"AC Milan has succeeded halfway!"

"allegri well done! It is worthy of being able to grab a golden chair award coach from Chang! "
"allegri defend that dignity of the Italian coach! He made people realize that we should not be superstitious about those famous foreign coaches who also have excellent young head coaches in our country! "
"allegri often has a problem. Lazio can’t attack for a long time. As time goes by, the situation will be more and more unfavorable to them …"
However, it was only half a game, and these explanations blew allegri away. They had been looking forward to it for a long time, and finally, on this day, an Italian coach challenged him to win and was going to succeed!
The former Italian coach Mancini was a top player, which made people have high hopes, but in the face of constant victory, Mancini fought back like a kindergarten child.
Mourinho is the only coach who can compete with the constant victory. His leadership of Inter Milan can make Lazio into a bitter struggle, which is not easy.
But Mourinho is also a foreign monk, which makes the xenophobic Italians unhappy. They don’t want to cheer Mourinho and get sarcasm and abuse when he leaves Italy.
Allegri is different. He is a real Italian coach.
But also made Lazio into a bitter struggle in the match with Changsheng!
Such an excellent head coach deserves their high hopes.
They fantasize that Chang Sheng throws things in the locker room in a rage, which must be very joyful …
Chapter two hundred and sixteen Don’t behave
In Lazio’s dressing room, he always wins, but he is not as flustered as those daydreaming Italians think, throwing things and banging tables.
He seemed very calm.
He didn’t even criticize the players for not scoring at half time.
From the moment all the players entered the locker room, they were always winning, and they talked about the tactical arrangements in a reel.
The attitude towards AC Milan team is right, and he has nothing to be unhappy about.
Always allow your opponent to play well …
It’s not surprising that AC Milan didn’t concede a goal.
The influence of the words is weakening a little bit, and the teams have been hit hard among the words, and AC Milan and Juventus are among them.
AC Milan finally won the league title this season, which is a good proof.
Now AC Milan is really a strong team.
Face such an opponent with a correct attitude, or you may lose.
The key is how to break the AC Milan zone defense
When AC Milan is in charge of defending their respective areas, it doesn’t make sense to look for opportunities back and forth.
What Lazio need is a forward goal.
The winning strategy is to compress the three lines of AC Milan first.
Especially their first two lines of defense in the restricted area.
When the two defense lines are very close, when they are compressed into one line, they suddenly plug through the AC Milan defense line.
Then the rest of the work will be given to the strikers.
This requires Lazio to be as straight as possible and to be able to be straight in all positions and to be straight well.
This is exactly what Lazio’s new tactics can do.
Modric, Ledesma and Hernaz, who started this game, all have this ability.
In addition, david silva and Gotze can also and they will push forward and pull the AC Milan defense line when other players create better chances.
This is the constant victory to make adjustments.
Lazio tactics brought great trouble to AC Milan after half-time.

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