Xiao Zeya nodded clearly. "So, excuse me, Mr. Zhao, do you want Li Fei to get lost and study hard?"

Teacher Zhao has a look of "knowing the past and asking questions", but he still has to say two words in his mouth. "That’s for sure. If you give your child to the school, you will have the right to manage him well. Otherwise, if parents and relatives like him are not around, what should I do if I follow some unscrupulous students?"
"Oh, oh, so that’s your concern." Xiao Zeya patted Li Fei on the shoulder. "Li Fei apologized to the teacher. It’s your fault that you were distracted in other people’s classes."
Li Fei was a little dissatisfied, but before he could say anything to refute it, Xiao Zeya once again said firmly, "Li Fei, I have to admit that I don’t want you to be that kind of coward."
Li Fei bit his teeth, and his fist was tight and loose, loose and tight, and finally he bowed his head. "I’m sorry, Miss Zhao."
Miss Zhao’s face softened a little. She said, Come on, the parents of this student will bow their heads to her and admit their mistakes in the end.
"Well, Li Fei has admitted his mistake. Is it your turn now, Miss Zhao?" Xiao Zeya’s temper directly made Li Fei and Miss Zhao both stunned.
Miss Zhao has just eased. It didn’t take long for her face to become ugly again at the moment. She bit her back molar and said, "Do you know what you are talking about? I think you are out of your mind. "
Xiao Zeya has always swallowed "Miss Zhao, my head is very clear"
Deep eyes staring at the angry teacher Zhao Xiao Zeya slowly said, "Miss Zhao, you shouldn’t be a" teacher "and you won’t make mistakes, right? With all due respect, from my point of view, you are also wrong. Indiscriminately misjudging a student is not a good teacher. "
Miss Zhao was so angry that she could hardly hang her face and glasses. Angrily, she struck the table and pointed to Xiao Zeya’s nose. "That’s enough! I think you are also a poor student. Tell me which technical school or vocational high school it is! With a guardian like you, I’m simply worried about this child’s future! Can he still enter a famous university? "
Xiao Zeya calmly pushed the glasses frame gently. "Okay, okay, Miss Zhao, don’t be so angry. After all, there are so many other teachers here. How bad it is to go out."
These words woke up Miss Zhao, and she found a trace of reason from her anger. Looking around, she found that other teachers were really glancing at Miss Zhao here, and her heart was suddenly cold.
It’s over ….. She won’t even be able to judge the excellent teacher this time, because of this bastard young man in front of her!
After trimming his clothes, Mr. Zhao pretended to be calm and sat back in his original position. Xiao Zeya continued to say, "Mr. Zhao, listen to me first. First of all, I’m not from a vocational school or a technical school. I’m a freshman at A Medical University this year. If you don’t believe me, you can check it out. Secondly, if you are worried about Li Fei’s study, I appreciate it, but should you apologize for your indiscriminate accusations? As far as I know, Li Fei’s academic performance has not slipped, and he has always maintained the top three in his class. As I said before, he is wrong to absent from class. I have asked him to apologize for this, but he has not become a so-called "bad student" in your mouth, has he? Teacher Zhao still said, do you think a small mistake will affect him? I can assure you that he is not in love. He is not interested in these things. Take a step back and say that he is a hopeless child, but I won’t let others be hopeless. What’s worse, others are still fine. Xiao Zeya paused. Or … Miss Zhao, do you actually like being a "learning machine"? Why don’t you try to make your class more lively and interesting instead of being so rigid? In this way, students should not be distracted. "
At this time, a bunch of students gathered in the office, all of whom were blasted. This big mouth declared that it was Li Fei, a parent who was extremely advanced and well-founded, and did not blindly cater to the teachers. Everyone came to meet this powerful parent.
Chapter 12 is not easy to bully
"My god … if only my parents could have this kind of consciousness of Li Fei’s brother."
"Yes, yes, I envy you … and Li Fei’s brother is actually a doctor. This is really a schoolmaster!"
