Lin Jing patted Li Fei. "Afei looks to your right rear so that you can calm down a lot, right?"

"Right rear? What east trough? ! Why is he here? ! Didn’t I ask him to stay at home? !” Li Fei was shocked. Jiang Lianqi smiled and waved to him after seeing Li Fei notice him.
Li Fei’s teeth are really not worrying! Why did you suddenly come over at this time? Can’t you consider one for him? He’s nervous, okay?
Suddenly a surprise around the line of sight are gathered in the Li Fei body.
Li Fei looked stunned. "What’s the matter?"
Lin Jing hate iron not to produce a drag him up from his seat "what’s the matter? Won the prize! Not only that, the Golden Rooster Award for Best Newcomer Director is you! ! Go on. What are you doing? !”
Li Fei still felt that all this was not true. He struggled not to let his legs go limp, knelt on the ground and walked slowly off the stage. When the heavy trophy was held in his hand, Li Fei really realized that it was not a dream.
Chapter 357 Fanwai 1 Jiang Lianqi and Li Fei
"Little brother, this is your little cousin. His name is Li Fei. You should get along well and take good care of each other, you know?" Jiang Jian Luo looked at Jiang Lianqi’s way at the desk carefully, and then put Li Fei in his arms on the ground. "The one in front of Xiao Fei is also your cousin’s name, Jiang Lianqi, and then he will accompany you."
Jiang Lianqi looked at the crumbling milk ball on the ground and looked indifferent. This was the first time he had seen Li Fei.
"When did you get a cousin?" Jiang Lianqi puzzled asked.
"You forget? Didn’t my aunt have a baby two years ago? It is because he is too busy at work that he has always been entrusted to Saya and Kohane, who take care of his eyes. Kohane went abroad to study Saya, and they couldn’t take care of him for special reasons, so they left it to you. You can be a good brother, right? By the way, he is in this small bag "Jiang Jian Luo explained to Jiang Lianqi.
Facing Jiang Jian Luo’s expectation, Jiang Lianqi didn’t want to pour cold water on him, even if he didn’t like the milk ball any more, he nodded and agreed.
From then on, it was just the two of them.
Jiang Lianqi just had more people at his side at the beginning, and it wouldn’t have any influence, but the fact was not as good as he thought.
When Li Fei cried for the third time and asked him to hug him, Jiang Lianqi finally stopped writing in his hand and looked at Li Fei with a bad tone and shouted, "Stop crying! It’ s noisy! "
Li Fei did not listen to Jiang Lianqi’s words. After all, a one-and-a-half-year-old child’s ability to understand words is limited.
"Want to hug … meowed …" Li Fei was crying.
Jiang Lianqi fidgety jumped up and down from the chair for a while before reaching out and hugging him.
He is only three years old, and Li Fei can’t be picked up from the ground without much big Li Fei, which also makes Li Fei lean in his arms for a while.
When Li Fei stopped crying, Jiang Lianqi solemnly warned, "Listen to me carefully. I still have to finish reading what my mother told me. My mother will punish me. You’d better be good and don’t disturb me. Do you hear me?"
Li Fei bit his finger or nodded "I … my brother … with …"
Listening to Li Fei’s logical words, Jiang Lianqi frowned. "Do you mean to accompany me?"
Li Fei nodded. "I’m … good …"
Jiang Lianqi took an incredible look at Li Fei and threw him some toys, then climbed back into the chair.
It was not long before he smelled a bad smell.
Jiang Lianqi frowned and looked at Li Fei with a patient face. He raised his forehead. "Why didn’t you tell me about the toilet?" It stinks! "
"I’m … good … with … brother …" Li Fei’s eyes are still wet with a face of stubbornness.
Jiang Lianqi language extremely once upon a time, Jiang Jianluo went to that small bag to dig out a diaper, but when he looked at sitting on the ground and was a little overwhelmed, he was at a loss. How to change this thing? Although he learns a lot, he hasn’t learned this!
No matter Jiang Lianqi bit his teeth and dragged Li Fei into the bedroom, he endured nausea and wiped his ass and began to study the diaper method.
