Xiao Yi was led straight to the ground by ChuFengyi. The only thing he had to do was to hold ChuFengyi tight and change his position slightly to let his body hit the cold ground first.

Maybe the cold hard stone behind him made his back suddenly ache, but he didn’t know whether the pain was or not. He still asked Feng Yi in horror how you weren’t hurt.
Chufengyi seems to have been awakened by this fall. She opened her eyes wide all over the sky and could faintly see people in the blood. She stared at Xiao Yi’s face for a long time and then slowly said that you were Xiao Yi.
Xiao Yi’s eyes were so hot that she almost cried. I am Xiao Yi.
Chu Fengyi smiled slightly. Even though her face was stained with blood, she was still beautiful when she smiled. Did you wait too long for me to come to me when I was in a hurry?
Xiao Yi heart yishan cold hands and feet Feng Yi.
Chu Fengyi smiled, so she didn’t struggle to fall into his arms. I was looking for you, but they wouldn’t let me stop all the time. You can come to me or you can take me with you.
Xiao Yi felt thousands of steel needles stabbing her heart, so painful that she wanted to shout, but she couldn’t even send a sound. She could shake her hands and hug ChuFengyi in panic.
Chu Fengyi’s supple body trembled along his hand. She was injured and grabbed his skirt with her hand. You know what? You know what? I killed you. I deliberately leaked the news of the peerless master to let others have a chance.
I knew it would kill you, but I did it anyway
Xiao Yi can neither say that he knows nor that he doesn’t know. Nodding is more important than shaking his head. A chest pain seems to burst.
I’m going to kill you, Xiao Yi. If you don’t let Ruoer go, I have to kill you. When I kill you, I’m also killing myself. Xiao Yi, do you know that I’ve been killing myself little by little every day since I ordered the news to be revealed? What are you trying to force me to this point? She screamed in his arms, wailed in his arms, and she was injured. She grabbed his skirt, pulled her nails and broke her blood, but she didn’t know it.
If I kill you, how can I live if you die? Please take me. She finally cried until she knew that he was dead. Only now did she really cry in his arms.
Warm liquid from her eyes attracted several people’s amazement, which made several people look askance.
The fiery heart liquid is not crystal tears, but bright red blood, which has dried his tears all his life and now he can feel blood.
Xiao Yi’s face was stupefied. He stretched out his finger and gently wiped ChuFengyi’s cheek with the blood in her eyes. Then he put his hand in front of his eyes and looked at the harsh red sad smile. He endured and endured a mouthful of heart blood and finally vomited it. He and her blood quickly melted in one place and could no longer be separated from each other.
If you can’t look at it anymore, you can’t bear to sit back and watch it. Come and raise your hand with a gentle blow on the back of Chufengyi’s head. Chufengyi passed out when he closed his eyes.
A series of emperors exclaimed that the present officials were almost angry to kill their unruly mothers.
Xiao Yi’s eyes are also full of anger at you.
Mother’s grief is so great that she is distracted for a moment, and if she continues like this, it will cause irreparable harm to her body and mind. If she works as a volunteer in Ren ‘ai Hospital, she will see more mental breakdowns, and the patient is experienced and calm, saying that you are too sad and anxious to pay back your uncle will also harm her health.
Xiao Yi hung his head and stared at ChuFengyi’s unconscious face for a long time before he sank to the emperor. I lost.
He closed his eyes and then struggled up slowly.
He was not seriously injured, it was not difficult to get up, but even at this time, he refused to hold someone in his arms.
He got up on his knees but didn’t get up. He stared at it. If his eyes were deeply sad, he bowed down and went. At this time, he still held Chufengyi’s hand.
He has never been in such a mess in his life, and he is covered in blood. But at this moment, in front of the civil servants and military officers, he prostrated himself before the emperor who had been under his control.
This is no longer a ritual, no longer a rule, but a ritual that must be performed in the face of failure and victory.
He finally lost completely from body to heart, which made him lose completely. It was not the little emperor’s unfathomable sword, nor the snowy man’s shocking sword. Even if the blade of the sword was stabbed at the throat, it could destroy his body, but it could not break his heart. It happened that a woman’s grief-stricken blood and tears easily defeated him.
The heroine’s heartbroken hero’s end has made this political struggle more sad and desolate.
Su Muyun sighed in the crowd and chose him. He is a hero, but the hero Nai is a lover.
A group of ministers were stunned by this overwhelming change, but no one could speak.
Xiao Yi bowed his head and gently coughed and tore his heart. The pain made him almost cough his heart out of his body. He knelt down and looked up at the emperor. The sunshine behind him was so bright that it would never belong to him again, would it?
Bitter feeling flooded in his heart, but he hung his head to see Chu Fengyi’s pale face with little blood stains. The emperor has given up and since then, life and death have been blessed and blessed. Because of you, if you miss your mother’s feelings, please let me go. If you don’t feel at ease, please let me go.
If you smile before he can finish, bend over and pick him up. I have drawn up a yellow letter in my sleeve. Let’s have a look at my uncle. If you think it’s all right, please take the seal that you kept for me and cover it.
Xiao yigu held chufengyi root and didn’t even look at the imperial edict. the emperor drew up a minister to see it.
If you put a letter into Xiao Yi’s hand with a smile, it’s important for your uncle to have a look.
Xiao Yinai struggled to hold ChuFengyi in one hand and let her body unfold in one hand on her chest, and casually swept her eyes with a letter.
He doesn’t care what will he send, even if it kills him. At this time, he has no position and no reason to resist, but when he glanced at it, he suddenly shook himself, not holding ChuFengyi in his hand, and he almost jumped up in a rude manner.
He had to read this short message over and over again for seven times, but he still felt unbelievable and suspicious.
No one knows what this will is written except if Xiao Yi, but everyone has seen Xiao Yi’s shocked expression.
Xiao Yi concentration even if the sky collapses, landslides and tsunamis will not show this shock. Even before ChuFengyi’s heartache, he was sad and not surprised to this extent.
Almost everyone is guessing what was written in the imperial edict, but it is impossible to think about it after thousands of thoughts.
If you smile at Uncle Xiao Yi, do you think this will of mine can be returned?
Xiao Yi gaped at if for the first time in my life I felt too stupid to think.

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