But their real trump card is stronger than their personal strength. I don’t know how many players have seen the tacit cooperation before, so they can do it without preventing their teammates from playing all the fighting capacity of several people. Like the devil, the team that specializes in cooperation has been able to play more than five people’s fighting capacity, which is not enough in front of the neuron five.

Back to the basics, we can see that there are not many players, but they are finally pursuing the realm. Whether it is a single-player battle or a team battle, returning to the basics is the highest realm. It is not difficult to do this.
Now it is recognized that Wang Tianping is the strongest player in single combat effectiveness, but even Wang Tianping is still far from the realm of returning to nature. He is familiar with the various attributes of the mecha and can control the mecha to make the most appropriate actions at the fastest speed. There is no opponent among players, but even so, it is still not returning to nature.
Wang Tianping, who has a lot of people fighting in the team battle and squadron battle, is more brilliant than the single-player battle. The single-player battle and the five-player battle are all the best of three games. Up to now, there has never been an undefeated player or a five-person battle. Even Wang Tianping and the neuron five-person team have experienced failures, but everyone will say that they have never lost the game.
However, the team battle is different and still stays in the winner’s team. That’s really an unbeaten battle, especially a frenzy. Their opponents are stronger and more dangerous, but they are either recklessly or tactically, or right or wrong. Wang Tianping led the tactical strategy wave after wave. Up to now, their record has won. It can be said that Wang Tianping’s leadership in the squad squadron has reached the state of returning to basics.
No one doubts that Wang Tianping, the first person with the strongest personal fighting capacity, has returned to the original leadership ability, but the five-person war is not another day. His leadership ability has not been played much in the five-person war, and fighting with a small number of people like this does not seem to be his forte.
On the contrary, although it has been winning all the time, there are not many brilliant points. Just when the five-person war reached the realm of returning to nature, it seems that the five people get together in a seamless way, but one person fights against five people, which means that the fighting capacity of five people can not only be fully exerted, but also complement each other, so that their strength can be measured.
Wang Tianping, five people in the lounge of the main venue, are watching the video of the battle just now. The turning point of the whole battle is actually that the two arbiters who besieged the Golden Dragon turned to support the peacekeepers. Only two shots defeated the strongest five groups in the Federation. This feeling of ease makes five people who know how to do things lose their minds.
"What should I do? How to play a game? They cooperate more strongly. It’s okay if they can enter the group one-on-one hit situation, but if they don’t divide their forces and stay together, even if they form five one-on-one hits on a battlefield, they can take care of each other if they cooperate. "Yunfei looked at it thoroughly and said the key point."
Wang Tianping also frowned and said, "Yes, their cooperative combat effectiveness is too strong. If they stay in the same area where they can see each other, they can cooperate with each other. In this way, we will be prepared for group one-on-one combat, which will greatly restrict them to completely divide their forces, but whether to divide their forces actively depends on whether they can see the terrain and environment of World War II before making a decision."
After saying this, Wang Tianping went on to say, "Everyone is white, so let me get this straight. Although it may hinder morale, let’s get ready for the second stage of the competition. At least we will have another chance to win the championship of the loser group, and according to the current situation of the loser group, the second stage is likely to be’ them’."
A few people looked at the situation of the loser group and nodded their heads, which was different from the fiasco of the strongest five in the Federation. The strongest five in the Phoenix Group had already won a victory, and they were also preparing for the second battle. The Phoenix Group was best at protracted war, but before it was played, it was seized by the Empire Group of Five, which quickly formed a group one-on-one battle. Although the Phoenix Group of Five could see each other, they failed without cooperation methods.
Although the cooperation of Phoenix Five is also very strong, it is much worse than that of neuron Five, that is to say, the level of five people’s combat effectiveness is better than that of the strongest five in the empire, but it is also limited, and it can not reach the crushing advantage. In addition, in terms of tactics, Phoenix Five is in an absolute weak position, and the strongest five in the empire is likely to win.
Once the Federation’s strongest five-man team lost to the neuron five-man team and the empire’s strongest five-man team defeated the Phoenix five-man team, the second stage of the competition will be held in these two strongest five-man teams, and both sides will be white, so Wang Tianping will wake up and several people must prepare for the second stage of the competition against the empire’s strongest five-man team.
The other side is preparing for World War II in the lounge. The strongest five in the empire naturally saw the battle video of the main venue. Originally, the strongest five in the Federation were suspected of winning. The second stage of the competition will be to fight against the neuron five, but at first glance, it is found that the opposite is true. The neuron five defeated the strongest five in the Federation.