Li Fei felt a chill in his ass and couldn’t help sneezing. During the period, Jiang Lianqi said, "Wait a minute, I’ll study it again." After a while, he finally started to change Li Fei’s diaper.
Although it’s crooked, it’s finally done. Jiang Lianqi has a sense of accomplishment in his heart.
Just as he was immersed in joy, the bedroom door was suddenly opened, followed by a harsh female "Qiqi? ! Qiqi, where have you been? ! What did mom tell you before she left? ! How dare you be lazy? ! And what’s the smell in this room? !”
Jiang Lianqi was afraid of shrinking his neck. Li Fei patted Jiang Lianqi’s face. "I … accompany my brother …" Then he smiled sweetly.
Jiang Lianqi suddenly felt a little warmth in his heart. He steadied his mind. "You stay here and I’ll go out and have a look."
Before he went out, the health door was opened. Sun Muyu stood in situ. "Where did this child come from? Why did you hide a child at home? How can I tell you? The most important thing for you now is to study better than your brother! Where sometimes let you rest! "
Jiang Lianqi dropped his eyes. "I’m sorry, mom. This is my aunt’s eldest brother. He said let me take care of him …"
Sun Muyu dumbfounded "what? ! I told you not to associate with their family. Why didn’t I listen? ! Give the child back to their Li family at once! Do you hear me? ! Keep away from them. I don’t want you to be like that! "
Jiang Lianqi clenched his fists tightly. "Mom, I will study hard and let him stay here …"
"Are you kidding!" Sun Muyu doesn’t make sense at all. She pointed to Li Fei hiding behind Jiang Lianqi and looked aside at Jiang Qingyan "Yan Yan! Go and take the child away and send it back to the Li family! !”
Chapter 35 Fanwai Jiang Lianqi and Li Fei
"hey! Little zongzi! Little zongzi! Open the window! " Li Fei shouted in Jianglian Qifang Square.
Jiang Lianqi doubt will open the window Guo Lifei suddenly jumped out of the head to Jiang Lianqi frighten nerve-racking, hurriedly dragged him into the room.
Scold with a straight face "this is the third floor! Are you dying? ! Dare to climb like this! "
Li Fei was scared to shrink the neck. "Oh, don’t yell at me. I won’t fall off when I climb a tree … You yell at people. Your expression is as scary as a facial paralysis."
Jiang Lianqi’s eyes flashed a trace of loss, but it disappeared in an instant.
Li Fei rummaged through her pocket. "I brought you something nice to see ~"
Jiang Lianqi looked at Li Fei and put a toffee in the palm of his hand like a treasure, and the apex was soft. "You just sent this to climb the tree?" Is it not good to take the gate? If you fall, it won’t hurt you! "
Hearing the word "pain", Li Fei shrank and then pouted with dissatisfaction. "What if I touch my aunt again? Brother Luo told me that every time I come to your aunt, I will give you a good education. Should I come to you? Then I won’t come later … "
Jiang Lianqi heart thumped a "no! Nothing! Don’t listen to big brother! I’m very happy that you came to see me … I’m too worried about your mother. After she went abroad with her second sister, no one will yell at us both again. We can rest assured. "
Li Fei suddenly grinned. "Hey hey ~ I knew you couldn’t bear to part with me. I brought you more than sugar and a small cake for myself. Since my aunt is not here, I will give it to you ~" Then I took out a beautiful box from my pocket.
Jiang Lianqi eyeful spoil and some nai "you this pocket is four yuan pocket? How many things have you put? "
Li Fei pouted "put a lot of good things! Less candy tubes are enough! "
"Are you ready for primary school next week?" Jiang Lian qi suddenly asked
"I don’t want to go to that place …" Li Fei suddenly lost.
"What?" Jiang Lianqi was puzzled.
"They will bully you and I can’t see the eldest brother all the time …" Li Fei was somewhat frustrated.
Jiang Lianqi was surprised. "I … I didn’t take them seriously. You will see them when you come back from school."
"But there is industry, right? I heard brother Luo say that primary schools have a lot of jobs to do when they go home every day, just like you do those jobs at home … but I just don’t want to do it, "Li Fei complained with a headache."

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