Ye Tian nodded with a wry smile when she heard Hai Lian’s words. Although Hai Lian didn’t finish, Ye Tian already knew that because of him, Lenny’s spirit was so absorbed in Hai Lian that she didn’t know to talk again. Hai Lian was close and she chose eavesdropping.

Looked at Haidi and looked at Lenny Ye Tiansong with a sigh of relief. Although it is not a pleasant thing to be eavesdropped, the advantage is that I will not go to Haidi to explain it.
Ye Tian thought about Lenny frowning and said, Haidi, what are you doing here in the dark?
Hearing Lenny’s words, Heidi reached into her arms and took out the purse. We asked for it again. I wanted to chase you and give you the purse for days and months.
Hearing Haidi’s words, Lenny slapped his forehead and said, I left my purse in the locker room when I changed clothes just now. Hehe, but that’s all right. Now we can finally be sure that it’s really your brother’s last words.
Hearing Lenny’s words, Haidi glanced shyly at Ye Tian, then bowed his head and said nothing, but Haidi’s face and neck were so red that even the night could not be covered.
So far, Lenny Haidi finally completely believes that Ye Tian can’t know that he can’t lie if he doesn’t personally participate in the conversation.
I looked at Haidi and then at Ye Tianlai Lenny. How about playing a trick on the bass? Haidi just heard Ye Tian’s words. How considerate a man is? If not, I’ll give you the decision to let this guy leave.
I heard Lenny’s words. Haidi raised her head and opened her mouth to speak, but she finally failed to speak. She bowed her head again and fiddled with her skirts with her hands.
Oh, no, then I’m welcome. If you don’t want such a good man, I want to talk. Lenny grabbed Ye Tian’s arm and held it gently in her arms. I don’t know if it means it or not. Lenny’s charming breasts are crisp. If Ye Tian’s arm is wiped.
HSS feeling the soft to form a sweep Ye Tian couldn’t help but breath a mouthful of air conditioning and looked Lenny’s coquetry pretty face. Yuzryha almost stood up on the spot.
Goblins are absolutely goblins. Ye Tian is embarrassed to stand up straight and dare not touch anything, and he is afraid that this move will touch something he shouldn’t touch.
Seeing Lenny unexpectedly, Haidi finally succeeded in getting rid of shyness, grabbed Ye Tiandi and held his other arm tightly in his arms. At the same time, he said to Lenny, of course, why didn’t I tell him to come to me again and again? Don’t rob me.
Looking at Haidi’s silly appearance and listening to the silly words, Lenny loosened her arms and covered her mouth. The little girl finally couldn’t help it.
Hum to Lenny wrinkled nose Haidi flatly said, this is my brother’s choice for me and I don’t hate him.
Oh, but I don’t know what he can do. When he hears Haidi’s words, Lenny seems to be false to Haidi.
Hearing Lenny’s words, Haidi couldn’t help but get nervous. Holding Ye Tiandi’s arms tighter, she felt uneasy. Sister Lenny’s good man is that you don’t want me to rob him, okay?
Halfway through, Haidi frowned and looked at Lenny Haidi hesitantly. Sister Lenny, are you really tight? I really can’t give you half.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Lenny suddenly burst into a series of charming smiles and covered his mouth. Lenny smiled and said, Forget it, sister. You won’t rob her, but you must keep it tight. Otherwise, he will cheat.
After taking a charming look at Ye Tian, Lenny turned gracefully and walked towards the distance. Ye Tianhai stared at the gentle and graceful figure and gradually disappeared into the night.
Goblins, absolute goblins, looked at Lenny’s disappearance direction, and Ye Tian murmured.
As Lenny was quiet from Ye Tianhai, no one spoke, and a charming atmosphere was quietly brewing in the darkness.
Holding Ye Tian’s arm tightly, Lenny didn’t feel anything wrong when Haidi was there, just like fighting for something. But now, with Lenny leaving the world, it seems that Ye Tian and her two people are left. A sense of form makes Haidi’s charming body hot up quickly. My heart wants to let go, but I dare not let go, but I feel so embarrassed. What should I do?
Feeling the rapid warming of the sea association and trembling slightly, Ye Tian couldn’t help but smile. This is very embarrassing, but you can’t touch it at this time, otherwise it will easily lead to misunderstanding.
There was silence for five minutes, and as time passed, both of them were keenly aware that the charming atmosphere was getting stronger and stronger, and their hearts beat rapidly.
The night is getting thicker and thicker, and a cloud is floating over, and the world is fading rapidly, so I can feel the soft and trembling female body clinging to my body. I feel my mouth is dry and my voice is dry.
Ye Tian’s hands moved consciously. In the dark night, Ye Tian’s hands moved around Hai Lian’s trembling body and held her tightly in her arms.
Feeling Ye Tian hugging Hai Lian was a surprise at first, but then I found that Ye Tian didn’t do anything else but hug her tightly. At that moment Hai Lian felt a sense of integration of Ye Tian and Hai Lian.
Faint sigh, Hai Lian gently closed his eyes and put his face on Ye Tian’s chest. A feeling of Bi An Bi Shu rose from the bottom of my heart.
Since my brother died, Haidi is floating like a bird leaving the nest. After seeing the future, one step forward is the abyss.
However, with Ye Tianxian’s hugging Hai Lian Xin, Ye Tian’s hugging completely dispelled the gloom buried in Hai Lian Xin’s heart, and everything was hopeful for Ye Tian.
Well, in the dark, Hai Lian suddenly opened his eyes and looked up at Ye Tian. Although the night was dark, he couldn’t see the things around him clearly, but Hai Lian clearly felt that Ye Tian’s hand didn’t know when it had been inserted into his clothes.

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