After the physical fitness test, the results will be analyzed by the team doctor and physical fitness coach, and the players will formally train-the first day is mainly recovery training, and the main thing is to warm up and run, and then a simple ball training will be over.

The main purpose of the short time is to let the players adjust their mentality from the holiday.
Ordinary classes have holiday syndrome, not to mention the players.
If you can’t adjust your mind, something will happen-for example, you are absent-minded in training and then you strain your muscle and sprain your knee.
In fact, injuries often do not appear in very fierce confrontation, but are caused by the players’ carelessness.
Changsheng also knows the significance of this training course and why he looks very serious with a straight face in front of everyone.
There are some new faces in the first training class of the new season. I know that many people already know what kind of coach I am, but I think it is necessary to repeat it, especially the new team players.
Chang Sheng was very serious when he said this, which surprised several new players.
Because when welcoming them, the head coach joked with them in front of Lian Xiao, and they were very friendly when chatting.
Some people still doubt the ability of a young coach to control the team …
For example, luis garcia has some so-called emotions
But today, when they saw Chang Sheng again at the training ground, they suddenly found that the young man’s gas field had completely changed!
Exactly that same as those coach who are old and strict!
Can a person’s temperament change so completely?
"All the players who played in Hertha in the season should know who I always win, because each of them has experienced it personally. I won’t say too much to them. For the new players, I want to tell you that I am a very competitive player, and I hope my team will do the same. I hope everyone of you will strive for competitiveness because I am not pursuing fun football, but winning football. If you think football is interesting, it must be that you have experienced too few failures!"
Chang Sheng thought of China fans. At one time, football was also the largest sport in China. Several people liked football, which touched the eyes and hearts of hundreds of millions of people. But when failures and scandals appeared one after another, China people’s interest in football finally faded out.
Although there are still people who like football, more people hate football.
In China, football has changed from the first sport to everyone shouting at rats crossing the street. Now the first sport has become basketball.
A China fan Chang Sheng is well aware of the situation of this sport in China, so he is also deeply saddened.
He was a failure in his previous life, even when he liked football, he tried too many times and failed.
Later, he simply stopped paying attention to China football and watched European games, but some things went deep into his blood-every time he played the football manager game, no matter which team he coached, no matter which generation, he would add the "China" player to the game database alone. If China has an excellent China player, dig it up, even if it is a random virtual player.
Because of this experience, he knew how hard failure hit people’s confidence, and that’s why he hated failure so much, especially football failure.
"But victory is not just talk. It doesn’t mean that the team can win by shouting victory here. The foundation of victory lies in training and high-quality training! You all had a good time during the holiday, but the good day ended from today! I will practice you desperately! Practice you to death! At ordinary times, we can joke and say anything. I promise I won’t be angry. Even if you see me and mistake me for someone because I am too young, I don’t care at all … "
Charles wanted to laugh when he heard this, but he held back because he realized that it was not the time to laugh.
"I am such an easy-going person! But! However, if you are slack in training, absent-minded, late, leave early or simply absent from class … then don’t blame me for being rude. When I came to lead this team in the season, there were several people who challenged me face to face with the main force of this team and the most expensive star, and then they didn’t play a game until the end of the season. Now they have been sold by me. I assure you that those words are not alarmist or bluffing. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the old players. I think they will be happy to tell you my story. "
"harsh training may make you hate me and I will want to leave the team, but I want you to promise that when you insist on coming, you will gain more than you have seen! I also promise you that although there are several new players in the team this season, the main team is still blank! I think the training state does not recognize friendship, whether it is the player I personally brought back from abroad or the old player who has been relegated together. You all have equal opportunities and want to be the main player, then practice hard for me in training! "
"those who don’t believe me, I welcome you to have a try."
Finally, Changsheng finished this sentence with a straight face and waved "Training!"
It seems that the winning words have played a role. It seems that the winning atmosphere has played a role. The first day of training went smoothly, and no one was lazy.
In fact, the players who have joined the new team are also watching.
Since the head coach said that the old players are familiar with him, wouldn’t it be better to see how the old players do it?
As a result, they were surprised to find that no one among the old players really cheated in training.
It stands to reason that the old players of a team are often veterans, who are most likely to be lazy in training, and they know that these old players are more active than their new players when dealing with coaches, but unlike Hertha.
How can Chang Sheng, a young coach from China, make so many people listen to him? And there are some players who look older than him …
As soon as the training was over, Mista grabbed Harvey Jimes and asked him about the winning story.
Although there are reports in the media that Mista seldom pays attention to this kind of thing, in fact, he is also full of curiosity about the winning story.
"It’s a long story …" James said with a frown.
Mista said with special understanding, "I invite you to dinner!"
Girmes just said, "The story should start with the coach’s inauguration press conference …"
Other new players, including Mista, gathered around, whether they understood or not.
Not without Charles, but he grabbed Senna.
Senna is actually not interested in this, because anyway, his training attitude is very good, so don’t ask about the coach’s past experience
But Charles cheated and told him to help him translate, so he stayed
Then a group of people listened to the story around Girmes for more than ten minutes.
Girmes finished, and everyone was still in a daze
"How dare he do that?" Mista asked in surprise.
Girmes shrugged. "What’s not to do? The coach is the coolest person I have ever met! Say one word! "
"That that canas also …"
"Of course it was sold."
"Because of a fraud …"
"Who let them hit the gun?"
Jimes looked at several people’s faces and suddenly worried if they were frightened by their emotional story just now. If they let them regret moving to Hertha, they might be in trouble.
So he quickly patted mista on the shoulder and said to everyone, "But in fact, the coach is a lover and a hater. You see, all of us like him because he can really bring victory. Usually, he is not so straight … I think what he did was to give you a wake-up call in case you accidentally hit his gun."
Luis garcia frowned and said, "I remember that the media seem to have given him a nickname …’ Tyrant’?"
Hearing this, Girmes smiled. "Yes, but to the enemies of Hertha, he is a tyrant. To us, he is the king whom we sincerely support!"
He said this with great pride.
Those new players looked at Girmes’s expression, and their pride was revealed in his tone.
Chapter XII Training Plan
The first day of training is to resume work, and the focus is actually on the results of physical fitness tests.
The results will be released soon.
Changsheng got the result that afternoon.
From the results, it can be seen that more than 70% of the players have maintained good physical fitness, and their bodies have not been "devastated" during the holidays. The other 30% are more indulgent, and the degree of indulgence directly determines their physical fitness test results.
This result is still satisfactory to Changsheng.
Especially to Chang Sheng’s satisfaction, Sai Passareira’s physical fitness test results are very good. It can be seen that he should have kept a certain amount of physical exercise during the holidays. It is very difficult for young players to know that many young people who have just entered professional football often lack self-control, especially those who have suddenly become famous.
They often get carried away by their achievements and feel that they are already a star, and put more energy into enjoyment instead of boring training.
But there is no such situation in Passareira.
A down-to-earth and diligent player, even if his talent is not as good as those geniuses, will definitely succeed in the end and achieve a lot!
Carlos Campo’s physical results are also good, although not as good as Passareira’s, but he is also in the forefront of the team.
Senna’s physical condition is also good, but it has something to do with the fact that his Brazilian league season is in progress. He has gone through a pre-season training to see if he is well prepared.

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