"Versace is the most popular person in front of the Pope. How could he not know?" Gasol feels more and more that this young man is not simple, even knowing such a big man as Versace.

"That’s good, then I’ll write a letter of introduction for you. You can get a good job in the Vatican. I’m an old friend of Versace." I know Spartacus in Yunxin’s heart. Versace counts!
"Ah ~ ~? !” Gasol Raul’s mouth opened in a circle.
Off Gasol Raul after the cloud ignored one side Li Qing eyes Ai Lijie to discuss the next step plan.
"What should I do with’ Little Dragon’? Can’t I still take it with me?" Ai Lijie’s first thought was "Little Dragon" to deal with problems.
"Of course, it’s impossible. Come to us, it’s fate has done its best to say goodbye here." The joke is that the four venerable deities of Tianlong Shinto in those days should be named after a kind of "god beast". It is supposed that these four people are all single and ordinary people with such shocking monsters. What about life?
"But we have some feelings along the way." Ai Lijie always felt very sad when she was a woman.
"I’m afraid that when I meet you, the’ little dragon’ should not be bound by people!" Yun really wants to, but what he said is also very reasonable.
When the huge body of "Little Dragon" slowly disappeared at sea level, Yun Ai Lijie felt the faint sadness. "Now it can finally enjoy its own life." Yun laughed a little unnatural.
"I’ve suffered it for so many years." Ai Lijie has choked up. Where did she know the story of "Little Dragon" from the cloud? At this time, she finally enjoyed a happy life freely regardless of other constraints. It’s not a blessing to taste it again, but when can she be as free as it is?
"Hey, have you finished saying goodbye? I’m hungry!" Li Qing’s eyes finally can’t stand the cold taste and get noisy. Actually, wherever she goes, her beautiful face is the focus of attention. Where has she received such a cold reception?
"I know, let’s go to a small shop and have a good meal!" Yunchong smiled at her for the first time. Yunchong rapped without her this time.
"Good, good, hungry!" Li Qing’s eyes rang loudly.
"Let’s go!" The cloud patted Ai Lijie, who was staring at him. "Let’s go and improve our food. We’re dying of fishy smell recently!"
"Well" Ai Lijie this just back staring at the eyes suddenly gently jump into the cloud arms low swallow.
"What’s the matter?" Cloud is very confused. I don’t know where she is stimulated.
"No, it’s sad. I didn’t know it was," Ai Lijie whispered.
"Hey, what’s wrong, dead monk? How did you make your sister cry!" Li Qing’s eyes saw Yunkou say that she was going to eat, but she didn’t move and became impatient. When she came closer, she found that Ai Lijie was sobbing in her arms and was busy begging for the cloud.
"I’m all right" Ai Lijie gently broke free from the cloud arms and looked back at Li Qing’s eyes with a bright smile. The wet tears in the corner of her eyes were a little fragile, and the smile and amorous feelings of Li Qing’s eyes were really irresistible!
"It’s my own problem. It’s none of his business. He’s always been very kind to me." Ai Lijie’s look at the clouds brought the contradiction of human nature to the extreme, and her eyes mixed with many kinds of emotions showed a beautiful woman vividly through those eyes. Li Qing’s eyes suddenly envied Ai Lijie a little. She felt that she might never have that kind of beauty in her whole life.
"Let’s go. It’s almost dusk. There’s no room for going to the restaurant later!" Cloud will be a bit heavy atmosphere to one side.
"Yes, I want to eat fish!"
"That’s no problem. My horse will throw you into the sea, but it’s not up to me whether you eat fish or fish!"
"Why, your family didn’t make you so fierce!"
"no! You didn’t annoy me, but the fish annoyed me. Now I want to vomit when I hear this word! "
"Then forget it and come to a snake soup! It is also delicious! "
"Do you really want to die?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"What’s the matter? This is the port. If you don’t eat these, you still have to eat?"
"Why don’t we eat people and cook this chattering little girl? It is said that it tastes good!"
"You go to hell, smelly monk! One offense and two precepts! "
"I don’t mind making an extra ring to get rid of edema if I have plenty of time. If you hum reluctantly, you can also consider waking you up by the way. I’m already secularized!"
"I told you that a good monk would never return to vulgarity, damn it!"
"Okay, stop that now. Here’s the restaurant." Ai Lijie interrupted Yun Liqing’s eyes and stopped bickering.
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The seventh volume Han Hai black dragon invincible Chapter 11 Local ruffians and hooligans
The seventh volume Han Hai black dragon invincible Chapter 11 Local ruffians and hooligans
In fact, when Yun and his party were walking in the street of this small town, they were already very conspicuous, especially when Yun Guangguang’s forehead looked like a monk but he didn’t wear a cassock. He also walked with two girls as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade, and Ai Lijie was dressed in strange clothes and that set of tinkling jewelry was destined to attract people’s attention. Compared with Li Qing’s eyes, it was often overlooked, which made her suffer another blow. Together, the phoenix became a sparrow.
After entering the restaurant, this group of people even caused customers in almost all the lobbies to pay attention to the strange combination and strange collocation, giving this Bianhuang town a unique landscape, but I don’t know the origin of these three people. For example, Qiongzhou is still quite backward at this time, and more people come here to find gold. They buy some tropical fruits such as coconut, capture some rare and delicious marine fish from the sea, and then transport them to the bustling areas to make money. This kind of business is quite hard, but the corresponding profits are amazing, but it is not very stable, and the distance is not very safe.

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