But now the world of cultivating immortals is calm.

Many immortals were destroyed, and the top strong people in the realm of cultivating immortals were in several great realms, which were controlled by Danzong. During this period, the realm of cultivating immortals was absolutely quiet.
However, although the cultivation of immortals is calm, Xia Qi several people dare not relax.
As we all know, after the calm, many immortals in the celestial world will fail and return to the ancestral gate of the celestial world. Naturally, the revenge will be even more fierce.
While this is short and precious, Xia Qi and his party must increase their strength as much as possible.
Gu Yue, when she reached the peak of the virtual fairy and continued to ascend, she would soar to the celestial world. Naturally, during this period, her energy was devoted to studying the blood sword and the hall of evil immortals.
The blood sword and the hall of evil immortals are so magical that even immortals such as Du Qi and Zhu Xuan are surprised and envious.
If Gu Yue can put his blood to the sword and realize the mystery of the evil fairy temple, he will be absolutely strong and outrageous to suppress the fairy strong.
Jade Bell is studying Xiaobai.
Jade bell has a good talent, but she has reached the peak of virtual fairy. The best way to make her strength soar is to find a way to make Xiaobai’s strength greatly increase.
I’ve seen Xiao Bai’s weird is Du Qi, and several people are also amazed. I have the blood of the sacred beast White Tiger, but I have the blood of Kunpeng. Xiao Bai’s strength is strong and strange, but no matter how small Bai’s strength is, it is obvious to all that it is strong and outrageous.
In order to increase Xiaobai’s strength for a short time, several immortals of Du Qi also suffered massive bleeding.
A kind of fairy world brings precious elixir, which makes Xiaobai swallow like jelly beans. He wants Xiaobai to increase his strength in a short time, and Xia Qi will increase his strength.
It’s a pity that Xiaobai really seems to regard many precious elixirs as jelly beans, and one elixir after another almost keeps swallowing, but the strength has not changed at all.
In the past few days, Xiaobai has not changed, but she is in high spirits. On the contrary, several immortals in Du Qi and Zhu Xuan can’t help but see Xiaobai and Jade Bell turn around and leave.
I can’t help it. Xiaobai’s strength hasn’t changed, but it’s like being addicted to Du Qi’s precious elixir.
In the past few days, Du Qi’s several people have been swinging a few elixirs into Xiaobaikou even though they have extraordinary status and wealth. Since then, they have avoided seeing Xiaobaikou and Jade Bell.
Jade Bell and Xiaobai’s strength seem to have risen in a short time, and the last hope can be Xia Qi.
Xia Qi was closed at once, but it’s a pity that his savings are powerful and horrible, but it’s also extremely difficult to break through the realm because his savings are too horrible. What’s more, Xia Qi’s heart is urgent and he can’t calm down. If he wants to break through the roots in a short time, there is no hope.
However, Xia Qi could not break through the boundary, but many high-level officials in Danzong made breakthroughs one after another.
Because Fang Jingjing got a lot of celestial materials from Du Qi, she was immersed in an alchemist and refined the elixir, which made Danzong and a group of monks get several benefits and make rapid progress.
It’s a pity that Danzong’s high-level base is a virtual fairy realm, and it’s not as good as Xia Qi, Gu Yue and Jade Bell. Even the virtual fairy peak realm is not too big.
Of course, even if these high-level factions of Danzong don’t play much, they are shocked by Du Qi’s talent for being an alchemist.
What Du Qi did not hesitate to secretly make a horrible condition, hoping to win over Jingjing to join Du Jia after she ascended to the celestial world. Unfortunately, Jingjing was wholeheartedly devoted to Xia Qishen, even though an alchemist was Xia Qi’s consideration, and other Du Qi’s various favorable conditions were not tempted at all.
As time went by, a few days passed in the blink of an eye.
Gu Yue is still in a closed state these days, and seems to have a slight understanding of the blood sword and the evil fairy hall
Jade Bell and Xiaobai are the only gains, except that Xiaobai will eat up the elixir in the hands of several immortals of Du Qi, and several people of Du Qi will be defeated and flee.
So is Xia Qi.
After a few days, my heart couldn’t calm down, and Xia Qi had to give up and continue to close and choose.
The state method breaks through the situation of Danzong, and Xia Qi feels a little impatient
Fortunately, jade bells and Jingjing are all with Xia Qi, and there are two women to appease Xia Qi. Finally, a little calm is for repairing breakthroughs but there is no clue.
"Xia Qi since you break through the law, how about an alchemist with me? Your alchemy skills are not bad either. Maybe you will naturally break through in the process of alchemy. "
Jingjing and Xia Qi are lying in the big bed Jingjing is lying in Xia Qi’s arms, and her naked and charming body is looming. If the skin is white and tender, it is better than letting Xia Qi just vent the bath fire and rise again.
"Forget it, I can’t make an alchemist now, and it’s almost impossible for you to make a breakthrough with the help of an alchemist."
Xia Qi while toying with Jingjing’s chest, enjoying amazing elasticity and satiny, slightly lazy and said

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