
In the past, old people like Yao Xian and others let her swallow several elixirs to maintain her body and maintain her vitality. Now, there are two Taikoo Ning Soul Elixirs that have been vigorously repaired and strengthened. After waking up, it takes a little practice to practice a thousand miles a day!
After confirming that Jingjing had no problem, Xia Qi told Yao Xian to let him take care of Jingjing, so he planned to break through the repair.
He wants to break through to the deification stage as soon as possible and then look for the injury that has not recovered, and Richie will slay it!
Maple Leaf City is naturally not suitable for Xia Qixiu’s breakthrough site. He intends to find a hidden place from Maple Leaf City and directly break through to the deification period.
"Xia Qi, are you leaving again?"
Gu Yue lying in Xia Qi arms fingertips across Xia Qi chest some don’t give up.
"Well, I’m going to make a breakthrough and then go to the Blood Moon Mountains. For the time being, Maple Leaf City needs the help of the Taiyin Sect. I’m afraid the whole Maple Leaf City will be destroyed."
Xia qi is also very sad, but still say
"Then you must pay attention to Ann."
Gu Yue nodded gently to limit tenderness. How can an iceberg beauty look like on weekdays?
Hearing Gu Yue’s words, Xia Qi’s heart was filled with emotion, and he held it in his arms. The gentle touch of his perfect charming body made Gu Yue’s mouth groan seductively …
Soon, the low moans become more passionate, and in the dark, they are more attractive than blood-pumping.
The next day, Xia Qi left Maple Leaf City, and a cave was dug in a mountain far away from Maple Leaf City, and he practiced directly in it.
The operation of the five elements’ mental method is really rolling like a river.
Xia Qining’s mind returned to its peak state, and then he took out Gankun Zaohua Dan and swallowed two pills directly to prepare for the shock period.
It should be more than enough for him to do a hundred pieces of Kun’s elixirs to impact the gods.
The circulation of true elements impacts the deification period.
He clearly felt that the boundary barrier was rolling and the impact was unbreakable, as if the root could not be broken

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