The second candidate said, vote for me, and I will raise your income to ensure that you have food and clothing.

An idiot knows who to choose as president.
Constant victory relies on him to crush the incorrigible faction with the champion.
The non-indoctrinated faction fought back in the face of such advantages
No one from the incorrigible faction of the Italian Cup in Florence went to the scene to watch the game, not because they didn’t want to, but because they couldn’t.
In the end, Lazio narrowly beat Florence in the away game and advanced to the semi-finals of the Italian Cup, which is the semi-final.
Lazio will defend the Coppa Italia in two steps and three games.
Generally speaking, when it comes to winning, you will definitely not give up this opportunity.
Take as much as the champion can!
Who will think there are many champions?
And he also needs the champion to prove to the Lazio fans who support him that his constant victory is equal to the champion. This is an identity!
Convince them that supporting themselves is meaningful and rewarding.
In this way, the two sides will become closer and closer.
Lazio can’t do without the support of the fans, and the fans need to win constantly, so that the head coach can bring them championships.
To put it bluntly, it means mutual benefit …
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Foot vote
Lazio will meet their old rival Inter Milan in the semi-final after defeating Florence and reaching the semi-finals of the Italian Cup.
The other semi-final is Rome versus Houdusse.
It shouldn’t be a problem for Rome to beat Houdusse to reach the final.
In this way, if Lazio can beat Inter Milan and reach the final.
Then the Coppa Italia will play a Rome derby at the Rome Olympic Stadium!
This is really an interesting stunt.
The media are looking forward to it.
Changsheng also thinks this idea is good.
It’s so creative to beat Rome in the Italian Cup final!
Of course, first they have to win Inter Milan.
Although Lazio beat Inter Milan once in the league, the league is different from the Italian Cup.
Now, all the four teams that have reached the semi-finals hope to win the championship, even the weakest Houdusse has such a mind.
Inter Milan, if Mourinho realizes that he can’t win himself in the league, he may change his goal.
He won at least one championship rhythm in Porto and Chelsea every year, but when he came to Inter Milan, he broke the league title, but this season the Italian Super Cup was gone.
At present, the league title seems to be hanging by a thread, so it seems easier to have one Italian cup left.
Anyway, now he needs a champion to stabilize his handsome position.
If he want to continue to be that coach of Inter Milan …
Changsheng can imagine that he will face the crazy block of Inter Milan in the Italian Cup.
But what he fears
Lazio vs Chievo in the 21st round of the League.
This game is the second of three home games suspended.
There are still visiting fans at home, but Lazio players have nothing to adapt to.
They entered the game state from the beginning of the game.
Cavani quickly scored a leading goal for Lazio.
But the most striking thing about this game is not the body of the game, but outside the stadium.
It was the first home game after the uncivilized fans of Lazio called on other Lazio fans to join them against the club.
This game is a chance to test how many supporters the incorrigible faction has won.
Untouchables also came outside the Olympic stadium before the game, and they were not allowed to go in like other Lazio fans.
They didn’t want to go in either.
Instead, I pulled banners and slogans in the square and shouted slogans against Lotito and winning.
They are putting pressure on the ordinary non-extreme fans to support the incorrigible instead of winning.
But unfortunately, when they shouted slogans, few people answered.
These ordinary Lazio fans know that they can’t get in, but they still come outside the stadium. This is a support for the club and the team
They have to fight side by side with their own team, not in the stands but also in the nearest place to the team!
When Lazio in cavani scored the first record, they learned the real situation on the radio outside the stadium. Lazio fans burst into great cheers.
It’s like they’re watching the ball in the stands.
They cheered louder than the stadium wall, and Lazio players and coaches heard it.
Although it was separated by a little, it was really cheered by Lazio fans.

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