Shame! What a shame!

Whether fat or not, in the golden light, they design and build a little more perfect.
"Why haven’t you built it yet? Is it too difficult for their company to design buildings? Is it even difficult to build? " Some players don’t understand
"But I see it seems that the building hasn’t changed for a long time. It’s always hazy. Is that what they designed?"
"The elder brother of the fat you design so strange! Hazy on behalf of the ambiguous fat brother Yan eldest brother you get this film and television company and come up with so emotional appeal to the artistic company headquarters "
"Do you want the hidden rules? Slip of the tongue unspoken rules actress? " Chen Yiming came up from behind the fat face.
"Sure enough, I know a lot of little stars in reality. Why don’t I introduce you to some acquaintances and ask you to take me to mix!" Fat and Yan Yan haven’t talked yet. Chen Yiming’s face is small with a wretched smile. He said that his expression is no different from that of * *
Fat and dull-faced, it is impossible for him to say that the design of his company headquarters is a pillar of gold.
And the so-called vague hidden rules, well, fat admits that he thought about it, but in the middle, unless both sides are willing, if they come, I’m sorry, the fire and hell will force the tour group to wait for you for 20 days
"Not scientific! Unscientific! I didn’t design it this way. Is there a mistake? It’s so manly and tasteless! Not to mention that I am obsessed with art. Absolutely not. My perfect design must be seen by more people! "
"Even if I tear down and rebuild, even if I spend another gold coin, I must make my architecture and art available without flaws. Art must be displayed. Only such senior talents who really understand art will come to our company and our company can shoot art."
After listening to Yan Yan talking to himself, Fat almost collapsed. If it weren’t for two people who are still good friends, Fat almost couldn’t help dragging Yan Yan to the duel field and beating him severely. Put his head in his ass to make him sober up and get back from his fucking art and become normal.
"Art can’t be flawed. Art is sacred and noble." Chen Yiming also heard the harsh words and flattery suddenly jumped out of his mouth like running water
From abroad to China, from ancient times to modern times, a personal name and a priceless treasure name jumped out of Chen Yiming’s mouth. The more you listen to it, the brighter your eyes are. Finally, you slapped Chen Yiming on the shoulder and almost didn’t break Chen Yiming.
"Talents, talents, our company needs talents like you. When you are young, you will be beaten with me. If you are dressed up, you will be given a fat name to ensure that no one dares to make you die."
"Thank you for your appreciation. In fact, I have two brothers who are more talented than me. One is fooling centaurs, and the other is flirting with American ace agents. I think eldest brother will definitely need such a younger brother."
"Name!" Yan Yan’s face is aloof and looks like he has really become a great artist
"Jiang Debing is everywhere!"
"Broken egg madman Jiang Debing? There are many people who are broken? " After listening to the name, Yan Yan asked with flashing eyes.
See Chen Yiming nod he suddenly excited than said "good! The company needs talents with their own ideals and pursuits. With you joining our company, it will surely become a world art center and a holy place for world artists! "
Fat involuntarily took a few steps away from Yan Yan’s direction, and his forehead was cold and sweaty. "Art, art, you are paralyzed! The perverts are a group of perverts, so the name of the company might as well be called the madhouse! You shouldn’t listen to Yan Yan’s madness and form a company with him. If you continue to play like this, the company will go bankrupt in a few days. "
Just as the fat man sighed, a thick, big and long gold * * stood in the sky outside the building of their design company.
"Holy shit!"
"Good * *!"
"Mom is so * *!"
"* * burst!"
In the commercial island, when players see the building, their eyes almost pop out of their sockets and fall into the earthquake, so they will curse.
Fat turned his head stiffly in scolding, and before he saw any change, Dad Lin and Shelley rushed over with angry faces.
Without saying a word, one person pulls Fat with one hand, and Dad Lin kicks ass, and Shelley slaps the face, so that Fat will be beaten into a human form and fainted directly!
Then, before everyone could react, he blushed and blushed, foaming at the mouth, unconscious and fat, and disappeared directly into the water, obviously feeling ashamed.
After Lin Dad disappeared, he talked nonsense with Yan Yan. Looking back, Chen Yiming just saw Yan Yan’s design, and he was still full of art before the building. He was also stunned and twitched.
To get the news from Chen Yiming is more exciting than coming to Linli and Jiang Debing. After seeing the image of the company building, they turned their heads and ran away directly, leaving a face dumbfounded. Chen Yiming was embarrassed than smiling at the hypocrisy.
Then I really can’t stand the people around me looking at me with strange eyes and saying goodbye and disappearing.
"See what see? This is art! Do you understand art? We should look at things from an artistic perspective instead of a secular one. "
"Alas, how do you know art? Talking to you is casting pearls before swine. There is no place where there are so few people who know art and practice it as I do. "Yan Yan’s self-absorbed expression suddenly made many female players feel uncomfortable and enlarged to the limit.
"Sisters killed this pervert!" I heard a ringing female ring and a group of female players led three punches and two feet in Zhao Li to directly scream at Zhao Gang.
It was not until the crowd dispersed that Yan Yan struggled to get up from the ground, and his face was swollen. He kept saying, "Art without art, life is incomplete and failure. If you don’t understand, you will never understand!"
Wang Gang witnessed that the image of Yan Yan Design Company was not established successfully for so long before the whole incident, which is why Wang Gang is considering whether this company image needs to be restricted.
Finally, Wang Gang figured it out that China banned all kinds of sex education, but the sex of teenagers did not decrease.
Moreover, because of the forbidden condom advertisement, many boys and girls don’t know how to protect themselves from pregnancy when they steal the forbidden fruit, which has caused tragedies.
So Wang Gang thinks that even if the ban doesn’t improve morality, it is better to let go of the restrictions directly and let the players play their innovation to the extreme without any restrictions and imprisonment.
Chapter 1 Battlefield Command Center
After the completion of the company building formulated by each company, Wang Gang didn’t stop to build seascape villas, residential towers, small villas and duplex buildings in the planned areas.
"If you want to enter, you will automatically allocate a room belonging to the player." In a blink of an eye, more than 1,000 sets of sea-view villas have been built and more than 100 residential buildings with hundreds of floors have appeared.
In all rooms, the daily furniture is neat.
In addition to the seascape villa, the room type was also divided into three different types by Wang Gang.
The first type, with a common area of 5 square meters, is suitable for single dog or a player with a girlfriend to live in. In order to become a player, each player does not need gold coins to automatically own one set.
Compared with the first one, the second one is twice as large in area and about 15 square meters in size. There is no problem for a normal family to live in it. This room type can be allocated if the belief in Wang Gang reaches the level of pan-believers.
The third type is a 5-square-meter duplex building, commonly known as a small villa. In a small villa, there is a gym in addition to a room. Even a big family is enough for them to make the duplex building require players to reach the level of true believers or 10,000 in the combat effectiveness list.
The villa with sea view covers an area of more than 5 square meters, with swimming pool and gym. All kinds of facilities need devout believers’ hierarchical beliefs before they can be allocated.
In addition, 100 players can automatically own sea view villas before the combat power ranking becomes combat power.

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