The five ice elves are all masters, and their eyes are naturally unusual. They can see the level of cooperation of the five groups of neurons at a glance, which surprised them. No wonder Wang Tianping commanded or lost. It really makes people feel a sense of strength to meet such cooperation.
Chapter 765 The strongest five-person battle ()
The second battle of the two venues was almost at the same time. The strongest five in the empire is now in mind, and the cooperation of the Phoenix Five is still a little unfinished. Although the cooperation of the strongest five in the empire is very rough, it is strong in personal strength and tactical strategy. Even if it loses a game, it is very likely to win in the end.
However, the strongest five people in the Federation are almost here. The first fiasco made them lose sight of the gap with the enemy. If it is a few days later, the finals may be able to think of any cracking methods in these days with their superb strength, but even if they are talented in the second battle after ten minutes, it is impossible to improve.
Therefore, there is no suspense in the second battle between the two venues. The strongest five-person team in the Federation wants to make the neuron five-person team completely split up and kill five enemies in different places through the terrain, but it is obvious that the neuron five-person team also keeps a certain distance from their strengths and weaknesses to ensure that they are all in range, and finally wins with that strong cooperation.
On the other hand, the strongest imperial five in the club did not confront the Phoenix Five head-on. On the basis of gaining the intelligence advantage, various means were used to make the Phoenix Five cooperate with each other to play the Nai battle, which eventually turned into a group one-on-one battle. The process was very similar to the main venue battle, but the result was the opposite.
The two two-to-two ratio surprised the audience. As expected, the record of the strongest five in the Empire was indeed a little worse than that of the Phoenix Five, but the strongest five in the Federation actually didn’t win even one game. The winner was kicked out of the second stage of the competition, which surprised many viewers, especially the supporters of the five.
But now it is acceptable to accept the algorithm. Wang Tianping led the strongest five-person team in the Federation to lose. Now the winner of the winner group has been determined to be the neuron five-person team, and the winner of the loser group still needs a game.
The strongest five in the Federation against the strongest five in the Empire!
Today, two groups of five people, the strongest players from two camps, finally met. Although they were a little surprised that Wang Tianping would fail, it would be wonderful to think of the next battle, and it was the first time to see so many players competing on the same stage. The audience was excited again after a short period of confusion.
Lounge this time, ten players from two groups of five did not choose to watch the video. At this time, they were all in repose. They had just passed two battles and had to go through two or three battles. It is normal to have a rest at this time. Plus, they are already familiar with the video. There is no need to watch the video of the battle.
It’s another ten-minute break. Ten people in this period are all in repose. The individual strength of both sides is the strongest in the Federation. The five-person group is even better. After all, Wang Tianping is sitting in the seat and has the ability to cooperate. Both sides are half a catty. What kind of moves can the other side make is very clear to each other. The layout before is meaningless. You need to improvise after the terrain and environment are confirmed.
Training ground standard gravity day!
Seeing the referee randomly coming out of the terrain environment, ten people are in distress situation, which is actually the simplest map. It is strange to say that the terrain is random. Sometimes there are several complex maps at first, and one is more difficult than the other. Sometimes it is the simplest map several times in succession. There is no tactical performance to recklessly.
However, no matter what kind of map it is now, there is no difference between the two five-person groups. In all kinds of maps, the same offensive will eventually form. Now it is necessary to see who is stronger than the overall strength of both sides.
On both sides of the game, the five mecha are of course directly charged. Wang Tianping is the only one with defense here in the Federation. As far as he can, he takes the lead to charge in a long snake array, while there are three patrolmen on the other side of the empire. Naturally, he can advance in the first three and then two.
This kind of head-on confrontation is meaningless to the master and can’t see any subtleties, but for ordinary players, this wonderful confrontation is the most enjoyable.
In the early stage of the battle, there was nothing particularly close, visual confirmation, and shooting. The federal firepower was stronger, but the general empire was just the opposite. There was nothing too big to contain each other, but there was a certain loss and the situation entered a frontal confrontation.
Driving on the federal side is that Windrunner has no long-range attack capability, but once it is close to melee, it is a big trouble for the empire, while the imperial gun king can contribute a little long-range fire while melee is weaker than Windrunner.
Long-range mutual fire can’t tell the strength from the weakness. Neither side has a choice. At this time, it doesn’t make much sense to fly kites, but at the same time, they charge to prepare for close combat. At this time, the formation of both sides has finally changed a little.
The federal side is still headed by Wang Tianping, but it is no longer ranked last, but stayed behind Wang Tianping. Behind the two of them, three arbitrators lined up horizontally, excluding the weakest Jin Shenglong who accepted Wang Tianping’s shelter. The other two were exposed to the enemy and needed to rely on evasion to reduce the damage.

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