"Sister Mian, what song are you singing?" Ji Xiaoxi’s eyes are shining.
"Listen, sister, I improvise and be original!" Take a nap in the rain
"Sister Mian, you are so talented."
"That is must be talented! Wow, hahaha … "
"But sister call phoenix? Hey, Sister Weiwei also summoned the big bug, saying that the big bug crawled slowly and said that they seemed angry. Don’t they think it’s nice? "
"That’s because they don’t know how to appreciate the late online hit list to watch my sister sweep the Chinese music scene and get a golden melody award to play … I’ll call Phoenix to flash!"
"I know the truth because of my sister."
"The truth?"
"Silly boy, the truth is to be run by river crabs …"
"Can you have it with me?" JiXiaoXi very koo blinked his eyes.
Chapter DiYiSanWu Wilderness
"What’s the matter? Where are people? "
He got up from the mud and snow where he couldn’t tell the difference between flesh and blood. He looked around in a daze. The ground troops were almost destroyed within a radius of two or three thousand yards. Flying mounts were smashed everywhere, huge corpses were burned, bare flagpoles were torn apart, and siege equipment was devastated everywhere.
"Run away! It is sent! "
The black knight looked sullenly at the closed crack, and the cold helmet covered his face, but he could still feel his unwillingness and anger from his bare eyes.
Who would have thought that an impossible intentional peripheral killing turned out to be such a tragic result?
Just because the war angel came running halfway and inserted a bar, Tuoba evil didn’t die. Damn golden-winged Dapeng bird reborn, advanced transformation and perfect encirclement and suppression plan became a bubble.
As a result, Tuoba Xie and Indra Tian, the two China districts, are very important. None of the flag masters of the national war strategic deployment and significance in the whole China district was killed. On the contrary, more than 200 riders were killed back and forth, accounting for almost one-third of the total number of riders, and even his sister Black Luo Cha was killed.
On the other hand, the losses here in China district are even heavier in proportion. Xia Yumo, an angel of war, dispatched fifteen riders in total and was finally killed. Eleven snow and silver cities were stationed in the main guild Jingwumen, and the death rate was over two-thirds.
However, the outcome is not so calculated. They were defeated in this war, and both the Golden Five Xiaoqiang and the Platinum Five are important masters in the eyes of the Black Knight. From a strategic point of view, killing Tuoba Xie and Indra is much more important than killing nearly 500,000 troops of Jingwumen.
Looking at hundreds of knights who have climbed up from the corpse pile, they can’t help but take a bitter smile at the corners of their mouths.
After planning for so long, the Three Kingdoms can March forward triumphantly and sweep across China, but they don’t want to suffer such a heavy blow before the snow and silver city is broken.
The loss of more than 200 riders made it even worse for Tuoba evil and Indra to retreat. The impact of this local war, which was nothing at all in this prehistoric four-nation war, made his heart tremble. He knew that the defenders of Snowstorm Silver City had been driven to fight against the allied forces of the three countries to the death, and it was very likely that they would have to pay several times more than expected to take Snowstorm Silver City.
There is also an attack on Goth town, but all of them were buried in the frozen canyon by an avalanche and natural disaster. You know, in his mind, even if you occupy the city of Leize step by step, you don’t have to pay the price of five million troops.
Yes, in the end, they will attack Snowstorm Silver City, which ranks second among the three main cities in China District. It has become their pocket, but what will happen?
The original plan was to take a short break after breaking the snow and silver city and immediately cross the frozen canyon to attack the defensive virtual Leize city
Indeed! Coordinating the overall situation of the national war in Leizecheng, most of the main forces of the King’s Guild participated in the crusade war between South Korea and Japan, which occurred in the sea battle before, which made Leizecheng pay great casualties. If the main forces of the gods don’t give up the current results, they can definitely take Leizecheng easily.
It’s less difficult to attack Leize City than to attack Snowstorm Silver City by attacking from the frozen canyon and bypassing Raytheon fortress all the way.
But now?
When China was the first barrier in the world, the night rain and wind came back strongly, and the Tianfeng League Association was rebuilt. Although it was impossible for the new Tianfeng League to reach the peak of the previous year in a short time, a large number of experts still gathered together again. If Tianfeng League led by the night rain and wind and sealed the frozen valley, the three-nation allied forces had tens of millions of troops, but how many players would have to die to fight the Tianfeng League blockade?
Tear up according to circumstances and Qin Shiyue’s agreement to abandon Leizecheng to attack the marching route and terrain.
But Indra didn’t kill Huaxia City, and spirit of war is still there. At present, the overall strength of Huaxia City has not suffered any heavy losses. Presumably, this difficulty may not be lower than that of Razer City.
The black knight exhaled a deep breath of polluted air and jumped to crack the monty Pengfei by half.
Since the snow silver city cheers have not stopped, and the fact is as he expected. It turned out that the defenders of the snow silver city suddenly became as fierce as the chicken blood.
The ladder covered with the city wall was destroyed in pieces, piled high in the moat and the city wall, and the body almost became the second flesh-and-blood city wall. Seeing that the city head was flat, the city head was full of trebuchets, defensive towers and defensive crossbows, and the flying stones, crossbows and arrows continued to roar, like a sudden storm raging wildly and ravaging his siege troops.
As far as the eye can see, although he doesn’t know the battle situation, he can imagine the tragic scenes of those who broke into the cavalry and brutally slaughtered the preparatory teams
"Damn it!"
The knight whose dusty memory was blacked out suddenly felt a surge of blood gas in his chest and nearly stumbled from the crack monty Peng.
He remembered that the black Luo Cha Tianjiao posture was born and was about to set foot on the peak of myth, but he was finally forced to leave the mythical online games because of a gambling contract and lost to the wind and rain.
That year, he was ten years old, and Luo Cha was praised as an American double star together, but it was this rainy night that made them a joke.
Five years! When they came back, they heard the news of the retirement of the patter. At that time, when they first learned it, they still had some grief and regret. There was no chance of revenge. Unexpectedly, the patter really came back, and he was afraid that he could not help but think of the peerless arrow that killed him and black Luo Cha at Leizecheng Athletic Station, and then consciously linked this arrow with the patter.
The more he thinks about it, the more angry he thinks about it, the more afraid he is, even though he doesn’t admit that the night rain and wind bring him pressure …
At this time, the law day came flying through the blue scale magic wing tiger.
"Destroy the snow silver city first and then discuss it afterwards! I’ll take someone to kill those China cavalry. I’ll leave it to you! "
"Go! None left! "
The black knight turned his head and shouted coldly in the team chat, "The Knights Templar crushed the ballistic trebuchet for me to explode the knights of the South Gate and prepare to storm into the city!"
Let a person relaxed and happy. The light gradually gathered up. Ye Feng regained consciousness and slowly opened his eyes.
Show that you have found and entered the wilderness.
"Wild domain? What the hell? "

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