The shoulder strap has been dropped …

Long summer is full of joy.
The sea is foggy
It’s dark, and I’m in high spirits early, waiting for the result.
"Miss Korea three you … you are amazing! What a mess! "
"ah!" Teng up early and high-five the door hand one by one and laughed "great! So they can’t control us! By the way, what happened to Junbang? "
Chapter 962 Our early decisive battle
It’s just a few hours, but being trapped is getting slower and slower.
Liang Juanbang and the hands are also heavy and waiting for the opportunity.
A hand suddenly raised its neck at the window. "What’s that?"
"What’s the matter?" Liang Juanbang got up at once and walked over. From this position, you can see the lighthouse outside. People like Liang Juanbang can’t understand the lighthouse signal … But what’s so messy?
"Master Liang!"
Hand-excited sound from behind
"Huh?" Liang Juanbang heavy eyebrows tight cu he has noticed the anomaly.
"this!" Hand a piece of paper to Liang Juanbang.
Liang Juanbang hurriedly took the call and looked at it. It was not familiar with the font, like which handwriting.
"It’s a cruise ship."
The handwriting is not early, but this tone is early
It says ….. the signal in the sea area of Junbang has been disturbed by my magnetic field force. I wonder if this has any effect on you? Don’t worry about me. I know you must have a way. I will wait for you here.
Liang Juanbang breathed a sigh of relief. This note made him feel reassured! Originally, he was worried about whether he would be afraid early, but in this case, his worry was obviously unnecessary. If he really wanted to kiss her in front of him early now, it would be great!
Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the figure in the lighthouse to get busy.
"Hum!" Liang Juanbang snorted. "They panicked. It’s up to us!"
Liang Juanbang trumpeted everyone coming in …
Longteng, the cruise ship, also noticed the abnormal lighthouse signal, and he could understand it. How did this happen? Who can interfere with sea signals? Longteng mind off a flash he can think of early!
He saw with his own eyes how she made a compass with her wrist watch and how a winding caused an explosion!
She looked weak early, but her brain was bright and mechanical, and she played with it and became a very lethal weapon.
Longteng can think of doing this early to save Liang Juanbang, but the signal in the sea area of country A is actually messed up … Is this such a big deal? No matter how much he likes it early, he is also the second young master of the Dragon Family!
No, he has to stop her from doing this.
It’s hard to think about it, but he has a responsibility to force himself. First of all, he has to find a way to get close to early …
Di du Chang Xia mountain villa
"Hilang hurts!"
Hang Ningdai gritted her teeth and sweated profusely, resisting pushing Han Xilang very much.
Han Xilang raised his neck and sweat slipped down his elegant neck line. His expression was very forbearing. Where did he stop now? Isn’t this a joke?
At this time, he is no different from ordinary men. One mouth is to coax "a little bit!" It always hurts a little! You should have heard of this … "
"…" Hang Ningdai’s eyes are full of fog and resentment and stare at him. "If I believe your mouth again, I will follow your name! Where does this hurt a little? Han Xilang, you bastard! "
Say what won’t hurt, it won’t hurt … Everything is a lie!
"Ha ha" Han Xilang was in a good mood. His chest shook and bowed his head and kissed Hang Ningdai. His lips were red and swollen. "Don’t worry about my mouth, have you forgotten? You would have told me my surname … but we have already registered. "
Said the people into her arms tight tight.
The dumb voice in her ear seems to be deliberately exhaling slowly. God knows he has been very careful.
"NingDai lovely … just a moment, bear with it, bear with it!"
"ah! Beast! " Hang Ningdai raised her hand and fanned Han Xilang.
Han Xilang eyes light dark backhand will she pin down such a tough tone is not soft "I promise I will gently …"
"Hum …" Hang Ningdai wanted to cry. How could she know that Han Xilang was such a loser!
Louhang’s family has come to pick someone up.
Section 713
Le Xuewei and Ruan Danning walked upstairs talking and laughing. "The two children got together at the first opportunity and couldn’t stand it. Fortunately, after the wedding, they were not taboo or worried."
Le Xuewei raised her hand at the door and was about to knock at the door.
The door suddenly opened from the inside. Han Xilang panicked and saw Le Xuewei in a hurry. "Mom, call a doctor!"
LeXueWei one leng see son now …
How can Han Xilang not be reverie when he is wearing a bath towel around his waist and sweating?
You!’ LeXueWei entranced to jilt face pull son aside "let you meet NingDai, talk well how do you like this out of her room? You can’t even wait a day! "
Ruan Danning looked embarrassed on the side.
"Mom!" Han Xilang was so embarrassed that he went to see Ruan Danning again. "Aunt, don’t lecture me now. Get a doctor!"
"What’s the matter?" Le Xuewei and Ruan Danning glances also worried.
Han Xilang fidgeted and scratched his hair. "That, that … Ning Dai fainted!"
Two mothers a surprised hurriedly dial Han Xilang into the room.

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