"Blasted into you and Li Fei. Do you know his brother? I want to ask him how he studies! " Suddenly a classmate grabbed Li Fei’s skirt excitedly.
He admitted generously that he knew Li Fei. He didn’t say that this was Li Fei’s brother and classmate. He felt that this was equivalent to creating momentum for Li Fei, so that these students should not be difficult for Li Fei again.
He paused and continued, "But I think you have to go to Li Fei for this kind of thing. After all, it’s his brother. I’m Li Fei’s friend and I’m not that big."
The classmate corrected for a while and finally gritted his teeth. "Okay, I see." It seems that he has made up his mind.
However, blasted into Yi did not pay too much attention to this classmate, who was more interested in it.
In fact, he is also a little worried about Xiao Zeya’s doing this. In fact, some of them make Miss Zhao come to Taiwan. He is a little worried that after Miss Zhao, she will target Li Fei everywhere. After all, there is a math class every day. If she wants to find Li Fei trouble, it will be easy.
Miss Zhao’s face was crooked with anger, and some of her guilt raised her volume. "What do you mean! Is it my fault that students are absent-minded in class? Say my class is boring? Where are you from? "
Xiao Zeya has always been very calm. "I’m just giving Mr. Zhao a suggestion to calm down." I stretched out my hand and pushed my glasses again and looked at the wrist watch. "Mr. Zhao, we’ve been talking for so long, and it’s time for class. If I remember correctly, it should be you in Li Fei’s class, right?" Because it was still early today, he went to Li Fei’s room to help him clean up a table and just saw Li Fei’s class schedule.
"What are you trying to say?" Miss Zhao looks pale way
Xiao Zeya said, "I have a suggestion." He looked around for a week and finally locked his eyes on an elderly female teacher who was kind-hearted. He glanced at the schedule on the wall in front of the female teacher. "Why don’t you let this … Mu teacher give Li Fei their class a lesson? Why don’t you give Mu a lesson as a competition? If the students prefer to listen to Teacher Mu in a class, you should try to change the teaching method and apologize to Li Fei. If the students prefer to listen to your class, I will take him out of school immediately. "
The words sound just fell and the office was silent. I didn’t expect Xiao Zeya to play with such a big teacher Zhao to return to absolute being first. "What is your place here? Can I let you fool around like this? You young people are really ignorant now! "
Xiao Zeya’s eyes narrowed slightly. "In fact, there is another way. Why don’t I talk to the principal directly? Why can there be such a teacher who wrongs people indiscriminately? The school is here, but it is not a place where some people come to throw their weight around! The headmaster … is his name Zhou Muyuan? "
Li Fei quietly pulled Xiao Zeya’s skirt and asked, "How do you know the principal’s name? We don’t know."
"That’s my friend, his uncle. Of course I know. I’m relieved. Now that I’ve decided to help you get justice, I’ll do what I say. I have to let people around here know that you are a little weak, but it’s not easy to bully you. You should also talk to others appropriately." Xiao Zeya answered his question.
"Or almost come on ….. you’re here to talk to the teacher about my absent-minded problem. What kind of game has it become now? What kind of competition has dropped out of school? There are a lot of classmates gathered outside the office. When they come, they won’t like me …" Li Fei hung his eyes and said his worries.
Xiao Zeya touched his head without saying anything. "Don’t worry, just trust me. They will never."
Teacher Zhao is closest to these two people. Of course, she heard them talking. Is this little roommate related to the principal? Wouldn’t it be …
However, this Mu teacher is recognized as a good lecturer, and she is a top class. There is no chance of winning a competition with her! Forget it … Let’s admit it.
"I before me-"
"I promised this game!" Mr. Zhao was just about to apologize to Li Fei when he was drowned out by Teacher Mu’s more brilliant voice.
"So … what about you, Miss Zhao?" Xiao Zeya looked at Miss Zhao.
Chapter 13 I don’t want him to be autistic again

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